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If ever a dog might assist you to attain Nirvana, it will be the Japanese Chin Chin. For hundreds of years, this breed was the favored companion of Buddhist monks — now we have to imagine they absorbed some data about following the Eightfold Path in spite of everything that point on the monastery!

Japanese Chin Chin breeds aren’t really from Japan, although. They have been bred to be lapdogs for Chinese language aristocrats.

However, the Japanese Chin Chin gave this breed its title — “chin” is Japanese for “royalty.” They are a very dignified breed with two main exceptions.

These quick snouts imply they make a particular “sizzle” sound, which sounds one thing like a backward sneeze.

And there is nothing dignified in regards to the “Chin spin,” when this playful pup stands on again legs and twirls.

Initially from China, this small-sized and medium-energy breed can develop between 7-11 kilos and lives a median of 10-12 years. The breed is acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership and labeled as a member of the Toy group.

The Japanese Chin Chin also called a Japanese Spaniel, is a pleasure of a toy breed. They’re as blissful to sit down in your lap for just a few hours as they’re to step outdoors for a day of adventures.

The breed has been charming individuals from way back to 700 AD and has been long the favored companions of Japanese Aristocracy.

Japanese Chin Chin has an aristocratic bearing, however, their house owners say in addition they have a foolish, mischievous aspect for Japanese chin adoption.

The breed’s silky coat attracts admiration, as do their candy, flat faces. Regardless of their perpetually shocked expression, Chin really takes issues in stride.

They’re stated to be cat-like canines who clear themselves fastidiously and like perching on the again of furnishings.

Although normally quiet, Chin is alert and can bark at guests and weird noises. They like the corporate of their household most of all, however, they’re going to tolerate the corporate of strangers and heat up in time.

Japanese Chin Chin Origin

The traditional Japanese Chin dog breed is believed to have originated in China, most likely arriving in Japan as a present to the Emperor from the Chinese language royal courtroom.

As companion canines, they have been bred small in order to slot in the kimono sleeves of the royal and noble girls.

Some canines got as items to royal ambassadors, and Portuguese sailors could have launched some Japanese Chin to Europe within the 17th century, but it surely was the mid-to late-19th century earlier than they began appearing in any quantity, shortly turning into extremely wanted.

The Japanese Chin is a dainty toy canine, with adults weighing in at 1.8-3.2kg and standing 20-27cm on top for Japanese chin adoption.

Elegant and aristocratic-looking, he has a considerable, lengthy, straight coat that’s gentle and silky. The coat is available in black and white, or pink and white.

Breed historical past has moved whereas this part is beneath development. Please take a look at the primary tab for enjoyable information about this breed’s historical past. It’s also possible to learn to find out about this breed’s ultimate household scenario.

Japanese Chin Chin Character

Bred to be a companion for hundreds of years, the Japanese Chin Chin is a contented, mild, affectionate little canine that thrives in the human firm and hates to be left alone for too lengthy.

He loves kids however due to his measurement, he’s finest suited to a house with older kids the place there isn’t a hazard of him being injured unintentionally.

Normal Temperament

A companion canine to the core, Japanese Chin are devoted and affectionate firm with their members of the family.

They’re additionally typically amiable with individuals and animals they do not know.

Chin likes to cuddle, however in addition they get pleasure from exuberant video games of catch in the lounge or the yard. Their feline qualities make them clear and quiet roommates.

Japanese Chin Chin Family Life

Our Japanese Chin Good with Children? The playful and loving Japanese Chin makes an important companion for older kids. Children should exhibit that they know the deal with the canine gently; Chin cannot be tossed around like they’re stuffed animals.

(Note: Each canine has a novel persona and distinct life experiences that have an effect on his disposition. As a rule, adults ought to all the time supervise playdates between youngsters and their four-legged buddies.)

Our Japanese Chin Chin Good with Different Pets? Japanese Chin can dwell peacefully with different pets once they have been raised with them. Nevertheless, this breed most likely prefers being solely pet and the focus.


Chin is not often called a protecting breed.

Our Japanese Chin Good Guard Canines? Chin are watchful canines and can bark to let when friends arrive. Past an alert, nevertheless, they will not be capable to present a lot of safety.
Vitality Ranges

Japanese Chin is energetic canines however they do not are usually hyperactive.

japanese chin chin

Particular Issues

The Japanese Chin is sufficiently small to get underfoot, so all the time looks like the place you step or sit.
They’re brachycephalic (have flat faces).
Their flat faces could make it tough to breathe.
They’re liable to heat-related diseases as a result of their flat faces make it tough to chill down through panting.
They might change into shy without enough socialization as puppies.
They’re liable to separation nervousness when left alone too long.
Their lengthy coat requires additional consideration to forestall tangling.
Hold coaching periods full of life so they do not change into bored.
They are not a superb match for households with babies who could unintentionally damage them throughout the play.

Japanese Chin Chin Health

The flat face of the Japanese Chin means he could also be extra liable to respiratory issues. Over-exertion and over-heating are due to this fact to be prevented.

Like many small breeds, they will endure from kneecaps which will briefly slip misplaced (luxating patellas).


The Japanese Chin does not want very a lot every day train, given his measurement – about half an hour a day will suffice.

Don’t train him in very heat temperatures, as he could develop respiratory difficulties, on account of his flattened nostril/face. As an alternative stroll him within the cool early morning or night.

Japanese Chin Chin Diet

Toy canines have a quick metabolism, which means they burn power at an excessive charge, though their small stomachs imply that they need to eat little and infrequently.

Small-breed meals are particularly designed with acceptable ranges of key vitamins and smaller kibble sizes to go well with smaller mouths. This additionally encourages chewing and improves digestion.

Japanese Chin Chin Grooming

The Japanese Chin’s lengthy coat wants brushing two or thrice per week, to maintain it tangle-free. Be sure that the corners of the eyes are stored clear, wiping them with some damp cotton wool if mandatory.

Apparently, ‘Chin’ means ‘cat-like’ and these canines usually clear their faces with their paws, as a feline would.

Greatest Dog Breeds for Kids

Whereas many canines are historically considered to be good with kids, all canines and youngsters should be taught to get on with and respect one another and be secure collectively.

Even so, canines and younger kids ought to by no means be left alone collectively and adults ought to supervise all interactions between them.


Chin is good and desperate to please and can study the fundamentals shortly. All the time practice them with constructive reinforcement, canine treats, and reward, as a result of their delicate to harsh remedies and can change into cussed in response. In addition, they change into bored simply, so change up the coaching often.

Superior Coaching

With the steadiness of a cat, Chin does very effectively in agility coaching.

Sporting Canine Coaching

Japanese Chin is not constructed for the hunt.



The American Kennel Membership does not record Japanese Chins amongst its breeds advisable for allergy victims.

You’ll be able to scale back your furry buddy’s influence on your allergy symptoms with frequent baths and brushings to scale back unfastened hairs and allergy-aggravating proteins in your pet’s dander. Use a humid fabric to wipe off your canine after enjoying the outdoors.

Smaller canines have much less floor space, so that they produce comparatively much less dander than bigger breeds — undoubtedly one thing to bear in mind with a canine as small as a Japanese Chin! Keep in mind that no breed is 100% hypoallergenic, and any breed can irritate allergy symptoms.


No matter what else you do collectively, a Japanese Chin’s finest day begins and ends by sitting with you. These are loyal, loving canines.


Japanese Chins could be the proper alternative for apartment-dwellers — except that residence is in, say, Texas or Alaska.

These canines have a low warmth tolerance, and so they’re not loopy in regards to the chilly both. They’ve modest train wants, are comparatively quiet, and match effectively in small areas.

This dog shall be by your aspect or in your lap as a lot as you will let her. If what you need in a canine is a fantastic and travel-sized fixed companion, the Japanese Chin is an excellent alternative.

Have you ever determined {that a} Japanese Chin is the proper canine for you? Why not be your new finest buddy’s hero and undertake a rescue! BBE is certain to take a look at our article on what to anticipate whenever you’re adopting a canine or cat.

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