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pembroke sheltie

The Pembroke Sheltie is a hybrid mixture of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog. In this article, I am going to talk about Pembroke Sheltie dog, puppies, price, cost, mixt, etc.

Pembroke Sheltie profile

This hybrid will make an incredible family pet, combining the tenderness and mellowness of the shetland dog father or mother breed and the regal perspective of the British Corgi.

Your Pembroke Sheltie can be a vigorous, loyal and affectionate a part of your loved ones, becoming properly into any household or house setting, however, do not count on her to announce the presence of a stranger.

She’s going to, nonetheless, not hesitate to step in ought to the state of affairs develop into a harmful one for her beloved human household. Goal Companion.

Pembroke Sheltie History

Pembroke Sheltie Breed Historical past The Pembroke Sheltie is a hybrid mixture of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog.

Whereas we all know that the breed originated in the US, we have no idea the date of origination.

We will assume, nonetheless, that the hybrid originated previously two to 3 many years when elevated curiosity in mixing purebreds for quite a lot of causes turned fashionable.

To seek out out what your hybrid pet can develop as much as to be, we’ll want some historical past from the histories of the father or mother breeds.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi hails from the UK however that wasn’t the start of their story.

Early within the 1100s, the Corgi of Pembrokeshire, at the moment resembling the Schipperkes, got here to England with Flemish weavers, ultimately creating settlements in southwest Wales, creating buildings resembling these of their homeland and using the canine breed for herding and guarding duties.

Their small stature and physique configuration made them excellent for these duties, with the ability to nip on the heels of the livestock to maintain them in line without getting kicked within the course of.

Pembroke Shelties have been used to herd sheep, cattle, and even geese to market.

Ultimately, the Corgi wriggled its means into the hearts and houses of the wealthy, royal, and well-known and have become a beloved companion and household pet.

The American Kennel Membership acknowledged the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed is 1934, the identical yr it was acknowledged by the Kennel Membership (England).

There are two sorts of Corgi, the Pembroke, and the Cardigan, and the Pembroke is the Corgi father or mother breed on this hybrid.

The Shetland Sheepdog hails from Scotland, particularly from the Shetland Islands simply 50 miles north of Scotland.

Being described as miniature Collies, the Shetland Sheepdog could possibly be discovered throughout England within the 1800s, doing herding duties required for small livestock.

Ultimately, the Border Collie assumed these duties within the Shetland Islands however the Pembroke Sheltie stays even at the moment a preferred household pet, present canine, and herding canine for these dwelling on farms.

This clever and loving canine breed was acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1911 and at the moment stays a very fashionable household pet all around the world.

The Pembroke Sheltie hybrid is acknowledged by the next organizations: American Canine Hybrid Membership and Canine Registry of America.

Working life

Because the title suggests, Shelties can and have been used as sheepdogs and nonetheless take part in sheepdog trials to this present day.

Herding shetland dogs conduct livestock from one place to a different by inflicting fear-flocking and flight behavior.

The intuition to herd is primarily a product of breeding. No quantity of coaching can substitute this trait.

Shelties can also be great for individuals who want consolation throughout laborious occasions akin to pure disasters or extreme sickness.

This shetland dog isn’t aggressive and tends to do properly with kids and being dealt with by them.

Pembroke Sheltie Activities

Of their measurement group, the breed dominates canine agility, obedience, showmanship, flyball, monitoring, and herding.

Herding instincts and trainability may be measured at noncompetitive herding exams. Shelties exhibiting primary herding instincts may be skilled to compete in herding trials.


Pembroke Sheltie Breed Upkeep Your Pembroke Sheltie is a minimal, seasonal shedder and, sadly, she will not be hypoallergenic.

She is taken into account to be within the average upkeep class, her coat requiring brushing at the very least twice per week and bathing solely as wanted to protect the very important oils in her coat.

It’s best to test her ears at the very least as soon as per week, cleansing them as wanted with a cotton ball and accepted canine-ear wash resolution.

Her toenails also need to be checked weekly and trimmed when needed until she is efficiently conserving them worn down together with her train actions.

Tooth brushing is really useful as properly and this ought to be finished two to 3 occasions per week, if not every day, to keep away from periodontal illness growth and the tooth loss which is thought to accompany it. She is within the low class for each drooling and odor.

Pembroke Sheltie Temperament

Pembroke Sheltie Temperament Your Pembroke Sheltie hybrid is a superb furry member of the family!

She is loving, vigorous, clever, loyal, protecting, and brave. She makes an excellent pet for first-time pet house owners.

Additionally, like most canine breeds, acceptable socialization at a younger age will guarantee that she’ll be nice with the youngsters and different animals…even the household cat…although do not be stunned in the event that they play and run via the home collectively.

She will not be a barky sort of canine so do not count on that she’ll provide you with a warning when a stranger is afoot.

Whereas for essentially the most half accepting of strangers, you will need to observe that she can be protecting her human household, not hesitating to step in ought to the state of affairs give rise to these instincts.

She combines the most effective of the regal perspective of the British Corgi and the mellowness of the Sheltie to offer a beautiful loving member of the family.

Care: Exercise

Pembroke Sheltie is a lively canine and would require substantial exercise An extended stroll or jog and sufficient playtime in a fenced yard in a canines park can be ample.

Although, its herding intuition retains it shifting and which provides to its exercise regime.

Aside from bodily train, it additionally requires psychological follow, puzzle video games or playtime with the proprietor will maintain the canine pleased and charged.

Sufficient exercise will maintain the canine’s odd conduct at bay.

Moreover, if the pet is shy and sluggish, it is not going to require laborious actions, and playtime in a park or a yard will maintain it wholesome.

Pembroke Sheltie Grooming

It’s a minimal shedder and doesn’t require heavy upkeep. Brushing its coat twice per week will maintain it clear and dust-free.

Bathing as soon as in two months is appropriate as extra bathing will wash off the important oils from its coat.

Ear cleansing as soon as per week with accepted canine–ear wash resolution is really useful to forestall painful ear infections.

Toenails would require clipping after they overgrow and brushing the enamel twice per week will keep away from tartar growth and tooth decay.

This shetland dog breed doesn’t possess drooling and unhealthy odor.

Pembroke Sheltie Training

As they’re prepared to be taught and tend to please their house owners, the Pembroke Sheltie canines are easy-to-train.

Leash: Extraordinarily necessary to maintain its herding and chasing instincts below management.

Obedience: To maintain his herding intuition in the test, acquaint him extra with completely different instructions like “Cease” or “Pause”.

Attempt growing his consideration stage. When your canine is on a leash, spin an object at a distance from him, and provides the command “look”.

As soon as he turns his consideration away from the thing and locations his look on you recognize him with a reward.

After he has improved on his consideration go slightly additional and check how he reacts to a shifting automobile or people whereas stored on the leash.

miniature sheltie puppies

Pembroke Sheltie Feeding

Nothing particularly. Simply repair up a normal canine food regimen schedule, which is sweet for all different breeds of its measurement and vitality stage.

Health Issues

Like different hybrid canines, it additionally inherits a few health issues from its dad and mom, although it varies from canine to canine.

Main Issues:

Von Willebrand’s Illness
Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)
Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)

Minor Issues

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Hip Dysplasia
Familial Nephropathy
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Mono/Bilateral Cryptorchidism
Degenerative Myelopathy

Occasional Prognosis

Shade Dilution Alopecia
Lupus Erythematosus

Occasional Assessments

Blood and Urine Protein Screens
Full Blood Rely
Mind Auditory Evoked
Response (BAER)
Dental and Oral Examinations
Inside Imaging (x-ray, CT scan, MRI, and so forth.)
X-rays of varied components of the skeletal system
Full Bodily Examination Eye Examinations (each inner in addition to exterior)
Blood And Urine Evaluation
Ear Assessments and Myringotomy
Blood Sugar and Thyroid Assessments


Colors could also be any color of the sheltie or the Corgi. For the reason that Sable and Crimson are most dominant of the Sheltie and the Corgi, most of them will most likely be the crimson and white in color


The coat would be the medium size just like the Corgi and Sheltie.

It is going to be tender and shed out within the spring and fall like each breed.

What Worth is Pembroke Sheltie Puppies?

A Pembroke Sheltie has a fairly customary price ticket when in comparison with the price of different medium-sized canines.

When you discover a respected breeder, their asking value can be simply over $1000.

If that price ticket doesn’t suit your funds, keep in mind that you could additionally attempt to undertake a Pembroke Sheltie, however that can be a prolonged course of in itself.

After you buy your Pembroke Sheltie, your bills don’t cease there. In truth, your bills have solely simply begun.

Your canine would require annual visits to the veterinarian, meals, toys, treats, and kit to have the ability to reside a cushty life.

You could possibly signal your canine up for pet insurance coverage, which can prevent cash in the long term, however, that is non-obligatory.

How Large is a Full-Grown Pembroke Sheltie?

A completely mature Pembroke Sheltie will develop to a peak starting from 10 to 16 inches. This is applicable to each female and male Pembroke Sheltie puppies.

With regard to its weight, each gender can weigh anyplace between 11 to 30 kilos.

What’s the Pembroke Sheltie’s Life Expectancy?

A Pembroke Sheltie has a minimal life expectancy of 12 years and most of 15 years. It’s uncommon to see medium-sized canines reside such lengthy lives.


You’ll discover that the Pembroke Sheltie is the perfect household pet since it’s vigorous, loyal, protecting, loving, and clever. Nothing can get previous the Pembroke Sheltie.

Although this hybrid breed doesn’t are inclined to bark, it’ll step in when it senses a harmful state of affairs.

In case you have different pets within the house akin to a cat, you’ll be pleased to listen to that it’ll get alongside completely properly with the Pembroke Sheltie.

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