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Bolognese dog

The Bolognese is a small breed of dog of the bichon sort, originating in Italy. The title refers back to the northern Italian metropolis of Bologna. It’s a part of the toy canine group and is taken into account a companion dog.

Bolognese Dog facts

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Bolognese Dog loves consideration and makes good home pets. They’re good at socializing with different canines, huge and small.

They have got a powerful bond with the particular person/s with whom they spend essentially the most time.

The Bolognese Dog is extra than simply one other white, fluffy lap canine. These little Bolognese Dog, initially from Italy, has a peaceful, affectionate demeanor, and so they do love being around folks that they’re susceptible to separation nervousness.

The serene Bolognese Dog could be a great household pet however might not be suited to households with younger youngsters—with its small body, this canine can simply develop into overwhelmed by bursts of affection from an enthusiastic youngster.

The Bolognese Dog would possibly remind you of the Bichon Frise, and with good purpose—they’re intently associated and are typically referred to as the Bichon Bolognese. They’re additionally a cousin to the Maltese, Havanese, Coton de Tulear, and Lowchen.

Bolognese Dog Description

The Bolognese Dog is a small, white, compact canine with a particular white single coat. It’s of small dimension, stocky and compact.

It’s well constructed and well-muscled. The pinnacle is of medium size. The cranium is barely ovoid.

The muzzle is massive, black, and nearly square. It has a developed jaw and the higher lips don’t cowl the underside lips. Its lips are black. It has white, robust, and evenly aligned enamel. Its eyes are effectively developed, open, and spherical.

The edges of the eyelids are black and the iris is a darkish ochre color. The ears are set excessive and are lengthy and hanging, however inflexible on the base. The tail is carried curved over the again.

The Bolognese’s peak varies 10.5 to 12 inches for a male and 10-11 inches for a feminine. The burden varies between 6 and 14 lbs.

Bolognese Dog Coat

The distinctive single coat (i.e., no undercoat) falls in free open ringlets/flocks everywhere in the physique, with shorter hair on the face.

The hair’s texture is woolly, versus silky, and is rarely trimmed or clipped except stored as pets. The hair sheds little or no, however, it requires common combing to stop matting.

The Bolognese Dog typically seems on lists of canines that allegedly don’t shed (molt). It’s true that these canines don’t seasonally molt or lose massive quantities of fur as many different breeds do.

Nevertheless, they do finally lose and change particular person hairs, just like human hair progress cycles.

Every hair grows from a hair follicle, which has a 3 section cycle, as do most mammals. These cycles are: anagen, the progress of regular hair; catagen progress slows, and hair shaft thins; telegenic, hair progress stops, the follicle rests, and outdated hair fall off—is shed.

On the finish of the telogen section, the follicle begins the cycle once more. The size of the time of the rising and shedding cycle varies by age and different components. There isn’t any such factor as a totally non-shedding breed.

The Bolognese Dog coat requires every day brushing with month-to-month grooming really useful. Grooming should additionally embrace common bathing, eye, and ear hygiene, and enamel cleansing.

Bolognese Dog Temperament

Attribute traits of the Bolognese embrace: playful, easygoing, earnest, keen, clever, and constant. They aren’t hyperactive and are usually extra reserved than the Bichon Frise.

The Bolognese Dog could be very aware of obedience coaching. They’re extremely smart, fast to be taught, and simple to coach, however, they might be very cussed when they do not get their approach.

A Bolognese Dog will shortly prepare to potty pads and a bell-ringing notification system for taking potty breaks exterior.

The Bolognese Dog genuinely enjoys the companionship of individuals and varieties an in-depth relationship along with his proprietor.

They’re true companions and thrive on their proprietor’s consideration. They’ve been identified to comply with their house owners wherever they go. They’re pleased with strangers however must get accustomed to folks at a younger age.

They are often reserved with strangers at first, however, the response of the house owners to the brand new particular person significantly influences their conduct in the direction of the person.

Due to this, they’re usually pleasant in the direction of strangers after the preliminary assembly.

Bolognese Dog is true watchdogs, however, should not incessant barkers. They may discover something uncommon and dependably notify their house owners.

Bolognese Dog gets alongside effectively with different canines however are joyful to be the one canine within the household. They’re non-aggressive by nature.

They don’t do effectively when left alone for lengthy intervals of time and should develop separation nervousness.

Preferred house owners of Bolognese embrace households with youngsters, retirees, and metropolis dwellers.

They’re good with youngsters so long as the latter are sufficiently old and mature sufficient to deal with these canines gently, fastidiously, and safely. They aren’t a good selection for youthful youngsters, who may simply injure small canines.

Bolognese Dog Diet and Nutrition

Regardless of being lower than athletic, Bolos nonetheless want good vitamin. In actual fact, a nutritious diet is among the greatest methods to maintain your pleasant little lap canine in fine condition. Your vet might be ready that will help you select a small breed method pet food.

Make sure to recurrently test your canine’s weight by feeling for her hipbones and ribcage. It’s best to be capable of palpate these bones without digging via any fats, however, they need to not stick out both.

It may be arduous to see your canine’s waistline via all that fluff, so you’ll want to use your palms!

Bolognese dog


Whereas Bolognese is completely joyful to lounge around the home, they need to even have an everyday stroll.

An appropriate stroll can be round 20–25 minute a few instances a day, or substitute 10-minute walks just a few instances a day.


Bolognese is straightforward to coach, however, it quickly develops into bored by quite a few repetitive drills.

They thrive on selection, so it’s best to vary or broaden actions to maintain them fortunately engaged and considering.

They reply effectively to optimistic reinforcement, mild coaching strategies, and consistency. They don’t reply effectively to shouting or harshness.

Life span

The typical life span of the Bolognese is 14 years. They will dwell as much as 10 years with comparatively few genetic health points.

They’re identified to nonetheless act puppy-like at 10 years of age and are in a position to preserve facets of youthfulness all through their lives.

They’re sometimes energetic effectively into their senior years.

Frequent health issues

Bolognese is sometimes a wholesome breed and should not susceptible to any main issues.

As a comparatively uncommon breed without a lot of business reputation, Bolos are additionally a wholesome breed.

Although their gene pool is small, it’s principally maintained by very devoted breeders. Earlier than buying a Bolognese pet, ask the breeder for proof of a patella examination and CERF (eye) exams at a minimal.

It’s vital to help good breeders who do in-depth health testing for his or her puppies. Accountable breeding practices embrace extra than simply taking the dad and mom and the puppies to the vet.

Routine exams don’t essentially catch many heritable genetic illnesses that you simply wish to keep away from.

Bolognese dog Care

Like all canines, Bolos require some psychological engagement and bodily train on a daily basis. They aren’t super-athletes and are usually glad about playtime within the yard or lengthy leashed walks.

Due to their tendency towards separation nervousness, Bolos might not be appropriate for individuals who work exterior of the home 40 hours per week—house owners ought to you’ll want to present them with loads of puzzle toys at any time when they do need to be left dwelling alone.

They’re normally fairly pleasant, although, and should thrive in doggie daycare that has set up for small canines.

The Bolognese Dog requires vital grooming, identical to all different long-haired canine breeds. If you’d fairly clip the coat brief, you won’t need to do as a lot brushing, however, you’ll recurrently trim your Bolo’s coat.

If you happen to elect to go away your Bolo’s coat lengthy, anticipate to need to brush every day to keep away from matting and scent.

Like all dogs, Bolognese canines require common dental care and nail trims.

Like many long-haired canines, Bolos don’t shed profusely. They don’t lose their entire coat just a few instances a year like some breeds, resembling Huskies.

Whereas they’re typically thought-about low-shedding, they do have hair so it’s possible you’ll discover lengthy white hairs around your own home.

Nonetheless, for delicate allergy victims or clear home lovers, a Bolognese Dog may be matched.

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