Dog Training on How to Teach Your Dog to Sit

how to teach your dog to sit

How to teach your dog to sit? Educating the “sit” command to your canine is often fairly easy, as dogs have a tendency to take a seat naturally. People usually sear for information on how to teach your dog to sit on the internet.

This article will give an overview of how to teach your dog to sit.

“Sit” is a crucial fundamental canine coaching command that each canine ought to know. It’s a method to assist your canine settle slightly bit in a single place and deal with you.

The coaching can even assist lay the groundwork for “keep” and different extra sophisticated instructions. The secret’s in your canine to affiliate the phrase with the motion.

Earlier than you start, ensure you have coaching treats to supply your canine. These treats ought to be smooth, small, and extremely interesting to your canine.

How to teach your dog to sit

When you use clicker coaching together with your canine, have your clicker in hand. Selected a coaching location that’s non-public and freed from distractions, resembling your yard or a quiet park.

Know the Correct Sit Place

When your canine is within the right sitting place, its hocks and backside are firmly planted on the bottom.

Some canine will cheat and “hover” above the bottom slightly, so make certain to not reward till its rear finish is on the bottom.

Ideally, your canine will stay sitting till you launch it (some trainers use the phrase “OK” as a launch cue), however generally this conduct would not come till the canine has discovered “keep.” Plan to put aside 5 to 10 minutes just a few occasions per week to work on this coaching.

Present the Deal with

Get your canine’s consideration and present your canine that you’ve got a deal within your hand.

Maintain the deal with simply above your canine’s nostrils (not too excessive or your canine would possibly bounce). Transfer the deal again towards your canine’s ears, protecting it near the top.

Your canine’s nostril would possibly flip as much as complying with the deal at first, however, most dogs will sit when the deal will get to a sure level.

As quickly as your canine’s rear lands on the bottom, say “sure!” or “good canine” in an upbeat tone (or, click on your clicker). Instantly give your canine the deal with adopted by petting and praising.

Repeat With Cue Phrase

Repeat these steps till your canine sits on the sight of the deal with above its nostril. Subsequent, add the cue phrase:

Say your dogs identify adopted by the phrase “sit,” spoken clearly whereas holding the deal within the place as earlier than.

Repeat a number of occasions, utilizing the phrase “sit” every time and step by step phasing out the hand movement (preserve utilizing the deal with, simply part out the movement).

Proceed to Apply

Maintain brief coaching classes all through the day in numerous places, each indoors and outdoor. This may naturally improve the distractions, however, you need your canine to take a seat with any distractions current.

Finish coaching sessions on an optimistic be aware (with successful). Be affected person and constant.

Issues and Proofing Habits

In case your canine doesn’t sit by itself after just a few tries, keep away from pushing it right into a sitting place.

Canines do not are inclined to be taught effectively that method. Additionally, keep away from yelling or punishment.

Dogs not often reply to detrimental reinforcement with something however confusion. As a substitute, contemplate attempting extra worthwhile treats, like contemporary meat, sizzling canine items, string cheese, or liverwurst.

In case you are nonetheless having to bother getting your canine to take a seat with worthwhile treats, contemplate marking the conduct.

Spend a while watching your canine. Anytime your canine naturally sits, reward, and reward it, saying the phrase “sit.”

Do this each time you see your canine sitting. You may need to carry treats with you always to make this work effectively.

As well as, it is pretty simple to seize behaviors with a clicker. As soon as your canine is aware of finding out how to sit on cue, work on coaching the sit command in numerous places with various ranges of distractions.

That is referred to as proofing the conduct and ensures that your canine will be capable to obey this command wherever and at any time when it is given.

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Embody the entrance door and meals bowl as common coaching places. This may make your canine extra more likely to sit when a greeting company or earlier than feeding.

As soon as your canine turns skilled at a sitting, you will not have to provide a deal with it every time. It is a good suggestion to provide treats often to be able to reinforce the conduct.

how to teach your dog to sit

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