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lhasa apso white

The Lhasa Apso white is without doubt one of the oldest dog breeds worldwide. It is usually referred to as the “Liondog” or “Lhasa Terrier”. In this article, I am going to talk about the Lhasa Apso white dog breed.

Lhasa Apso white facts

Lhasa apso, breed of dog from Tibet, the place it’s referred to as abso seng kye (“bark lion sentinel dog”) and is used as an indoor guard dog.

The Lhasa Apso white is characteristically hardy, clever, and watchful. Longer than it’s tall, it stands 10 to 11 inches (25 to 28 cm) and weighs 13 to 15 kilos (6 to 7 kg).

Lhasa Apso white has a closely haired tail that curls over its again and an extended, profuse coat that covers its eyes.

The white coat of the Lhasa apso could also be of varied colors, however, golden-brown shades are most well-liked by most breeders.

It’s a very fashionable dog, however not simply due to its dimension.

Allergy sufferers are not going to have any issues with their hair, as a result of they don’t seem to be losing their fur.

Additionally, this breed is well-liked as a remedy dog, particularly for kids with autism or anxiousness states.

In line with the FCI, it’s a companion and toy dog, part 5, Tibetan breeds.

It’s intently associated with Shih Tzu and due to its look, it’s a very fashionable dog for showings.

Lhasa Apso white Origin

The Lhasa Apso originated in Tibet within the Himalayan Mountains a whole bunch of years in the past.

It is named after the sacred metropolis of Lhasa. For years the breed remained solely bred in Tibet by holy males and nobles.

It was used as a watchdog in temples and monasteries.

The Lhasa Apso white was thought-about sacred. The idea was that when its grasp died the grasp’s soul entered the Lhasa Apso’s physique.

The breed was not simple to come back throughout and was exhausting to purchase. The dogs have been thought-about good luck to their house owners.

In 1933 the dog deployed to different components of the world because of C. Suydam Chopping, who launched the primary Lhasas to the USA as items from the 13th Dalai Lama.

Tibet’s ruler would visit them to visit international diplomats.

The Lhasa Apso white was first appeared in Britain within the 1920s and within the USA in 1930. It was first acknowledged by the AKC in 1935.

Description of Lhasa Apso white

The Lhasa Apso is a small, hardy dog. The physique size is longer than the peak of the dog.

The small, deep-set eyes are darkish brown and the pendant ears are closely feathered. The entrance legs are straight. The legs are closely coated in hair.

The muzzle is medium in size. The tooth ought to meet in a stage or barely undershot chew.

The toes are spherical and catlike with an abundance of hair. The tail is about excessive, nicely feathered and carried over again in a screw.

Some tails have a kink on the finish. The dense, double coat is straight and lengthy over the complete physique, together with over the pinnacle and eyes, reaching to the ground. Any coloration is suitable within the present ring.

Gold, cream, and honey are preferred, however, the coat additionally is available in dark-grizzle, slate, smoke, and multi-colors of brown, white, and black.

Pet coats typically change colors because the pet grows.

Homeowners typically lower the dog’s hair quickly in a pet lower to make them simpler to take care of.

Lhasa Apso white Body

The Lhasa Apso is about 25 cm tall and weighs about 5 to 7 kg.
Due to its look, it’s also referred to as the “Luxurious dog”.
It has drooping ears, its tail is appointed excessive and lays over its ears again. It’s again straight and the paws are spherical. Its muzzle is about four cm long and never quadratic.
Their eyes are oval, darkish, and mid-sized.
However essentially the most particular element on this dog is its hair. Its high hair is lengthy, straight, exhausting, and heavy.
There are lots of colors allowed. For instance white, gray, black, pink, gold, sand, dark-grizzle, or two colors.
The Lhasa Apso can also have quick hair. It is a very seldom alternation. These dog breeds are referred to as the Prapsos.

lhasa apso white


The Lhasa Apso is an excellent companion dog. It loves lengthy walks and due to its sturdy muscle groups, it’s an excellent dog for peregrinations and mountain excursions. It’s a very powerful, sustained, and small dog.

This dog breed may be very clever and obedient. Lhasa Apsos are very affectionate, delicate, tolerant, and empathetic.

Due to this reality, they’re fashionable remedy dogs for kids and even for retirement houses.

They love kids and different animals. Due to their smooth character, they do not have issues with others.

Lhasa Apsos are very pleasant and energetic dogs, which like to play.

However, they may also be idiosyncratic typically. That is due to their satisfaction and self-worth.

However multifunctional they’re very charming and swish.

This breed may be very diligent, however not aggressive.

Lhasa Apso white Temperament

It is a hardy dog with a pleasant, assertive method. Clever and energetic, it makes a superb pet.

Lhasa Apsos are spirited and devoted little dogs which might be affectionate with their masters. They are often very obedient to their masters.

This breed responds to motivational coaching. They have an eager sense of listening and make good watchdogs.

The Lhasa Apso white travels nicely. Sadly, this little dog typically falls into Small dog Syndrome, a human-induced habit the place the dog thinks he’s the pack chief to people.

This causes many ranging levels of adverse behaviors to come back out within the dog. They change into suspicious of strangers, and will not tolerate kids.

They’ll change into willful with a loud persistent bark, as they attempt to get THEIR people to take heed to them.

They’ll change into nervous and untrustworthy strangers and kids, and inclined to struggle with the different dogs.

Usually, on occasions, they are going to develop separation anxiety, getting very upset when left alone.

Followers aren’t allowed to go away from the pack chief, nevertheless, pack leaders can go away from the followers.

They will change into can snappish if shocked or peeved, and start to show guarding behaviors.

These adverse behaviors are NOT traits of the Lhasa Apso; they’re human-induced behaviors ensuing from the dog not being handled just like the dog species it’s, and because of lack of management, guidelines, and the dearth of limits positioned on the dog.

A mentally steady dog that will get sufficient psychological and bodily training may have a very completely different persona.

It’s all as much as the people across the dog. As quickly because the people begin being true pack leaders, the dog’s habits will change for the higher.

Height, Weight

Top: Males 10 – 11 inches (25 – 28 cm); rather less for Females
Weight: Males 13 – 15 kilos (5.9 – 6.eight kg)

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