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Golden Weimaraner

One looks into the fascinating amber or blue-green eyes of the golden Weimaraner and also you’ll be hooked. This lovely and athletic dog breed sports activities a uniform coat that’s metal gray in coloration.

Golden Weimaraner profile

Originally bred to be a sportsman’s companion, the golden Weimaraner—or Weir, for brief—is a flexible dog breed that’s completely happy on the hunt however likes to be a part of your own home life.

Well-built and stable, these canines epitomize grace and energy. A deep chest and long legs make it clear that the golden Weimaraner is born to run. If you’ll be able to present sufficient train, these canines are in any other case comparatively straightforward keepers, recognized for being loyal, trainable, and comparatively wholesome.


While many sporting canines hint their heritage back a number of hundred years, the golden Weimaraner is a more current addition. With certainty, it may be mentioned that the breed originated in Germany someday within the 1800s.

Nobility in and around Weir, Germany got down to create the ‘ultimate’ sporting dog and it’s believed that they relied on each French and German sporting canines to create the silvery sporting dog we all know as we speak because of the golden Weimaraner.

Looking at the confirmation of this German-bred dog, it’s not a far stretch to consider that the early progenitor of the breed relied closely on the German shorthaired pointer (GSP) when growing the golden Weimaraner. In truth, golden Weimaraners have been initially registered within the GSP studbook.

It’s additionally generally believed that bloodhounds have been launched for extra monitoring and looking capabilities. The outsized ears and soulful eyes of a golden Weimaraner pet actually appear to resemble attribute options of bloodhounds.

At any price, the outcomes of this breeding initiative produced an eager and clever looking dog that was initially used for big recreation, together with bears and wolves.

Over time, the breed additionally grew to become extensively generally known as a normal gun dog, adept at pointing and retrieving recreation birds. In 1897, the breed was formally acknowledged and the German golden Weimaraner Club was fashioned.

The golden Weimaraner was extremely prized by the Germans, but in addition, extremely wanted by the sportsman exterior of Bavaria.

With a lot of persistence, a person named Howard Knight was finally capable of importing the first breeding golden Weimaraners into the United States in 1938. Only 4 brief years later, the breed gained AKC recognition in 1943.

Golden Weimaraner Breed Overview

Group: Sporting

Height: 25 to 27 inches (males); 23 to 25 inches (females)

Weight: 70 to 90 kilos (males); 55 to 75 kilos (females)

Coat: Short and stiff

Coat Color: Various shades of grey

Life Expectancy: 11 to 13 years

Golden Weimaraner

Golden Weimaraner Care

Wily is perhaps one method to describe the wit of the golden Weimaraner. While this dog breed makes an exquisite companion, they’re extremely clever and know methods to use their brainpower to get what they need. golden Weimaraners have been recognized to open doorways, unlatch gates, flip taps on, and more.

Owners have to be ready to remain one step forward of this sensible dog breed and supply alternatives for each bodily and psychological exertion. It’s typically been mentioned {that a} drained dog is an efficient dog, and that is significantly true for the golden Weimaraner!

When you take into account that the golden Weimaraner was bred to be a sporting dog and looking companion, you’ll have a greater understanding of methods to present correct care and coaching for this breed.

These dogs excelled as a result of they’d the drive and endurance to hunt predators as highly effective as a bear, however at the identical time have been a sort, loyal companion to their human handlers.

Meeting the wants of a dog with such a diverse persona is the problem of golden Weimaraner house owners. You should give the dog ample training to make the most of his natural strengths, but in addition present a heat, nurturing setting the place the breed’s candy personality can flourish.

Golden Weimaraners require positive reinforcement coaching ways, however, you have to be constant. The breed’s intelligence implies that it might probably additionally turn into cussed and resistance without clear pack leadership.

Most house owners will discover {that a} stable hour or more of the day by day train is necessary for this dog breed. Of course, they make beautiful strolling companions, however, you actually ought to plan to offer your golden Weimaraner time and area to run.

They make excellent working companions for that reason, however, you can incorporate some sprinting periods in your fenced yard or in the dog park. These canines additionally excel in canine agility, fly ball, dock diving, and different dynamic canine sports activities.

With family members, the golden Weimaraner is devoted and connected. They do effectively with youngsters, although their size and energy mean you’ll need to watch them around smaller youngsters.

They usually get together with different canines, however, it’s best to socialize them early and infrequently. Many additionally stay with cats or different small family pets, however, take into account that this sporting dog was bred to hunt and an innate prey drive might trigger them to chase smaller animals.

Prospective house owners of golden Weimaraners ought to know that this breed generally suffers from separation anxiousness. As talked about earlier, the breed was developed to be a loyal looking companion.

As such, these canines have a deep need to be with their people. They can turn into distressed and even harmful when left alone for long or prolonged intervals of time.

Like different behavioral issues, the extent to which your dog is well-exercised and well-trained can go a long way in direction of off-setting the results of separation anxiety.

However, it’s undoubtedly one thing to be on the look-out for inside the breed.

Some golden Weimaraners are avid chewers and can get mouthy with nearly any object. Teach your dog from an early age what is suitable to chew on and what’s not.

Definitely just remember to present protected choices for chewing behavior to avoid wasting your sneakers and likewise decrease the prospect of your dog swallowing a foreign object.

Grooming a golden Weimaraner is about as straightforward because it will get. The modern brief coat will profit from an occasional brushing with a rubbery dog brush to take away unfastened hair.

Once in awhile, or when your pooch is a bit smelly, you may also contemplate a dog bathtub. However, the golden Weimaraner’s coat is comparatively maintenance-free. Just be sure you clear the ears, which could be vulnerable to wax build-up, and maintain the nails trimmed and tooth brushed.

Common Health Problems

Golden Weimaraners are comparatively hearty and wholesome. These canines don’t have an excessively long listing of health issues, nevertheless, it’s nonetheless sensible to search for a high-quality breeder that places an emphasis on health and temperament.

The National Club for the breed recommends that you simply search for a breeder who can present well being testing for the thyroid, eyes, and hips for parents of the litter.

Other occasional health issues for this dog breed embrace:

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia
Von Willebrand illness

Golden Weimaraner Diet and Nutrition

An energetic breed just like the golden Weimaraner must be fed a high-quality high-protein diet. However, this breed is a topic to bloat.

Some house owners discover that feeding a number of smaller meals a day is useful for lowering this danger of gastric torsion. You may also select to feed on elevated meal bowls or ‘slow feeder’ dishes.

Keep in thoughts, too, that the golden Weimaraner has a means of convincing you to do its bidding. These canines love a deal with but maintain an in-depth eye on their diet to make sure they don’t turn into overweight. It’s greatest to solely give treats carefully and by no means share meals out of your plate to forestall begging behavior or desk browsing.


Adept at looking and canine sports activities

Excellent family dog

Low upkeep coat


Prone to mischief

May undergo from separation anxiousness

Can be harmful chewers.

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