Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog Facts, Puppies, Sale and Care

romanian mioritic shepherd dog

Used for centuries to protect livestock in Romania, the Romanian mioritic shepherd dog is common livestock guarding dog (LGD). Loyal, dependable, individual, and fiercely protective, he is friendly and devoted to his family but very incredible to strangers.

It is a large coat with a long coat that requires regular grooming and requires daily practice and basic loyalty training with any dog ​​of this size and temperament.

Romanian mioritic shepherd dog facts

Romanian mioritic shepherd dog is a breeder of a large sheepdog that originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. This huge dog is covered in thick.

Romanian mioritic shepherd dog was made in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania for use as a pet guard dog. May 6, 2019 – Romanian mioritic Shepherd is a large-sized dog that is very quiet and child-friendly.

Maoritics is lively and stubborn but despite all their freedom, they are extremely sensitive animals in their rope armor. As a puppy, they stick to the pack that has adopted them.

It can be any kind of animal – dogs, cats, horses, sheep, meiotic need very close family ties; A door-to-door home makes it ideal. It certainly depends a great deal on the weather. Its favorite place is always very close to its favorite person. It determines itself as the place of rest.

It may not even be suitable for a couch or a carpet puppy, but shepherds of the rule prefer to sleep on the hard ground even as a puppy. They need no dog baskets, no special mattresses, and no allotted space by any means. No “work-creating” program is required, but daily walks and hikes offer interesting variations.


Like every other livestock dog, Miuretic uses his food well and requires a lot more, less than most people think; Especially since different food manufacturers offer less in their packages. When using kibble please choose low protein content as the high protein of LGD is not well metabolized.

There is no patent recipe. Adult dogs can be used with a combination of dry kibble, ground raw, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and even low fat table scraps (noodles, rice, oats), which should be fed twice a day and to avoid excess swelling.

Puppies are fed 4 times a day when they grow up. Be careful not to eat too much. Any food that is not eaten within 15 minutes should be removed, and the dog should be rested 1-2 hours after eating to ensure good digestion.

Freshwater must be available at any time.


The common livestock guard of the meiotic has dog qualities. Its personality is characterized by strong independence and high self-esteem. The main task of the shepherd dog is the ingenious prevention of all possible problem solvers.

No need to train it for it, it just knows it. From childhood, one must teach a dog not to use his threatening behavior set (self-display, rocking, charging). It clearly distinguishes between the unknown and the known.

It is friendly and dependable to all acquaintances but shows denial and distrust toward strangers. Only after closer examination did they become recognized in the elite class of their friends.

Romanian mioritic shepherd dog is extremely loyal, affectionate, trustworthy, understanding, and willing to compromise his pack, his family, or his owner. It is a tolerant, gentle friend to children and it is willing to act as a blanket but it is not really a choice to play.


The Romanian mioritic Shepherd Dog is a large breed dog, 25 to 29 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds when mature. Males of 25 to 28 inches are 27 to 29 inches tall and slightly larger than wives of both height and weight.

The Romanian mioritic Shepherd dog has a large body that is fully covered with very long and relatively light complexion hair. The head is huge; Skull wide, somewhat arched;

The stop was not clearly marked; The puzzle is tough, slowly tapping on the nose; The length of the puzzle compared to the length of the skull. The occipital bone is large and pronounced. The nose is quite advanced, wide and black. Tight and completely scissors bite.

The ears are not very large, but rather tall, triangular, with the sides hanging on each side. The eyes are of medium size, somewhat oval in shape, amber or hazel colored.

The neck is muscular and massive, of medium length. Body rectangular, medium length; Back firm, broad and muscular; The lotus is wider, the cropped not less. Brisket wide and deep, reaching up to the elbow;

The chest is wide, moderately pronounced. The shoulders are wide. The elbows are massive, arched, with flanks on the same plane; The ankle is straight, oval, wide, and very robust with short toes.

Viewed from any angle, the forearms are straight, placed vertically on the ground. As seen from the rear, the rear legs are parallel.

As seen from the side, the corpuscle in the upper thighs is well marked; Both upper and lower are long and muscular; The hawk’s joints are not too high, the ground almost perpendicular to the ground.

romanian mioritic shepherd dog

Hand oval with compact toes, develop well. The tail is set on high; Rest hangs down, reaching the pores; The leg of the tail is slightly curved. When the dog is in operation, the tail is raised to the back height but lifted without turning over.

The coat covers the entire body, with a large amount of hair and head and legs; Topcoat slightly wavy, rough, long, measuring 3.15-6.3 inches (8-16 cm); The undercoat is thick and smooth.

The basic color is usually white, light cream or with patches of pale gray color sometimes gray skin is preferred. It is entirely possible for a liter to have a mixture of pure white and gray/white dogs. The ear and tail can be cropped.


The Romanian mioritic Shepherd dog is articulate and well-balanced; Cautious and aware, disciplined, and very attached to its owner but suspicious of strangers. Fearless and extremely courageous, he is the perfect keeper of his master and herd.

He is a conscious, courageous, and influential dog, though he obeys his owner calmly and disciplined. Seamless keeper and a great pet. Very good luck guard, very brave, and good fighter against potential attackers (bear, wolf, link).

When a working animal is raised as a guardian it will not be credible to unknown people. It loves kids too. The purpose of training this dog is to achieve pack leader status.

Ordinary instinct is to order in a dog pack. When we are with people dogs we become packed to them. The whole pack cooperates under a single leader. Lines are clearly defined and rules are set. Since a dog grows up and bites at the end as it grows, all other humans should be growing more than a dog. People must decide not a dog Not your relationship with your dog can be a complete success.

romanian mioritic shepherd dog

An adult Romanian mioritic Shepherd dog needs plenty of space to run in a backyard. They love to play, just outside of them.

Training and Overview

This breed requires physical exercise. These are daily, long, fast walks or take on the world. During walking, the dog needs to bend to the side or back of the person holding the lead, as the leader in the mind of a dog, and that leader needs to be human. Also, they will benefit from a large, secure area where they can run for free.


About 12-14 years


A thick, long hair coat needs regular care to keep it in top condition. Unless this dense, waterproof undercoat is intercepted and brushed at least three times per week, it will become matted and the dog can cause skin problems and become vulnerable to host parasites.

Carefully clip any tangle so that the skin does not dry out. If the dog is not showing, the coat can be cut for about four inches every two months or more. Rear-end with trim around the eyes and blue-nosed scissors. This breed sheds like humans, not too much, but to a lesser extent.

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