Little Lion Dog Löwchen Description and Facts

little lion dog löwchen

The little lion dog or löwchen which is originated from German, meaning Löwchen: the “little lion”, and in French: Petit Chien lion, “little lion dog” is a breed of a small dog. They’re thought-about by some registries as a toy canine and by the American Kennel Membership as a non-sporting dog.

This article will give an overview of the little lion dog or löwchen.

The little lion dog or löwchen as soon as had the doubtful distinction, just like the Portuguese Water Canine and the Havanese, of being the rarest canine on this planet. In 1973 there have been solely 65 registered examples of the breed.

little lion dog or löwchen facts

Even at present, the little lion dog or löwchen breed usually has fewer than a number of hundred new registrations every year worldwide.


The little lion dog or löwchen is a compact companion breed with barely off sq. proportions and balanced reasonable angles within the entrance and rear.

The silhouette of the breed requires a protracted mane within the entrance with a flat topline.

The little lion dog or löwchen tail ought to be set coming off the topline and be over the again within the form of a teacup deal within the motion.

The little lion dog or löwchen’s coat is lengthy and flowing and is available in many colors. The coat shouldn’t be skinny and fluffy like a Bichon Frise, however pretty straight with waves.

It’s a multi-texture coat with a 50/50 mixture of silkier thicker hairs and softer hair. This permits for a simple to take care of the coat that’s silky to the contact.

The little lion dog or löwchen coat shouldn’t be harsh, wooly, or cottony. The Löwchen doesn’t shed, and this breed has very low allergic results and is thought-about hypoallergenic.

You will need to word, nonetheless, that there isn’t such a factor as a very hypoallergenic canine. The saliva and pores and skin or dander, of a dog, can nonetheless set off an allergic occasion in delicate individuals.

The top of the Löwchen is certainly one of its most necessary options, with its comparatively large muzzle, broad cranium, full of life spherical eyes, and pendulant ears. They’ll are available in all colors with darkish pigmentation across the eye rings and nostrils.

The top, when in proportion to the physique, is neither too huge nor too small, however, it helps to emphasize the pleasant, regal, and leonine persona of the Löwchen.

The litter dimension is normally between two to 5 puppies. Löwchen’s life span is around 14 to 18 years.


The true beginnings of the Lowchen or ‘Little Lion Canine’ are topics to conjecture, with some suggesting it developed in France within the 1500s, later rising in Germany and Spain.

Falling inside the ‘toy’ breed group, the Lowchen is theorized to be associated with the Bichon, bearing a hanging resemblance to the favored breed. It’s doable that the Lowchen resulted from the crossing of Tibetan dogs, dropped at Europe by travelers, and native Terrier and Spitz.

Fashionable amongst the rich and elite as companion and lap canine, the Lowchen has loved a vibrant historical past, being extensively utilized as flea catchers and foot heaters all through the centuries.

Made standard through the Renaissance, an interval when the Lowchen was believed to characterize braveness, the breed discovered its manner onto many work, tapestries and engravings.

Following WWI, the numbers of Lowchen diminished, and it was purely as a result of efforts of Belgium-born Madame Bennert that the breed didn’t turn extinct.


Extremely distinctive, the Lowchen will not be simply mistaken for every other breed.

The Lowchen derives its identity, ‘Little Lion Canine’ from its mane-like coat, overlaying the forequarters of the canine, and its naked hindquarters which are historically clipped, resembling the looks of a lion.

With quick legs, a broad cranium, pendant ears, a high-set tail, and coat feathering on the chest, ears, toes, and tail, the Lowchen is a novel and charming-looking breed, assured to get seen! Widespread in colors of white, lemon, and black, normally with coat speckling.

little lion dog löwchen


Sometimes cheerful, full of life, and sociable, the Lowchen makes an awesome addition to home life, both for a household or a devoted sole proprietor.

Boasting intelligence, pure vigilance, and the power to adapt to new conditions and folks, the Lowchen is properly suited to a lively dwelling, offering its wants for the train, psychological enrichment, and human companionship are met.

The Lowchen could look fragile however it’s actually a strong, assured, and fearless canine, able to defend itself and its household if the potential menace is perceived.

On common, a wholesome grownup Lowchen will weigh 4-Eight kg, with a life expectancy of 12-15 years when proven the suitable love and care.


Little lion dog or Löwchen can are available in quite a lot of colors, and their colors can change all through their lives.

Many of which are born darkish will loosen up into cream or silver. Additionally, you will discover quite a lot of colors inside a single litter.

Widespread colors are sable, silver, cream, white, parti, Irish pied, chocolate, and pink/gold. A much less frequent shade is brindle.

The American Kennel Membership custom doesn’t give choice to any shade.


The Little lion dog or Löwchen is a pleasant, wholesome, and comfortable canine. Canines of this breed are each lively and playful, and really clever.

The Löwchen is a superb home pet. The Löwchen makes additionally a very good pet for households with youngsters.

This breed has a historical past as a companion canine and the canine want the eye of people and they don’t seem to be comfortable left alone for longer durations of time. The Löwchen will be vocal in pleasure or calls for, although some will be quiet.


The Little lion dog or Löwchen is a strong breed with few health points that impression the canine. Yearly eye exams, patella analysis, and hip conformation evaluations are recommending for breeding inventory.

The breed will be impacted by Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and luxating patellas, nonetheless the frequency is low. Different points are typically points associated with the previous age.


Typically a wholesome and long-lived breed, the Little lion dog or Löwchen will not be prone to any breed-specific illnesses.

While there are a variety of documented circumstances of hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, these are frequent complaints throughout all breeds.

Varied optical problems are additionally recognized within the Lowchen.

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