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Short Haired Samoyed

The short-haired Samoyed has a compact, muscular body. The wedge-shaped head is broad and barely topped. The muzzle is in proportion to the size of the dog, tapering to the nostril. The cease is effectively outlined however not abrupt.


Short-haired Samoyeds are an ancient working breed. They have lived in Siberia with hunters and fishermen often known as short-haired Samoyeds, therefore the place the breed obtained its name.

The short-haired Samoyed people used the dogs to drag their sleds, guard their property, and for herding reindeer. Its gene pool is carefully associated with the primitive dog with no wolf or fox combined.

The dogs slept with the people to maintain their heat. Robert Scott, an explorer, introduced the dogs to England in 1889. It was in England that the breed was further developed and from there it unfolds all through the remainder of the world. It was acknowledged by the AKC in 1906.

Short Haired Samoyed Description

The nostril color might be black, brown, or liver. The lips are black. The teeth meet in a scissors Chunk. The darkish, almond-shaped eyes are deep-set, considerably vast aside, with a slanting decrease lid and darkish rims.

The erect, triangular ears are barely rounded on the ideas. The tail is reasonably long, well-covered with hair, carried rolled on the back. The legs are strong and muscular and the feet are flat and coated with hair.

The thick, double coat is profuse. The undercoat is delicate, brief, and thick with longer hairs rising out to the outer coat. The outer coat is harsh and stands straight out, not wavy. Males’ coats are more profuse than females’.

There is a ruff across the neck and shoulders, framing the pinnacle. Coat colors embrace pure white, biscuit, yellow, and cream. Sometimes white with silver ideas. Pure white is most well-liked within the present ring.

Short Haired Samoyed Temperament

Short-haired Samoyed is a mild dog. Very devoted, easygoing, pleasant, and fairly playful, it loves everybody. It will gladly be pleasant to all, together with intruders.

It is just too pleasant to be of a lot of use as a watchdog, though its bark will warn you of the presence of strangers. It willingly adapts to family life and will get alongside effectively with kids. It is very intelligent and can reply to the agency, patient coaching, which ought to be started at an early age.

Make positive you might be this dog’s agency, assured, constant pack leader, to keep away from potential behavior points comparable to, however not restricted to, obsessive barking.

Sammy is accustomed to working in groups and reveals excellent qualities. When this dog is given what it must be a stable-minded dog, i.e. sufficient psychological and bodily training, together with clear leadership, it proves itself to be excellent, good-natured, full of life, and sociable.

It by no means seeks hassle however can deal with an adversary if necessary. These dogs have a reputation for being chewers. If Sammy is missing in leadership and/or training it may develop into very damaging if left alone for a lot of hours at a stretch.

Short-haired Samoyeds can get together with non-canine pets when raised with them from puppyhood or when correctly educated to take action, nevertheless, they do have the intuition to hunt and warnings ought to be taken around different small animals. They can get together with a family cat. This breed has an intuition to herd.

Ancient Dog Breed

The short-haired Samoyed dog breed was bred in Siberia some 3,000 years ago, and this breed is one of the 14 ancient dog breeds. Their genetic footprint is nearer to wolves than different dog species.

This breed will get its name from the nomadic short-haired Samoyedic peoples of Siberia, who used this dog to herd reindeer, hunt, and pull sleds.

DNA analysis shows that the short-haired Samoyed together with 13 different species are essentially the most historic of dogs and present the fewest genetic variations from wolves. It is hypothesized that the early pariah dogs in Asia developed from the gray wolf.

The pariah dogs then migrated with nomadic human teams so far as Africa and the arctic. The fourteen historic breeds originated within the Middle East, China, Tibet, Japan, Central Africa, and the Arctic.

Short Haired Samoyed

Height, Weight

Height: Males 21 – 23½ inches (53 – 60 cm) Females 19 – 21 inches (48 – 53 cm)

Weight: Males 45 – 65 kilos (20½ – 30 kg) Females 35 – 50 kilos (16 – 20½ kg)

Living Conditions

The short haired Samoyed will do okay in an apartment whether it is sufficiently exercised. It may be very lively indoors and a small yard is enough. Its heavy coat makes this dog unsuited to life in extremely popular climates.


Needs an affordable quantity of train, together with a daily stroll or jog. Take it simple throughout the heat climate as a result of the woolly undercoat inhibits the lack of the warmth constructed throughout the train.

Life Expectancy
About 12-15 years

Litter Size
About four to six puppies


Extensive grooming is required. They are seasonally heavy shedders. The fluffy double coat wants frequent brushing however tends to remain white without bathing. Some people with allergy symptoms have reported that the coat of the short-haired Samoyed didn’t hassle them.

Health Problems

Short-haired Samoyeds are significantly vulnerable to hip dysplasia and a few endure from diabetes. Also vulnerable to pores and skin allergy symptoms. They are vulnerable to PRA (eyes), primarily in male dogs.

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