Dogo Argentino Mixed with Pitbull for Pet Lovers

dogo argentino mixed with pitbull

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull have similarity as well as dissimilarity. In case you practice your Dogo Argentino as a fighter from its pet stage. it could win a battle towards the Pitbull. In this article, I am going to talk about Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull.

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull

However, one factor that the Dogo Argentino benefits are it has stronger chew pressure than the Pitbull that is why the Pitbull would nonetheless battle preventing the Dogo Argentino, sot Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull is interesting.

The Dogo Argentino and the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) are comparable in appearance, a lot in order that the Dogo Argentino is usually mistaken for an APBT, and a white APBT is usually mistaken for a Dogo Argentino.

They’re each sociable pups, however, the APBT is way more outgoing and pleasant with strangers, whereas the Dogo Argentino is extra cautious and naturally extra protective of his property with an excessive prey drive.

There are some distinct variations and similarities to think about when evaluating the Dogo Argentino vs the Pitbull.

There is no such thing as escaping that the Dogo Argentino is an intense dog, way more than the APBT, so don’t take this chap on half-heartedly. Learn to seek out extra about these fantastic dogs!

Though the Dogo Argentino has an analogous face construction to those of a Pit Bull’s, they don’t seem to be a Pit Bull combined breed in any respect.

The Dogo is a Mastiff breed in any other case known as the Argentine Mastiff.

It’s a breed developed by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez within the year 1928. It’s nevertheless true that the Dogo is composed of many different breeds of their creation.

About ten breeds of dog make up the Dogo’s genetics and they’re the Bull Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, Pointer, Dogue De Bordeaux, Nice Dane, Bulldog, Great Pyrenees, Spanish Mastiff, Boxer, and the now extinct Cordoba.

Is a Dogo Argentino a PitBull query has been requested by many dog followers so I simply needed to make it clear to you all right here.

The Dogo is just not a Pit Bull combine as many have misunderstood, they’re much bigger than a Pit Bull, dogo a pitbull combined breed share a novel white coat and differ in character and temperament.

It is rather vital for this breed to be acknowledged as a breed of their very own so they don’t seem to be looked down upon.

Pit bulls carry a pointless dangerous rep among the many public for very silly reasons.

As a Dogo Argentino fanatic, it was crucial for me to put in writing this text and level out to the general public that the Dogo isn’t a Pit Bull and they’re two very completely different breeds.

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull: differences

The Argentine Mastiff stands twenty-four to twenty-seven inches on top and weighs as much as 120 kilos. Females are a bit shorter and weigh lower than males.

Essentially the most distinct characteristic about them is their stunning all-white quick coat.

Some Dogo’s could have black patches on their face or around their eyes. Dogo’s can dwell as much as twelve years and they’re very wholesome for a big breed dog.

They require a train and can do OK in flats if exercised on a regular basis.

Dogo’s are perfect to be a hunter, they’ll maintain down the hunt until the grasp arrives.

The Dogo has a mild temperament towards the household, they particularly love children.

Dogo’s ears and tails could be cropped or docked which is able to assist them within the searching course, the ears are a dog’s weak spot and it may be fairly painful if the prey was to strike it.

The true American Pit Bull Terriers are a bully breed of dogs that shouldn’t weigh greater than 50 kilos, nevertheless, there is variance throughout the Pit Bull household resembling Staffordshire Terriers and American Bullies.

Staffordshire Terriers and American bullies can weigh greater than an actual American Pit Bull Terrier.

Pit bulls usually don’t get taller than twenty 4 inches.

Pit bulls are additionally very wholesome breeds with a lifespan of 13 years and extra. Not like Dogo’s Pit Bulls are available in quite a lot of colors and sizes.

Pit Bull’s lack of searching instincts just like the Argentine Mastiff, Pit Bulls can nevertheless work nicely alongside the side of legislation enforcement and navy.

Just like Dogo, Pit Bull ears are generally cropped at the moment as a consequence of aesthetic causes.

Pit Bull’s ears have been as soon as cropped when dog preventing was large to provide them with an edge within the battle.

I nevertheless dislike ear cropping altogether, I feel a Pit Bull’s ears look cute not cropped.

Dogo Argentino Historical past

Dogo Argentino’s journey started in 1928 in Argentina, the place he was bred by a famed Physician.

Dr. Martinez was additionally a dog-lover and weekend hunter, and he needed to create a strong searching dog to affix him on his weekend pastime.

By breeding the now extinct Cordoba-preventing dog, with a number of different purebred dogs, he engineered the Dogo Argentino.

Dr. Martinez took him on searching journeys to the place he demonstrated his means to take down mountain cats and different giant animals.

Over time, Dr. Martinez found that he had a loving and dependable pooch on his hands and one that would shield his grasp till the tip.

Because of the discovery of his caring facet he has additionally changed into a household companionship dog too.

The Dogo Argentino has been positioned into the ‘Miscellaneous Group’ by the American Kennel Membership, which is the final step in direction of being formally acknowledged as a breed.

American Pitbull Terrier Historical past

The APBT is certainly one of 4 breeds that fall underneath the umbrella time period ‘Pitbull’ kind dog; a Pitbull is just not a breed itself however a descriptive time period for a dog bred from Bulldogs and Terriers.

The three different breeds are American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It is not uncommon for different breeds to be incorrectly labeled as Pitbulls as most individuals don’t totally perceive what Pitbull means, and even the professionals get it incorrect too in instances.

The APBT is a descendant of a dog bred in England for bull-baiting. dog prevention in America grew to become a preferred sport within the 1800s, and when this sport was outlawed in England in 1835 immigrants took him to America the place they continued to battle him.

They bred the most important and finest preventing dog to create an extra highly effective fighter, and this was how the APBT was born.

Due to the APBT’s origin, he now has a foul popularity for being naturally vicious, nevertheless, this isn’t true.

Since dog prevention grew to become unlawful the dog has been bred for his or her sweeter side and is actually used as farm dogs or as household companionship dogs.

They’re additionally fashionable with the designer dog crowd, typically being combined with breeds just like the boxer, or the husky to create the Pitsky.

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull Look

The Dogo Argentino and the APBT are fairly comparable in their look as they’re each fairly stocky and muscular, and as such the Dogo Argentino is usually mistaken for the APBT and vice versa.

There are, nevertheless, a couple of variations that set them aside from each other.

The Dogo Argentino stands taller at 24 – 27 inches, and weighs 88 – 100 kilos, whereas the APBT stands barely shorter at 18 – 21 inches and weighs 35 – 65 kilos. Some would describe the Dogo

Argentino is the bigger brother, having the same muscular body however a lot larger and extra imposing.

The Dogo Argentino is available in one color and that’s white.

He’s allowed to have one darkish spot on his head that covers one eye, nevertheless, if you want to register him as a pure breed then this spot is simply allowed to cowl as much as 10% of his head.

The APBT is born in an unlimited array of colors and virtually all are accepted, besides in merle. Their coat is comparable in that they each have very quick and glossy hair.

Each breed is sometimes topic to ear cropping procedures so as to hold with conventional appears, nevertheless, that is slowly changing into much less frequent.

If the ears aren’t cropped, then they’ve floppy drop-down ears which make them look much less intimidating.

They each have a square. heads with a large pleasant smile! The APBT can also be in contrast ceaselessly to the American Bulldog.

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull Coats and Colours

Some of the marked variations between the dogo Argentino and the pit bull terrier are their coat textures and colors.

Pit bulls could also be any color, strong, parti, or patched. A coat that’s greater than 80 p.c white, black, and tan or liver is just not desirable.

The dogo, however, is sort of at all times fully white, in response to the American Kennel Membership, though a black or darkish patch circling the attention is permitted so long as it covers lower than 10 p.c of the dog’s head.

The pit bull boasts a coat that’s stiff, shiny, and quick. Though the dogo’s coat can also be quick, the feel is easy and uniform, and between half an inch to 1 inch in size.

Dramatic Dimension Variations

Though each the dogo Argentino and the pit bull terrier is muscular and highly effective, the dogo is bigger, standing as much as 27 inches at his withers. Females of the breed could be a minimum of 23 half inches.

The dog can weigh in an extra 80 kilos. Although the AKC states that the load of the pit bull ought to be in proportion to his top, they usually weigh underneath 60 kilos.

Bigger pits could weigh as much as 75 kilos.

The pit bull stands at heights of as much as 19 inches, and the females are solely barely shorter, standing between 17 and 18 inches.

The Ears Have It

The ears of a dogo Argentino are generally cropped and if that’s the case, ought to seem triangular in form.

The size of the dogo’s cropped ear mustn’t exceed 50 p.c of the entrance fringe of the pure ear’s auricle, in response to the AKC.

If his ears usually are not cropped, the dogo’s ears are medium size, thick, and rounded on the tip.

There could also be small spots on his ears which might be lined in easy hair and cling readily that covers the again of his cheeks.

Whereas some pit bulls have cropped ears, the dog’s pure ear is most well-liked. Set excessively on the dog’s cranium, pitbull ears are quick and held half-pricked.

Disposition Discrepancies

Each the dogo Argentino and the pit bull are clever dogs that require loads of training and socialization from a younger age.

Until particularly reared with cats or different dogs, they might view them as prey objects and attempt to chase them, in response to

Giant, impartial dogos require frequent interplay with their house owners in public and at residence for well-rounded socialization.

Dogos want a yard with an excessive fence to keep them protected. In addition, they require a job to maintain their minds busy.

Playful pit bull terriers are pleasant dogs, even when confronting strangers, in contrast to the aloof dogo.

Pit bulls get pleasure from jogging with their house owners and might sustain with bicyclists as effectively.

They might specific themselves with quite a lot of vocalizations when trying to speak with their house owners.


Regardless of the Dogo Argentino and the APBT being very comparable in look, they’re distinctly completely different in temperament.

The Dogo Argentino may be very much a protecting dog, and as such he has sturdy guarding tendencies that can at all times come by regardless of how much you won’t need them too.

He’s cautious of strangers and can shield his property if he thinks there’s something of concern to him or his pack.

He has a really sturdy prey drive and a really loud bark that can warn off probably the most boastful of intruders.

Some would say {that a} Dogo Argentino is just not one of the best breeds for these with younger kids, nevertheless, many mother and father of this breed would disagree and say that they’ve co-existed with their younger kids simply nice.

The Dogo Argentino is especially cussed and as such he wants a dominant grasp, if he doesn’t really feel that you’re dominant sufficient then he will likely be prone to dismiss you fully. Because of this, he’s not for the novice dog proprietor.

The APBT, though needing a pack chief to maintain him in line, is unlikely to aim to imagine the ‘top-dog’ standing of the family. Because of this, the APBT is far simpler to deal with.

The APBT is dissimilar to the Dogo Argentino in that he has little to no guarding tendencies. So, if it’s a guard dog you might be after then the Dogo Argentino is the higher choice.

The APBT may be very sociable with all who might be blissful to play with him, each household and strangers alike, and because of this APBT fanciers say he would make a horrible guard dog.

He does, nevertheless, make a terrific sibling for younger kids and is alleged to be very light and protective of them, which is why they’re often known as ‘nanny’ dogs.

The place they’re comparable is that they’re each affectionate and loving in direction of their household, and you’ll typically end up sitting on the couch with them laying throughout your lap at the finish of the day, or any time of the day you probably have an APBT!


These guys each have horrible popularity and one which may be very a lot undeserved. Because of their origins and their immense trying frames, they’re nonetheless believed to be inherently vicious and untrainable.

The truth in truth is sort of the alternative. Sure, they’re highly effective. Sure, they have got a powerful chew.

And sure, if they’re raised to be harmful then they are going to be precisely that.

However the same goes for any dog breed.

These guys are simply nearly as good because of the proprietor that raises them, nevertheless a lot the media would love you to imagine in any other case.

Breed Particular Laws (BSL) has been employed in numerous nations and numerous states all through America.

There are lots of completely different legal guidelines and guidelines concerning each of these breeds, resembling obligatory muzzle sporting, acquiring particular insurance coverage, obligatory sterilization, and even outright bans on proudly owning both breeds.

In case you are contemplating both of those dogs, it’s crucial that you simply analyze the native legal guidelines and the way this can have an effect on you.

In case you elevate them appropriately, you should have a well-behaved and well-balanced pup.

After all, it is advisable to do your analysis to see if they’ll swimsuit you and your lifestyle, however, an effective way to get perception into how superior they’re as pets of their household setting is to test them out on Social Media.

Pugsley the Pitbull reveals to us all precisely how loving and affectionate these guys actually are.


The Dogo Argentino and the APBT are comparable to what their train wants in that they’re medium vitality dogs and so they each want around 60 minutes of train a day.

They do differ, nevertheless, in that the Dogo Argentino is extra prone to change into bored and uninterested than the APBT, so to maintain him entertained you need to change up actions.

He wants extra psychological stimulation than the APBT for positive.

The APBT is barely extra energetic out of the 2 breeds, and as such he wants extra intense train, and likes to play-fight along with his masters, or play frisbee, ball, or participate in doggy agility programs.

However, he’s blissful doing the identical factor on a regular basis so long as he will get to work together along with his grasp!

Each breed can change into extremely damaging in the event that they change into bored or are left on their own for lengthy durations of time.

It goes without saying that they might trigger a major quantity of injury in a brief house of time in the event that they have been changed into stressed.

Each of these breeds wants companionship, so if it’s a must to depart them at residence rather a lot it’s best to take into account a much less intense breed.

dogo argentino mixed with pitbull

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull Training

The Dogo Argentino and the APBT require comparable approaches to coaching, however, the Dogo Argentino would require a way more disciplined strategy.

As acknowledged earlier, the Dogo Argentino is strong-willed and it’ll take a good strong-willed grasp to stop him from changing into unruly or obnoxious.

In case you don’t assume you might be as much as this problem then don’t take him on, for you’ll most positively lose and danger upsetting the family dynamic.

With that being stated, they’re each clever dog that loves nothing greater than to please their grasp.

Constant optimistic reinforcement coaching is the best way to go together with these guys, and the rule is to by no means react in a detrimental approach to the dog, it doesn’t matter what behavior he displays.

In case you react to a dog negatively, they too will react negatively. Be optimistic, deal with him will small treats and loads of verbal rewards if he shows good behaviors or has learned instructions.

If he’s displaying undesirable behaviors, a stern no or just ignoring him will train him that this behavior is incorrect.

Obedience coaching with an expert coach can be significantly helpful for Dogo Argentino to instill self-discipline into his routine.

Each breed must be socialized from a really early age.

It’s advised by some websites that neither of those breeds is significantly welcoming to different dogs and mixing that with the Dogo Argentino’s excessive prey drive, these guys would actually profit from being taken to pet college.

Socialization is vital to make sure that they’re snug with all people and different animals in quite a lot of conditions, and it’ll train them to recognize that normally neither man nor dog is a menace.

You’ll additionally need to be sure to choose the suitable crate dimension in your pup, which is vital in crate coaching.

A crate that’s too large can imply that your dog potties are contained in the crate, and one too small and also you’ll have a pup that feels cramped.

Health and Vitamin

Typically the Dogo Argentino and the APBT are wholesome dogs without too many main issues.

The Dogo Argentino is estimated to dwell between the ages of 9 – 15, whereas the APBT lives barely longer at 12 – 16. Each breed is recognized to undergo pores and skin allergy symptoms.

The APBT’s major health issues that he’s examined for are Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Hip Dysplasia.

Bodily impairment and mobility are affected by Cerebellar Abiotrophy, as that is the place the part of the mind that controls coordination and steadiness is broken, much less generally it could additionally trigger cognitive impairment.

Hip Dysplasia is an irregular formation of the hip joint, which may result in crippling arthritis.

It’s estimated that around 10% of Dogo Argentinos are born deaf.

The rationale the share is so excessive is as a result of they are pure white in color; pigment-related deafness can happen in different breeds too, such as the English Bull Terrier.

All respected breeders are required to conduct a BAER take a look at, which is an electro-diagnostic take look that examines the parts of his ears to determine if he’s deaf.

Hypothyroidism, which is the place the gland that controls metabolism and vitality ranges is ineffective, can even have an effect on this breed however he’s not required to be examined for it.

The APBT will devour 2 ½ cups of meals a day, whereas the Dogo Argentino will devour barely extra at three cups a day.

As they’re each liable to pores and skin allergy symptoms, the Veterinarian may recommend a specialized kibble, however, in any case, high-quality meals are at all times finest to maintain your loved one pet in one of the best situations.


The Dogo Argentino and the APBT each have quick hair, and as such, they solely require a brush as soon as per week.

That is extra to take away any useless hair and to maintain them trying shiny.

Different grooming practices resembling manicures ought to be accomplished each two to a few weeks, and ear and dental cleansing ought to be accomplished each week, which is identical to your common pup.

Each of those guys is comparable to their bathing necessities in that they solely require a shower every two or three months.

They do are likely to get soiled while out exercising (or searching within the Dogo Argentino’s case) and so it’s best to bathe them as required however attempt not to do that too typically as this could injury their pure pores and skin oils.

You will get doggy wipes and dry shampoo to maintain them clear and smelling recent without the necessity for bathing.

It is not uncommon for these guys to have delicate pores and skin and develop pores and skin allergy symptoms.

In the event that they do have pores and skin allergy symptoms then it’s possible you’ll have to deal with or bathe their pores and skin with medicated ointments as instructed by the Veterinarian, and if that’s the case, bathing could also be required extra typically.


The Dogo Argentino is costlier at around $2,000 from a good breeder, whereas the APBT prices, on common $800 to $1,500.

In order for you to get a Dogo Argentino from an award-winning searching bloodline, then it’s best to count on to pay anyplace as much as $4,000.

Concerning the APBT, the extra fascinating the traits the extra you possibly can count on to pay, for instance, one of the crucial fashionable APBT colors are blue, so count on him to be costlier than the opposite colors.

You might additionally take into account rescuing both a Dogo Argentino or an APBT from a shelter.

There are a lot fewer Dogo Argentinos in kennels than there are APBTs, however, there are a whole bunch of 1000’s of APBTs determined for a house.

They’re virtually at all times euthanized instantly or are given a brief interval to be adopted earlier than they’re put down, just because they’re considered harmful.

The research discovered that 93% of Pitbulls in shelters have been euthanized.

With adoption charges costing between, on common $50 – $350, you can be saving some huge cash, in addition, to be saving a life!

Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull

Dogo Argentino
Pitbull Terrier
24 – 27 inches (M)
24 – 26 inches (F)
18 – 21 inches (M)
17 – 20 inches (F)
88 – 100 pounds (M)
77-88 pounds (F)
35 – 65 pounds (M)
30 – 50 pounds (F)
Friendly, Loyal, Reserved
Affectionate, Energetic, Loyal
Regular Activity
High Energy
Above Average
9-15 years
12-16 years

Take away

These guys are each equally stunning, they’re formidable but variety creatures who’re loyal till the tip!

They might shield their grasp and his household if the second-ever arose. They’re each playful and energetic and can provide you with quite a lot of laughter and enjoyment.

Coming from a Pitbull kind dog dad or mum, regardless of web sites suggesting they aren’t nice with dogs, it actually does rely on the pup.

My boy is so chilled that he was utilized in Rescue Kennels to profile the newbies to see in the event that they may very well be rehomed with different dogs!

He’s tremendously relaxed around all animals (besides flies, they actually do drive him nuts!) and so it actually relies on their upbringing.

In case you are a novice dog proprietor then it’s not advised to take a Dogo Argentino on as your first pup, the APBT can be significantly better suited to you.

In any other case, these are each nice selections for anybody who has the sources and time to dedicate to them.

Whoever you determine to select, in case you can courageous the appearances and the critics, then you definitely are onto a winner.

A Dogo Argentino and PitBull differ in lots of ranges. Their vitality ranges are completely different as effectively, Pit Bulls have better endurance than a Dogo for his or her small dimension.

Pit Bull’s nevertheless doesn’t come near Dogo in dimension, energy, and within the means to be a hunter.

I hope this article on Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull was worthy to you. Let me know your thought on Dogo Argentino mixed with Pitbull.

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