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lagotto romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an early breed of Italian water canine that was extensively bred with dogs of different varieties to extend their agility and scenting potential.

Due to the mixture of this truth and waning curiosity within the breed, the Lagotto Romagnolo was almost extinguished by the early 1900s.

However, a group of canine lovers, breeders, and veterinarians had been in a position to reassert the breed, and it was included within the FCI in 1995 and the AKC as not too long ago as 2015.

The Lagotto is on the smaller facet of medium and sports activities a particular curled coat of hypoallergenic hair that simply sheds water, with a visual undercoat to maintain their heat.

Historical past

Historical past describes the Lagotto Romagnolo as a curly-haired water canine that was the companion and looking accomplice to hunters of waterfowl on the marshlands of Romagna, in northern Italy.

It was a job that they excelled at; they may retrieve for hours on finish and because of their waterproof, double-layered coat, they may even retrieve the geese and coots from the icy chilly water.

In direction of the tip of the 19th century, the marshlands of the Romagna space had been drained, and these little water dogs needed to discover a new job, they usually started to specialize within the looking of truffles as a substitute.

They excelled at that as effectively. Those who employed the canine as truffle hunters usually bred for outcomes somewhat than breed purity, nevertheless, and mixing this breed with different breeds prompted the variety of purebred Lagotto Romagnolo canine to dwindle.

Within the 1970’s a gaggle of breeders, veterinarians, and followers of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed labored collectively to develop a genetic reconstruction program to forestall the little canine from dwindling out of existence altogether.

By 1988 curiosity had risen sufficiently that the Membership Italiano Lagotto was fashioned and by 1992 the breed was acknowledged by the Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana in 1992.

They’re good and full of life nature piqued the curiosity of canine fanciers in locations like Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and the US, they usually had been acknowledged internationally by the FCI in 1995, and at last, in 2015 the breed was acknowledged as a member of the sporting group by the American Kennel Membership.

Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Upkeep

This breed is a clear breed with little to no shedding or scent, and bathing is often solely wanted on a month-to-month foundation.

This dog seems to be its greatest when its coat is allowed to dry naturally somewhat than blow-drying the fur or brushing it out.

Common clipping of the coat, sometimes three to 4 occasions a yr, will assist to forestall the tangling and matting of the wool-like coat.

Because the coat grows again out, you will need to study it often to take away any mats, grass seeds, or burrs, significantly close to the animal’s joints, in its beard, and behind its ears.

The Lagotto Romagnolo additionally tends to develop copious quantities of extra hair of their ear canal and to forestall dust and wax build-up, this will even should be eliminated regularly.

The Lagotto can be a lively breed, each bodily and mentally, they usually require quite a lot of psychological stimulation and train to be at their greatest.

Fortuitously, they get pleasure from a lot of completely different actions that may assist meet these wants, together with walks, puzzle toys, swimming periods, and even agility coaching programs.

Sadly, in addition, they wish to dig and would require coaching to forestall them from digging up the yard.

Lagotto Romagnolo Appearance

The Lagotto is a sturdy, small to medium-sized canine. They’re squarely constructed and the peak on the withers is the same as their size.

They’re well-muscled and have webbing between their toes to offer them an edge within the water.

The muzzle is broad and barely shorter than the remainder of the cranium. Their ears are triangular and grasp all the way down to the jawline.

There may be a number of color variations within the breed, for instance, the nostril can fluctuate from a light-weight, flesh tone to black or darkish brown whereas the eyes may be amber to darkish brown. Equally, the coat is available in quite a lot of completely different colors together with:

  • Off White
  • Brown Roan
  • Brown (various shades)
  • Orange
  • White with Brown or Orange Markings

Essentially the most distinctive function of the Lagotto is their woolly, mackintosh that gives them safety from chilly water and thorns.

Each the undercoat and overcoat are very thick and curly – though some examples of the breed have flat coats.

The curls are typically extra open and wavy on the ears with the within of the ear lined in hair. The tail hair is extra bristly than that of the physique.

As a pet, the coat is flat and delicate. Curls regularly seem and tackle the traits of a grownup coat by 2 to three years previous.

These small to medium dogs are powerfully constructed with a square profile. If ideally conformed, the size of the Lagotto ought to be almost identical to the peak on the withers.

The muzzle is broad and barely shorter in size than the cranium and sports activities a nostril that may vary in coloration from flesh tone to darkish brown.

The eyes are spherical and enormous, however typically not pronounced they usually can vary from ochre to darkish brown, often even hazel.

Additionally, they possess triangular ears that grasp down nearly to the jaw and a scimitar-shaped tail, which they maintain erect when they’re alert.

Their coat is made up of heat, delicate undercoat lined by brief, curly hair with a wooly texture, each of which simply sheds water.

They arrive in a number of colors, together with brown, brown roan, off-white, orange, white and brown, and white and orange.

These colors could also be seen by themselves or could also be accompanied by a brown mask.

Lagotti is a medium-sized canine with males reaching 43-48cm tall and weighing 13-16kg. Females are barely smaller at 41-46cm tall and weigh 11-14kg.

Lagotto Romagnolo Temperament

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a lively, playful, and clever breed of canine that’s extremely trainable, and they need to be each skilled and socialized as early as doable (with the steerage of your veterinarian in fact).

This breed prefers to stay near their household and may be very devoted to them; nevertheless, they do are typically cautious of strangers and should bark at them.

They are typically fairly affectionate and playful with kids, though they will get a bit too rambunctious for the very small or the shy, significantly when they’re nonetheless younger, and supervision is certainly required.

They’re additionally sometimes good with different pets, significantly if raised with different pets or when successfully socialized at an early age.

Due to their excessive power and train necessities mixed with their tendency to bark, this canine will not be effectively suited to a residence lifestyle and are steadily extra snug in a home with a yard to run in.

lagotto romagnolo


Lagotti is a clever dog who likes to please its homeowners. This makes them significantly amenable to coaching as they revel within the consideration.

As with all canine, coaching and socialization ought to begin as early as doable. Socializing puppies helps them to react within the right option to completely different individuals and animals sooner or later.

A coaching session with a Lagotto ought to be numerous and fascinating with loads of alternatives for them to specific their retrieving intuition.

Lengthy, repetitive periods will usually show an excessive amount of for the eye span of a Lagotto pet.

Diet and Nutrition

All dogs ought to be fed a high-quality and appropriately portion-controlled weight loss plan, and the Lagotto Romagnolo isn’t any exception.

Weight problems are among the largest issues in companion canine worldwide, and it may result in a complete host of different, usually critical, well-being circumstances. Ensuring you don’t overfeed your Lagotto ought to be a precedence.


Some health issues, significant neurological problems, have been reported within the Lagotto.

Most of those have a genetic foundation so breeding from unaffected canine ought to produce wholesome puppies. Reported points embody:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a situation with a genetic foundation, however, may also be affected by environmental components.

It’s attributable to an irregular conformation of the hip joint which may result in the event of arthritis and different degenerative joint circumstances.

Some circumstances are gentle and trigger few signs whereas others may be so extreme {that a} hip alternative is the one choice to alleviate ache.

Benign Juvenile Epilepsy

Because the title would counsel, this illness is characterized by seizures and normally manifests at 5 to 9 weeks previous.

Seizures will not be generalized however trigger physique tremors, uncoordinated motion, and stiffness.

Signs normally resolve by four months of age though some carriers of the illness could have occasional episodes into maturity.

The illness is genetic and attributable to an autosomal recessive gene which means that some canine can carry the gene without being affected.

A genetic take a look at has been developed and two carriers shouldn’t be bred collectively. The most recent knowledge reveals that 3% of Lagotti are affected by the situation whereas 46% are carriers.

Lysosomal Storage Illness (LSD)

It is a progressive neurological dysfunction so affected people will worsen culminating in euthanasia. LSD causes uncoordinated motion and a lack of steadiness in affected people.

Roughly 10% of Lagottos are affected by the illness however a genetic take a look at is now accessible to breeders with the purpose of decreasing the incidence.

Juvenile Cataracts

There have been just a few reported circumstances of juvenile cataracts in Lagotti. Cataracts are white opacities that kind within the eye’s lens.

They’re progressive and may finally result in blindness.

While there are a lot of causes of cataracts, juvenile cataracts are inclined to have a genetic foundation. As such, it’s really helpful that affected people shouldn’t be used for breeding.

Train and Exercise Ranges

Lagotto Romagnolo will not be solely a lively breed, however, they thrive on stimulating exercise. Typically the standard of their train is extra vital than the amount.

A walk with a Lagotto is extra about interacting with them somewhat than simply mindlessly strolling the streets for 45-minutes. They like to play, discover, and spend time outdoors.

It could even be greatest to have quite a lot of locations to stroll to keep away from repeating the identical routine.

While they don’t require a backyard, in the event you’re planning on retaining a Lagotto in a residence, keep in mind that they are going to want common consideration, stimulation, and train because satan makes work for idle paws.

Lagotto Romagnolo Grooming

Totally different homeowners favor completely different grooming regimes for the Lagotto. Some often brush and others favor letting the coat develop naturally.

The coat is liable to matting, so whichever camp you fall right into a Lagotto proprietor ought to all the time spend time fastidiously pulling matts aside.

Should you determine to bathtub your Lagotto, it’s vital to maintain the frequency to month-to-month and by no means blow dry or brush a moist Lagotto as this may uncurl their curly coat.

Lagotto Romagnolo doesn’t shed their coat usually. While this makes them typically low upkeep, their coat ought to be trimmed by knowledgeable groomers no less than yearly.

You will have to trim their fringe as wanted to maintain their eyes away from hair which may obscure their view. It’s additionally vital to examine their ears often.

Hair usually grows throughout the ear canal and predisposes to a build-up of dust and earwax.

These hairs may be gently eliminated often and it’s possible you’ll really feel extra snug leaving this job to the knowledgeable groomer.

Lagotto Romagnolo Care

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a clever working breed, they usually should be saved well-exercised and correctly enriched round the home.

That being mentioned, they aren’t as busy as other working breeds. They could be a little extra laid-back across the dwelling, and this may make them interesting even for these dwelling in a residence.

When outdoors, be ready for them to have an amazing love of water.

Swimming may be an effective way to assist them to burn off some steam, and do not be stunned in the event you discover it exhausting to get them out of a river or pond as soon as they’ve found it.

Their water-repellant double coat and purpose-built physique form are all geared in direction of them spending a lot of time within the water.

As a result of they’ve been developed for his or her truffle-looking expertise, in addition, they have robust scenting talents and infrequently an amazing love of digging.

Chances are you’ll put additional work in to make sure that they don’t begin digging up issues within the backyard that you don’t need them to.

Some Lagotto homeowners present a devoted sandpit and participate in scent trials and nostril work video games to offer them an outlet for this need.

Lagottos are identified for typically being somewhat vocal; they are often eager alert barkers. You will have to spend a while engaged in coaching to make sure that this doesn’t develop into uncontrolled.

They’re a really brilliant breed although and are eager to please their proprietor. They reply effectively to optimistic reinforcement coaching strategies.

With applicable early socialization and ongoing coaching, they are often very adaptable, affectionate, and comfortable canine.

They usually slot ineffectively to a household setting and may reside effectively alongside different pets.

The Lagotto may also be a sensible choice for people who will undergo canine hair allergic reactions.

No canine is really hypoallergenic; it’s usually the dander on the pores and skin that may trigger an issue.

The Lagotto, nevertheless, does not actually shed, so this implies you’ll not have a hair-filled dwelling.

Their coat should be groomed out often, although, to forestall it from changing into matted, tangled, and uncomfortable.

Their ears are hairier than some breeds to assist forestall them from changing into waterlogged.

The hairs, nevertheless, can typically develop into overgrown and trigger a build-up of wax and particles. They could have extra hair eliminated to forestall this downside.

Care must also be taken if you’re trimming their nails. They’re naturally longer and extra curved than some breeds.

That is to assist them with their truffle digging talents. It means the short (the blood vessel contained in the nail) is longer than common, and you do not wish to lower into this by chance.

Not solely will you need to cease the bleeding, however will probably be painful and will trigger your canine to develop an aversion in the direction of nail cutting.

You will have to return to fundamentals by getting them used to the exercise.

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