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lhasa apso dog breeds

The lavishly coated Lhasa Apso is one of the thousand-year-old Dog Breeds that served as sentinels at palaces and monasteries remoted excessive within the Himalayas. Sensible, assured, and sophisticated, Lhasas are family comedians however regally aloof with strangers. In this article, I am going to discuss Lhasa Apso Dog Breeds, small, puppy, l, etc.

Lhasa Apso Dog Breeds profile

Standing lower than a foot excessive on the shoulder, Lhasas are small however hardy canines of aristocratic bearing.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds are well-known for a floor-length, flat-hanging coat, parted within the center and draping all sides of the physique. A feathery tail curls over the again within the distinct method of

Tibetan breeds. The breed’s followers say the darkish, oval-shaped eyes—peeping by lavish facial hair—are the home windows of a Lhasa’s merry soul. The whole image is elegant and serenely effectively balanced.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds Origin

The Lhasa Apso was solely bred in Tibet, by the holy males and the nobles, for at the very least two thousand years.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds have been used as watchdogs within the temples and monasteries. The individuals of Tibet tremendously revered these little canines as they believed they have been the reincarnations of the holy lamas.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds have been by no means offered or purchased however given as presents, and it was thought of an ideal honor to obtain one.

The Lhasa was first seen in Britain within the 1920s and launched to America within the 1930s the place it was accepted by the American Kennel Membership in 1935. It’s reported to be uncommon in its native Tibet.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds Description

The Lhasa Apso is an extended coated, sturdy little canine. They transfer in fairly a jaunty method with their tails carried over their backs. They’re barely longer than they’re tall.



Lhasa Apso dog breeds Color

They arrive in quite a lot of colors sandy, honey, golden, brown darkish grizzle, slate, smoke, black, white, and mixtures of those colors.

Coat Size

Medium Lengthy

Weight/Peak Vary

Lhasa Apso dog breeds measur 25-28cms on the withers, the perfect being 25.4cms, and weigh between 6-7kgs. Bitches are barely smaller.


The Lhasa is a reasonably wholesome canine, there’s a concern about hip dysplasia however breeders are screening for this now.

Screening can be being finished for eye issues. The incidence of kidney issues appears to be in sure breed traces moderately than the entire breed.

Breed Classification

This little canine is a member of the utility group. They have been first used as indoor guards of the temples and as companions for the monks of those temples.

Right this moment they’re household pets.


The Lhasa Apso is a loyal, trustful, and clever canine. They do get alongside effectively with youngsters and different canines.

As a breed, they are often unbiased and are cautious of strangers. They do benefit from the firm of kids.


They’re clever little canines that may be obstinate. They have to be educated from an early age. With persistence and consistency, they will change into comparatively obedient.

They’re fairly delicate and so don’t reply effectively to raised voices, they will change into withdrawn and depressed if subjected to excessively loud voices.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds have to not be overly spoiled as they might develop behavioral issues.



Suitability for Youngsters


Tendency to Bark


General Train Requirement

Lhasa Apso dog breeds do require train as they’ve loads of vitality, however are as comfortable to remain at house and play as they’re to stroll for Kmss and Kmss.

They’re completely content material with a number of brief walks daily.

Suitability as a Guard Canine


Ease of Transportation


Stage of Aggression


Different Animal Compatibility


Lhasa Apso dog breeds Diet

Lhasa Apsos thrive on high-quality meals. Since they often have thick pores and skin to assist their heavy hair coat, Lhasas want a weight loss plan with good protein and fats ranges. Breeders suggest meals with fats stage above 14 %.

The protein supply (meat, fish, sport, and many others.) relies on the person canine’s tolerance and style. Most Lhasas are inclined to make the most of their meals very effectively, and even slight overfeeding can result in disagreeable digestive outcomes.

Meals could be fed dry, or barely moistened with slightly taste enhancement equivalent to cooked meat or grain-free canned meals.

Whether or not to feed a couple of times a day is a private alternative for house owners, however, canines thrive on consistency, so it’s endorsed to maintain the frequency and time of day fixed.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds Grooming

Does lengthy hair or pet minimize? Each requires common upkeep, and this can be an alternative for the proprietor to make.

Lhasas in a pet minimize or different clip nonetheless must be brushed repeatedly and bathed between visits to the groomer.

Lengthy hair requires common brushing, utilizing the correct instruments and methods. Anticipate to wash an extended coat at the very least every two weeks, and brush at the very least as soon as between baths.

Thorough rinsing is crucial, as shampoo residue irritates the pores and skin. Conditioners and ending sprays make grooming simpler.

Freshly bathed lengthy or clipped hair must be totally dried and brushed, as damp hair, even when clear, will mat.

lhasa apso dog breeds


The Lhasa is mostly not a sofa potato and is adept at self-exercise. They are going to race around a condominium to run off vitality, entertain themselves in a fenced yard, or take their house owners on a brisk stroll.

Psychological stimulation is as necessary as bodily train. They excel at agility, can do scent work, and have been identified to retrieve and herd.

There are gifted Lhasas licensed as remedy canines working in hospitals, nursing houses, faculties, and prisons.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds Coaching

Lhasa Apsos will please you if it pleases them to please you. They’re very smart, generally in comparison with a willful toddler.

They’ll be taught absolutely anything {that a} coach makes fascinating sufficient to grasp—on their phrases.

They don’t recognize repetitive drills and might change into uncommonly cussed if bullied or badgered. Most instances of unacceptable

Lhasa habits contain conditions with inconsistent, improper, or nonexistent human management. It is a breed for inventive, motivated individuals who take pleasure in a canine companion of like thoughts.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds Health

The Lhasa Apso is mostly a sturdy, wholesome canine. Probably the most critical health downside within the breed is hereditary kidney dysfunction, which could be current in delicate to extreme type.

There isn’t any dependable take a look at to detect carriers. Potential house owners ought to search out skilled, conscientious breeders who’re conscious of the situation and take away affected people from their breeding packages.

Breeders have made nice progress towards eliminating this downside, and the chance of buying a stricken pet from an educated breeder is slim.

Different circumstances to inquire about are dry eye, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), slipping stifles, hip dysplasia, and cherry eye.

Care necessities

Compatibility with different pets
Excellent, however being an assertive breed they like to point out dominance over different canines and so care must be taken if introducing one other canine into the household.

Care necessities

The coat is double with a reasonable undercoat that gives good insulation that’s solid out for the summer season when a thinner undercoat grows.

The topcoat is of a tough texture and serves as a weatherproof outer jacket. The nice fall of hair over the eyes is safe in opposition to mud, wind, and intense glare discovered within the Tibetan local weather.

Common grooming is an obligatory process, offering the important bloom in an extended coated breed, however, the process can nearly be made a sport for each the proprietor and canine.

Lhasa Apso dog breeds are often additionally clipped and look simply as cute.

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