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Mini German Shorthaired Pointer

The mini German Shorthaired Pointer is a flexible hunter and an all-purpose gun dog able to high efficiency within the discipline and within the water, who additionally doubles as a great family companion.

An energetic family, that’s. If you’ve ever admired the flexibility, athleticism, and stamina of a decathlete, you’ll admire the mini German Shorthaired Pointer.

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Mini German Shorthaired Pointer History

As the name suggests, the mini German Shorthaired Pointer hails from Deutschland. Although Pointer-type canines date back to historical Egypt, the German Shorthaired was formed within the 19th century by German Hunters wanting the right looking dog, able to catch all kinds of recreation on each land and water.

He was bred to hunt quite a lot of animals, from a small recreation like squirrels and rabbits to bigger recreation like boar and deer. Since that point, the mini German Shorthaired Pointer’s repute has expanded all over the world as the best dog for the individual wanting a flexible hunter.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer Description

Male mini German Shorthaired Pointers stand between 23 and 25 inches on the shoulder and weigh wherever from 55 to 70 kilos; females run smaller. The coat is the stable liver (a reddish-brown), or liver and white in distinctive patterns.

The darkish eyes shine with enthusiasm and friendliness. Built to work long days within the discipline or on the lake, GSPs are identified for energy, velocity, agility, and endurance. “Noble” and “aristocratic” are phrases typically used to explain the general look.

GSPs make joyful, trainable pets who bond firmly to their family. They are all the time up for bodily activities like operating, swimming, organized dog sports activities—in actual fact, something that may burn a few of their boundless energy whereas spending out of doors time with a human buddy.

He can do all of it! And, he needs to do all of it—over, and over once more! He has quite a lot of totally different attributes that make him good for any job out and in the water.

His waterproof coat repels particles as he swims, whereas his spoon-shaped webbed paws act as paddles. On land, his heavy nails assist him to get traction on even tough terrain, making him a flexible companion and dealing dog.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament

The pedigree was added to the American Kennel Club roster in March 1930 and is the 11th hottest breed because of its great temperament and stable work ethic.

Most house owners say the mini German Shorthaired Pointer is great with children and different pets and responds nicely to coaching. You’ll need to maintain this dog firmly, although, a few say it’s OK to go away with this pooch on his personal property.

This is a high-energy dog that won’t be content to take a seat around all day. A long train interval on a daily basis and entry to a good-sized yard are wanted through the day.

Given sufficient train, life indoors with a mini German Shorthaired Pointer could be tranquil; without sufficient train, it may be disastrous. He can stay in a house, however, you’re probably going to need to be an athlete yourself to fulfill his train wants. A simple stroll before and after work won’t dissipate his boundless energy.


Mini German Shorthaired Pointers usually are not Golden Retrievers. He is able to study a great deal, however, he has an impartial mind of his own and is definitely distracted by thrilling sights, sounds, and smells.

Some German Shorthairs are willful and obstinate and a few could be manipulative. You should present him, via absolute consistency, that you simply imply what you say.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer Shedding

Pointers, because the name suggests, naturally use their bodies to level once they discover a recreation. They decrease their heads, hold a gradual gaze, and elevate considered one of their entrance paws—

taking the form of an arrow directing hunters to the prey. This pointing behavior is so innate, even puppies who have by no means been on a hunt will generally do it.

He is a mean shedder. The brief and tough coat of the breed wants little grooming. Brushing his coat as soon as per week and rubbing his body often with a moist towel is adequate to take care of a wholesome coat.

He needs to be bathed solely when necessary and have to be dried correctly after every bathtub. His eyes and ears need to be cleaned usually and nails need to be trimmed correctly to keep away from any damage.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer


Feed a high-quality dog food that’s applicable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior) and exercise level. A pup below 6 months old will need to be fed more than twice a day; as soon as the GSP reaches maturity, a meal morning and night needs to be adequate.

Because the breed is topic to bloat, they shouldn’t be fed instantly after operating or one other vigorous train, nor ought to be allowed to run or train for at the very least an hour after consuming and ingesting. The ideally suited night mealtime could be after bodily activities are via for the day.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer Agility

They carry out nicely on agility occasions. Due to the character of the obstacles, the occasions require a powerful bond between canines and their handlers, in addition to natural motivation and conditioning.

The mini German Shorthaired Pointer’s velocity, grace, and willingness to study make them a great breed for the game. The AKC has been holding prestigious Agility tournaments since 1978, and the very best title, the Preferred Agility Champion, was instituted in 2011. As of 2015, there have been 8 mini German Shorthaired Pointers with this title.

He could have grown to be well-known for his looking skills, however, the mini German Shorthaired Pointer additionally makes a great pet, because of his lovable demeanor.

Dedicated to its house owners, this breed will likely be sociable with different animals and people. But the very best half is that the mini German Shorthaired Pointer loves youngsters – in actual fact, he’ll typically grow to be more connected to the kids in the home than to the adults.


The GSP does finest with loads of exercise and issues to do, reminiscent of operating, swimming, and dog sports activities—in actual fact, something that may burn a few of their boundless energy whereas spending time outdoors with a human buddy. Their routine ought to ideally embrace ample bodily exercise twice a day.

This could be within the type of brisk, half-hour walks morning and night or operating and enjoying in a securely fenced space. GSPs are sensible and athletic and excel in a large range of canine activities that train thoughts and body, from field events to agility, obedience, and dock diving.

Mini German Shorthaired Pointer Grooming

The GSPs coat is straightforward to groom many of the years, requiring solely a very good once-over with a brush or grooming glove every few days.

Although the coat is brief, it still sheds—particularly at sure occasions of the year, when more frequent brushing will likely be wanted to take away the free hairs before they find themselves all around the home.

The hairs can grow to be embedded in materials and carpet and arduous to get out. An occasional bath (utilizing a mild shampoo) might help. The ears need to be usually inspected and cleaned, and the nails trimmed brief.

The TSA makes use of the canines, together with one named Pina. As a part of the official canine explosives team, she sniffs packing containers and crates in New York and New Jersey for any suspicious odors. Luckily, she has but to seek out any probably harmful scents that weren’t positioned there for coaching.


Although mini German Shorthaired Pointers are typically wholesome, there are some circumstances the breed could also be susceptible to. Among these are hip dysplasia, eye circumstances reminiscent of progressive retinal atrophy, and sure coronary heart ailments.

A responsible breeder will screen their breeding inventory for circumstances that have an effect on the breed. GSPs may also be affected by bloat, a life-threatening situation where the abdomen all of the sudden distends and sometimes twists as nicely.

Owners ought to educate themselves as to what signs point out what is occurring and what to do ought to happen.

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