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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor dog wears his connection to British history in his breed’s identity. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolors are the very best of two worlds, combining the mild attentiveness of a toy breed with the verve and athleticism of a sporting spaniel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor profile

The Cavalier’s all-around magnificence, regal grace, and even mood mark him as one in every of dogdom’s noblemen.

A toy spaniel, not more than 13 inches excessive, the Cavalier attracts you in together with his face: The candy, mild, melting expression emanating from giant, spherical eyes is a breed hallmark. One other is the silky, richly-colored coat that maybe one in every of 4 distinct varieties.

Cavaliers could also be aristocrats, however, they gladly descend from their royal excessive horse for a yard frolic or a squirrel chase.

They get alongside properly with kids and different dogs. Adaptable Cavaliers do equally effectively with lively house owners and homebodies—they are often upbeat athletes or shameless sofa potatoes, relying on a proprietor’s way of life.


Toy spaniels have been the province of European Aristocracy from at the very least Renaissance instances.

Two 17th-century British monarchs, the ill-fated King Charles I and his son Charles II, have been particularly dedicated to a black and tan number of toy spaniel that ultimately was named within the latter’s honor.

In keeping with the famed diarist of the Restoration period, Samuel Pepys, Charles II appeared extra involved with breeding spaniels than ruling Britain.

Toy spaniels remained an incredible favorite of British aristocrats into the early 19th century. Amongst their upper-crust partisans of this period was the Marlborough family, who bred a line of red-and-whites at Blenheim Palace.

Later within the century, within the age of Victoria, the breed was crossed with Asian toys, most likely Pugs and Japanese Chin, and have become what is understood in America because of the English Toy Spaniel (or, in the UK, King Charles Spaniel).

This new-style toy spaniel had a domed cranium and a flatter face than these of Charles’s time.

Earlier than lengthy, this sort got here to dominate, and the normal toy spaniel of the Restoration was rendered almost extinct—however not forgotten.

Fanciers of the 1920s questioned whether or not there nonetheless existed the old-type toy spaniel immortalized in ancestor portraits hanging within the stately halls of English manors.

A rich American named Roswell Eldridge provided a money prize to British breeders who might produce “Blenheim Spaniels of the Outdated World sort.”

The prospect of prize cash drove breeders to revive the outdated model. These dogs have been dubbed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor.

(The identify Cavalier is a nod to the monarchist social gathering that supported the Stuarts in the course of the civil war that price Charles I head.)

The breed is notable for its 4 distinct shade patterns, every of which, at numerous instances, was related to a selected noble household:

Blenheim (chestnut markings on a white background), Tricolor (black markings on a white background), Black and Tan (black with tan markings), and Ruby (a wealthy pink).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Appearance

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor is a lively, sleek, well-balanced toy spaniel, very homosexual and free in motion; fearless and sporting in character, but on the identical time mild and affectionate.

It’s this typical homosexual temperament, mixed with true class and royal look that is of paramount significance within the breed. Pure look with no trimming, sculpting, or synthetic alteration is crucial to breed sort.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Diet

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor ought to be fed high-quality pet food applicable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior).

Some Cavaliers are liable to getting chubby, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight degree.

If you happen to select to present your dog treats, achieve this sparsely. Treats will be a necessary help in coaching, however, giving too many may cause weight problems.

Give desk scraps sparingly, if in any respect, particularly avoiding cooked bones and meals with excessive fats content material.

The study in which human meals are secure for dogs, and which aren’t. Examine along with your vet when you’ve got any issues about your dog’s weight or weight-reduction plan.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Grooming

The Cavalier’s lustrous, silky coat requires little greater than common brushing and an occasional bathtub to maintain him in a lovely situation.

Brushing not solely helps to maintain the coat shiny and tangle-free but in addition, serves as a full-body therapeutic massage that the dog enjoys. grooming periods improve the dog-owner bond and supply a possibility to examine the dog’s entire physique for any new or uncommon bumps or different points.

The ears ought to be checked weekly for indicators of an infection, and the nails ought to be trimmed at the very least as soon as a month, as overgrown nails may cause ache and structural issues.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Exercise

Though the Cavalier was bred to be a beloved lap dog, he’s descended from sporting dogs and does get pleasure from average train and outside actions.

He’ll, fortunately, go on walks together with his proprietor and likewise performs effectively in quite a lot of dog sports activities, however, he’s simply as glad to remain on the couch all day.

Cavaliers shouldn’t be allowed off-leash as a result of they keep scenting and looking instincts, they usually might not come when known as in the event that they’ve discovered a fascinating path to comply with or a creature to pursue.

A fenced yard is beneficial.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Training

The Cavalier is a candy, mild, and affectionate breed, very desirous to please their human.

They’re pleased with strangers and with different animals, they usually can do very effectively with kids.

They’re good and prepare simply, and Cavaliers excel in quite a lot of dog sports activities together with obedience, rally, and agility.

With their candy nature in addition they make unbelievable remedy dogs. As with all breeds, early socialization and pet coaching lessons will assist the younger Cavalier to be taught good manners and be snug with all kinds of individuals and conditions.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel tricolor heath

There are a number of health points that Cavaliers are liable to.

These embrace sure eye situations (together with retinal issues and cataracts), patella luxation, hip dysplasia, center ear infections, mitral valve coronary heart illness, and a neurological situation known as syringomyelia.

Cavaliers will be screened for all these situations, and most stay comfortably into outdated age. Homeowners ought to talk about any potential well being points with their dog’s breeder.

An accountable breeder will health-test all potential breeding inventory.

Health test needed for the breed:

Hip Evaluation
Patella Analysis
Cardiac Examination
Ophthalmologist Analysis

What Makes Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolor Particular?

They’re distinctive.
They love meals.
They’re nice to kids.
They’re loyal companions.
They’re good and intelligent.

1. Cavaliers Follow You Like Glue

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel tricolor shouldn’t be a dog for individuals who aren’t searching for a continuing, shut companion.

A Cavalier lives and dies for his human, and pines when his human is away.

They like to sleep on a mattress with their people.

However, for anybody who likes the reassuring bodily contact of heat, furry little physique, you could not want for a more good companion.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tricolors Are Distinctive—Simply Ask Your Cat

One of the endearing and strange traits in regards to the cavalier king Charles spaniel tricolor is his affinity for felines.

Many dogs will both chase cats or be scared out of their proverbial boots when a cat comes round. However a Cavalier? No method!

Cavaliers love cats and can attempt to cuddle, lick, and love any cat that comes inside their sight. Cats = greatest associates.

The humorous factor about it? Most cats will enable these unusual dogs to be their associates, and interspecies cuddling (generally giant piles) shouldn’t be unusual.

Maybe it’s because Cavaliers suppose they’re cats—they certainly suppose so once they attempt to perch on the back of your chair, your neck, or your desk.

3. Cavaliers Are Fairly Intelligent

In contrast to some companion breeds who could also be a bit dim, a Cavalier nonetheless has a few of his spaniel-esque looking and outside smarts.

Typically his tail will shoot straight out like a rod and his nostril will level sharply when a hen flies into the air. Although small, he likes to fetch and play like all huge dogs.

Try to hide a dog cookie and turn him free and he’ll amaze you together with his smarts! Taking part in with a Cavalier is simply as enjoyable as cuddling with one, as a result of they’re at all times curious and inquisitive and keen to partake in any new recreation.

4. Cavaliers Are Great With Children

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel tricolor is descended from the toy spaniels so beloved by King Charles II of England, which you see within the portrayal above of the king as a boy.

In fashionable instances in addition to previous historical past, these little spaniels have been excellent companions for kids, being loving, loyal, and above all affected persons with the antics of fussy little nuggets.

Cavaliers are naturally drawn to kids and tolerate being picked up, hauled round, and dressed up with minimal fuss.

5. Cavaliers Love Meals

You may get a Cavalier to do something for a cookie or a bit of a meal.

The truth is, it would not matter if the little bit of meals is a green bean, he’ll nonetheless roll over, play useless and do somersaults for a morsel.

Now, the caveat right here is that it’s important to watch out to stroll a tremendous line whereas coaching your Cavalier as a way to keep away from fixed begging, nevertheless it at all times feels nice to have somebody around the home who will probably be eternally grateful, it doesn’t matter what you feed them.

Plus, a few of the behaviors (such as the trademark Cavalier spin) impressed by an easy dog cookie may have you in stitches for hours.

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