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australian silky terrier

The Australian Silky Terrier is a small breed of dog that was developed in Australia. They’re generally known as one of the crucial loving of the canine breeds.

Australian Silky Terrier Key Characteristics

AKC Group: Toy
Height: 9–10 inches
Other Names Used: Australian Silky Terrier, Silky
Affiliation: AKC, KC, NZKC, ANKC, CKC: Toy, UKC: Terrier

Height: 9-10 Inches (23-26 cm)
Weight: 8-10 Pounds
Coat Type: Single Coat, Soft, and Silky
Colors: Blue and Tan
Country of Origin: Australia
Activity Level: Active
Life Expectancy: 12-15 Years
Good with Children: Yes, Especially older children
Good with other pets: Yes, May chase pocket type Pets: Maybe aggressive towards larger dog

Australian Silky Terrier overview

Australian Silky Terriers are lovely, clever, and really loyal. They’re eager to watch dogs, rodent hunters and so they make glorious household pets!

The Silky terrier is barely longer than tall, with an athletic construct that belies its designation as a toy canine. The truth is, the Silky must be constructed as if it is able to go attempting to find small vermin.

It’s a toy in terms of measurement, nonetheless, weighing solely eight to 10 kilos and standing solely 9 to 10 inches tall.

The ears are small and erect, coming to factors, and the eyes are small and almond formed. The cranium is flat with a shallow cease. The tail is docked and carried excessively.

The coat is without doubt one of the breed’s most distinctive options. It’s straight, silky, and glossy. Slightly than flowing to the ground just like the Yorkshire terrier’s coat, it conforms to the physique form. The color is blue and tan.

Despite the fact that they’re members of the AKC toy group, they aren’t your common lap canine despite the fact that they make glorious companions and nice household canines.

Their loyalty to their house owners coupled with their small measurement and low-shedding coat makes them a great selection for these in residences or city settings.

They’re alert and able to bark at any change to their setting. This makes them a superb watchdog.

At all times prepared for a stroll or a romp within the yard, these canines make supreme selections for lively singles, {couples}, or households with older youngsters.

The breed is known as the Silky Terrier in North America however is known as the Australian Silky Terrier in its nation of origin and the remainder of the world.

They do effectively in all kinds of canine sports activities together with obedience, agility, rally, herding, flyball, monitoring, and earth dog trials.

Historical past

The silky terrier has some robust ancestors, descending from small vermin-catching terriers of Europe and later, Australia.

The breed was created in Australia within the late 1800s by crossing the Yorkshire terrier with the Australian terrier in an try and create a canine that mixed the extra-strong body of the Australian Terrier with the coat shade and high quality of the Yorkshire terrier.

In only some generations, the brand new canines had been breeding true and so they had been dubbed silky terriers.

Arguments ensued about what the correct weight and title must be, however, in 1926, a compromise was made for weight.

The title took some time longer to settle, going from Sydney silky terrier to Australian silky terrier earlier than being modified to easily silky terrier when the breed got here to America.

Since recognition by the American Kennel Membership in 1955, the breed has slowly gained a loyal following.

Australian Silky Terrier Character

That is no sissy lap canine. The silky terrier is a troublesome character that’s all the time up for a problem and journey. Oblivious to its measurement, this canine would like to go vermin looking if solely given the prospect. Happily, the silky can meet its looking wants by enjoying video games and looking at toys around the home and yard.

These are playful canines, but in addition, loving. Silky terriers may be nice playmates for thoughtful youngsters.

They’re pretty pleasant towards strangers, however, may be aggressive to different canines and pets.

Silkies are nice watchdogs (though they might be accused of barking an excessive amount of them), however, they’re too small to be efficient as safety canines.

Obedience coaching is feasible, nevertheless, it has to be made right into an enjoyable occasion or the silky simply won’t play.

Many imagine that the Silky Terrier is the result of one of the best between the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier however nonetheless distinct.

He’s prone to be the focus, pleasant to strangers, and hoping to win you over with all his charms.

He’s sensible and sassy and has a method of coaching his house owners to do all the pieces he would love. For that reason, a robust however light method is required to offset his relatively demanding nature.

These canines will not be for many who hate barking as a result of the Silky may be very vocal on occasions.

Don’t fall for the seems to me—he’s nonetheless a terrier, via and thru, able to dig and chase and play.

Nonetheless small at 10 kilos, these canines may be extremely transportable and can be good for somebody who intends to journey with their canine. Most will match comfortably below an airline seat or in an automobile seat for a street journey.

australian silky terrier

Since they’re a bit larger than the Yorkshire Terrier, they make a more sensible choice for families with lively youngsters. No canine, nonetheless, must be subjected to tough, unsupervised play by youngsters.

Coaching is one thing that ought to start instantly. They must be socialized around all kinds of individuals and to her animals and since they’re sensible, ought to do effectively with an agency however light method.

Like most of the small breed canines, burglary is usually a drawback and make take longer than it will to potty practice a big breed canine.

Organizing a schedule and sticking to it are important. Consistency is all the time the important thing to profitable burglary.

Their lengthy coat is silky tender, however, does require a deal of labor to maintain mats from forming.

The perfect proprietor may even take pleasure in brushing and all the opposite duties associate with proudly owning an extended-haired breed.

Australian Silky Terrier Temperament

The breed commonplace describes the best Australian Silky Terrier temperament as keenly alert and lively.

They like to be given probabilities to run and play, however will need to have a tightly fenced yard. Additionally, they take pleasure in brisk walks and enjoying the ball.

The Silky is ready to do effectively in a condominium, though they’re a lively indoor breed. It’s important they’re saved busy and social to discourage boredom.

In the latest survey reported (on Canine 101) of 91 small breed canines (16 inches and below 22 lbs) the Silky Terrier was ranked within the prime 20 in studying the quickest. This breed is one of the best of each world’s temperament clever.

They love to take a seat in your lap and do “toy canine” issues however have a simple going extra laid again Terrier character prepared for almost any exercise.

Residing With

The silky terrier is an effective selection for an individual who needs a journey on a small scale.

These canines are extraordinarily lively however, due to their measurement, their train necessities may be met in a small area.

They’re looking terriers at coronary heart, so care has to be taken that they don’t wander away in quest of sport.

The silky proprietor will need to have a very good humorousness to understand the mischief these rascals are apt to get into.

The coat wants a good quantity of care and must be brushed and combed each different day. Common washing helps the coat look its greatest and prevents filth construct-up that results in tangling.

Australian Silky Terrier Grooming

Requirements differ from nation to nation. Within the U.S. Tail docking continues to be a part of the AKC commonplace. In different components of the world, the tail just isn’t docked as is proven within the image to the left.

A Silky’s coat is lengthy however not flowing to the bottom. It’s silky tender and consists of a single layer that must be brushed and combed a number of occasions every week.

A small quantity of spray-on conditioner previous to brushing will assist loosen any mats that type and make the method a lot simpler.

A pin brush or tender slicker brush works effectively for Silky’s hair. A bristle brush may even work effectively.

A metallic comb is required to complete and guarantee that each one of the mats has been eliminated.

They want a shower about every three weeks or extra regularly if they have an inclination to get soiled. Use a very good high-quality shampoo adopted by a conditioning rinse.

Silkys are groomed much like Yorkshire Terriers, and you are able to do it yourself at residence or take your canine to a groomer.

Even if you happen to plan to maintain your canine’s hair long, there are components of his physique that may want trimming.

A sanitary clip cleans up all of the personal components and assures he’ll keep an extra first-rate.

Hair continues to develop across the toes, so it is very important to trim the hair between the paw pads and across the toes.

They’re much less likely to usher in mud and filth on their toes if the hair has been clipped quickly.

The front and back of the ear ideas are trimmed to about 2/three down from the highest. The insides of the ears may be clipped all the way down to the pinnacle.

Apart from that, many of the grooming duties are typical of different breeds. Examine their ears and eyes for particles and clear if vital.

Clip their nails about each 2 to three weeks and brush their tooth every day if potential no less than a number of occasions every week.


  • Loyal, playful companions
  • Proper measurement for condominium dwelling and journey
  • Comparatively wholesome breed
  • Nice for many who take pleasure in walks
  • Will get alongside effectively with youngsters


  • Requires extra grooming than short-haired canines
  • Could be a vocal breed
  • Wants affected person, constant however light coaching strategies
  • Terrier traits imply they’ll have an excessive prey drive
  • Likes to dig
  • Burglary may be difficult

Australian Silky Terrier Health

The Silky Terrier is a wholesome breed, with a lifespan estimated at 12 to 15 years. Similar to individuals, all small canines have the potential to develop genetic issues, a few of which may be decreased via genetic testing of the mum or dad canines.

Lots of the issues related to Silky Terriers are additionally widespread in different breeds so don’t let this record scare you away from this breed.

Patellar Luxation This situation happens when the groove of the femur is just too shallow, the patella or kneecap will slip out when the leg is bent

Tracheal Collapse

This normally happens in older canines as a result of the c-rings that make up the trachea will not be inflexible sufficient to carry the trachea in place, so the trachea collapses when the canine inhales.

Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease

A situation through which the pinnacle of the femur (giant leg bone) begins to die on account of an interruption of the blood provide. This leads to ache and lameness

Corneal ulceration

This can be a drawback in any breed the place the eyes are usually distinguished. Ulcers can develop into an infection.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

An inherited illness of the retina may have an effect on each eye. It begins with night-time blindness and step by step progresses to full blindness because the retina deteriorates.

Color Dilution Alopecia

Dog with this situation is born with a wholesome hair coat however might begin to present indicators by six months to three years of age.

Often beginning as bacterial pores and skin infection on the again after which progressing to hair loss. It’s typically seen in canines bred for the fawn shade.

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