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japanese chin shih tzu

Kikko the Japanese chin Shih Tzu, a Shih Tzu and Chin breeds at 5 years old—”This was the perfect dog I’ve ever owned! Shih Tzu’s are identified for getting alongside nicely with cats however sadly identified for being “stocky” in bone construction and subsequently grow to be much less athletic as they age.

Japanese Chin Shih Tzu

With the combination of Japanese Chin, their bone construction is lighter and extra athletic. They joyfully run and leap however have that way-cute look from the Shih Tzu breed.

In addition, they have a pleasant decrease toned bark (whereas not barking an excessive amount of) they may bark and discuss to you (if you understand what I imply)! Upkeep sensible, I at all times maintain the pinnacle in a pet minimize. It is easy and so cute!”

The Jatzu is a designer canine, also referred to as a boutique canine, an intentional crossbreed between two vigorous and pleasant canines which were prized as companion animals in Asia for a number of centuries; the Japanese Chin and the Shih-Tzu breeds.

The hybrid of those two canines is a diminutive and infrequently pleasant little canine that’s usually well mannered and straightforward to coach.

Though these canines are usually peaceable with everybody, they will shortly grow to be overwhelmed when uncovered to kids or different animals which are significantly younger or energetic.

Jatzu canines don’t require quite a lot of train they usually make entertaining and affectionate companions in both giant or small areas however they have an inclination to have larger grooming necessities than many different canines.

Jatzu Breed Historical past

The Jatzu is a hybrid canine, a cross between two very small canines which were favored as companions by the royal and noble households of the Asian continent for a number of centuries, the Japanese Chin and the Shih-Tzu.

The Shih-Tzu is a really outdated breed and we can’t make certain of which breeds have been the ancestors of this little vigorous little companion, although most specialists imagine that they’re the results of crossing Tibetan Lhasa Apso breed canines with a small Chinese language breed such because the Pekingese.

These pleasant and outgoing little canines have been continuously seen in courtroom way back to the Tang dynasty, from 618 to 907 AD, but it surely was in the course of the Ming dynasty, which lasted from 1368 to 1644, that they gained recognition with the frequent folks as nicely.

The origins of the Japanese Chin breed have additionally been obscured by the passage of time. Even the which means behind the title Japanese Chin is debatable; with some specialists believing that Chin in Japanese Chin signifies that they have been initially developed in China, whereas others preserve that Chin means cat-like, in reference to its small dimension and its climbing means.

Each breed has been distributed worldwide in the course of the mid-1800s and early 1900s after they got as presents to visiting royal households, dignitaries, and sure expeditionary forces.

The Japanese Chin was acknowledged because the Japanese Spaniel is 1888, with an official title changed to the Japanese Chin in 1977, whereas the Shih-Tzu wasn’t acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership till 1969.


The Jatzu will not be a purebred canine. It’s a cross between the Japanese Chin and the Shih Tzu.

One of the best ways to find out the temperament of a combined breed is to search for all breeds within the cross and know you may get any mixture of any of the characteristics present in both breeds.

Not all of those designer hybrid canines being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is vitally frequent for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

japanese chin shih tzu

Jatzu Breed Look

This hybrid is a small, moveable canine with an opulent, silky coat of hair that might be both lengthy or medium in size.

Jatzus are available in many alternative colors, though combos of apricot, black, brown, cream and golden appear to be pretty frequent.

The physique of the Jatzu canine is usually pretty sq. in proportion, though a number of the hybrids will inherit the longer again of the Shih-Tzu canine, and their abundantly feathered tails are carried excessive in a curve over the animals again.

The pinnacle is usually broad, with both a flat cranium just like the Chin or a rounded cranium just like the Shih-Tzu, with a brief, sq. muzzle.

People who favor the Shih-Tzu in look will usually have a wider muzzle than people who extra carefully replicate their Japanese Chin heritage.

They sport darkish, spherical eyes that are expressive and wide-set, in addition to closely furred ears which are positioned low on the cranium and cling right down to the perimeters.

Jatzu Breed Upkeep

Relying on the coat qualities that the Jatzu inherits, they might have pretty in-depth grooming necessities or they might require solely a modest day-by-day time dedication. Each mum or dad breeds ought to obtain baths each three to 4 weeks, as ought to the Jatzu.

The Japanese Chin has a single-layer, medium-length coat with a silky texture and the Shih-Tzu has a double-layer coat comprised of a brief, comfortable undercoat and a layer of lengthy, straight, silky hair that’s vulnerable to tangling.

The Jatzu with a coat that resembles the shorter Japanese Chin coat is usually the least difficult to groom, but it surely nonetheless requires brushing and brushing a number of instances to take away any tangles or mats.

The longer, double-layer coat of the Shih-Tzu is much more vulnerable to tangling than the coat of the Japanese Chin and both require clipping the coat quick or a time-consuming day-by-day grooming routine.

Each of the Japanese Chin and the Shih-Tzu breeds are likely to shed lower than different canines and have been categorized as hypoallergenic and Jatzu canines share this classification.

Jatzu Temperament

This canine is a mixture of two canines that have been particularly bred to be well-mannered and pleasing companions and they’re usually very sweet-natured canines that like to cuddle and play.

This crossbreed is usually fairly clever and responsive, making them an especially trainable canine typically.

Each mum or dad breeds sometimes present an unbiased or cussed streak, and quick, cheerful coaching classes will produce the perfect outcomes.

Dog of the Shih-Tzu breed might be notoriously troublesome to housetrain they usually could move problems right down to the Jatzu as nicely.

Though Jatzu canines are often peaceable with most individuals and different animals, very younger or overly enthusiastic kids could overwhelm them they usually have a low tolerance for mischief.

Any interactions with kids need to be carefully monitored, for each kid’s security and the canines. Socialization is especially necessary for toy-sized canines just like the Jatzu as they will grow to be anxious and even timid if that is uncared for.

Dog the scale of the Jatzu hybrid ought to by no means be left alone exterior as they might fall prey to misadventure or predatory wildlife if left unattended, even within the relative security of a fenced-in yard.

Jatzu Exercise Necessities Though this little canine tends to be vigorous and energetic, it’s usually in a position to expend that power with a comparatively small effort in your half.

Whereas this crossbreed will definitely take pleasure in quick walks across the neighborhood, they do finest if they’re given quick breaks about every twenty minutes or so.

It’s significantly necessary to keep in mind that in case your hybrid has only a single layer of hair it could be extra prone to chilly temperatures and in the event, you stay in colder local weather, sweaters and jackets designed in your dog companion are prone to be a superb funding, and their quick, extensive muzzle could make them extra prone to overheating so train shouldn’t be too strenuous in hotter climate.

Puzzles and toys designed for canines and video games of hide-a-treat will help maintain the Jatzu’s sharp and energetic thoughts occupied they usually often make nice roommates even in smaller areas.

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