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bedlington terrier

Bedlington Terrier is one of the most distinguishing options are its pear-shaped, tufted head, curly coat, arched again, lithe stature, and sleek, springy gait.

Bedlington Terrier at a glance


Weight Range:
Male: 17-23 lbs.
Female: 17-23 lbs.

Height at Withers:

Male: 16 in.
Female: 15 in.


Dolichocephalic (long face), floppy ears (naturally)

Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Average
Longevity Range: 12-14 yrs
The tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low
The tendency to Bark: High
The tendency to Dig: High Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
Bred For:


Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Average
Longevity Range: 12-14 yrs
The tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low
The tendency to Bark: High
The tendency to Dig: High Social/Attention Needs: Moderate

Killing rat, badger, other vermin
Length: Medium
Characteristics: Hard coat, soft, curly
Colors: Blue with or without a tan, sandy with or without a tan, liver with or without tan
Overall Grooming Needs: High
Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Terrier
UKC Classification: Terrier
Prevalence: Rare

Dog suitable for owners with some experience
Some training required
Enjoys active walks
Enjoys walking an hour a day
Small dog
Minimum drool
Requires grooming every other day
Hypoallergenic breed
Quiet dog
Guard dog. Barks and alerts
May require training to live with other pets
May require training to live with kids

Bedlington Terrier Description

The pinnacle is slender, deep, and rounded, the jaw longer than the cranium. The slender muzzle has a particular Roman arch.

This small/medium-sized long-legged terrier is definitely recognized.

He has a slender cranium and a lamb-like coat, which is available in blue, liver, or sandy, with or without a tan. Grownup men and women measure between 38-43cm and weigh between 8-10kg.

The triangular ears, which dangle flat in opposition to the cheeks, have whimsical, “cotton-puff” suggestions.

The lengthy, tapering neck stands excessive atop a muscular and versatile body.

The chest is deep, the tail set low and tapering, and the entrance legs straight with hare-like toes.

Females measure 15 half inches on the withers, and males measure 16 half (males) inches on the withers, and the canine weighs 17 to 23 kilos (eight to 10 kilograms).

The pliant, curly coat is a singular combination of onerous and tender hair that conceals the bone construction on the muzzle and entrance legs, the place it thickens.

The coat colors are blue, sandy, liver, tan, blue and tan, and sandy, and tan. Right now, the blue shade is trendy and extra prevalent than the others.

Bedlington terrier Historical past

The Bedlington terrier emerged within the parish of Bedlington in Northumberland, England within the early 19th century.

Initially often called the Rothbury Terrier, after the namesake district on the English coast, the breed was prized by gypsy nail makers as a hunter of foxes, hares, badgers, and rats.

In about 1825, a Rothbury canine was mated to a Bedlington bitch to supply the Bedlington terrier.

The otterhound and the Dandie Dinmont terrier are additionally thought to have contributed their genes to the breed.

Bedlington terrier

As a vermin hunter, the plucky Bedlington terrier was a fearless combatant. The canine was additionally utilized by the hunters as retrievers.

Over time, the terriers have been welcomed into houses of the elite, who valued them as well-behaved, first-class companions.

The current-day Bedlington, which was inducted by the American Kennel Membership in 1967, is bigger in stature than its earlier counterparts.

Bodily Traits

Though this terrier resembles a lamb, it has the qualities of a wolf and might combat and chase powerful opponents.

The lithe and sleek terrier has a well-marked, strong define. The arched haunch gives it agility and pace, and a springy, mild gait.

The Bedlington’s protecting coat, in the meantime, which is both blue, sandy, liver, and/or tan in shade, is a mixture of sentimental and onerous hair that stands away from the pores and skin.

Character and Temperament

The Bedlington Terrier has confirmed itself loyal and a very good companion. It is likely one of the softer terriers in temperament, really feel, and look.

A relaxed home canine, it is not going to begin combat however just isn’t one to be terrified of different canine and might grow to be an aggressive fighter when compelled.

Moreover, the Bedlington Terrier might chase small animals in the open air, however, it can dwell in concord with different family pets.

The Bedlington is blithe, playful, and customarily loyal to its house owners, pleasant to strangers, and loving to youngsters.

Brave, energetic, and headstrong, the canine is a fierce fighter that not often backs down from a problem.

Regardless of its pleasant look, the Bedlington could be unwelcoming towards cats and different family pets, except tailored to them at an early age. Bedlingtons prefer to bark, dig and chase.

Bedlington terrier Care

The Bedlington Terrier’s coat must be combed each week and trimmed as soon as a month to form it.

Usually, the hair that sheds clings to the coat, as an alternative to falling off. Because the Bedlington likes to chase, it ought to be given day by day exercises in a protected space.

A vigorous romp or a pleasant lengthy stroll may also meet the canine’s train necessities. Nonetheless, this breed just isn’t fitted to doors dwelling.

Bedlington terrier Health

The Bedlington Terrier, which has a median lifespan of 12 to 14 years, is liable to main health illnesses like copper toxicosis and minor ones reminiscent of renal cortical hypoplasia, retinal dysplasia, and distichiasis.

On occasions, it could endure from patellar luxation. DNA checks for copper toxicosis and liver biopsy are advised, as are eye checks.

Residing With

Lively canine, Bedlington terriers are swift runners that want ample train. Without adequate recreation alternatives, the Bedlington is liable to boredom and mischievous conduct.

They are appropriate indoor canine, even for house dwellers, so long as sufficient train is supplied.

The Bedlington sheds little to no hair and requires specialized clipping every six weeks. The novice proprietor can learn to clip the coat at the house.

Thought of a “hypoallergenic” breed, the Bedlington is taken into account an appropriate pet for the everyday allergy sufferer.

Bedlington terrier Train

The Bedlington Terrier wants not less than an hour’s day by day train. They excel in video games that contain operating, leaping, and retrieval – together with agility.

They should be saved mentally stimulated to keep away from behavioral issues growing.

Bedlington terrier Nutrition

The small canine has a quick metabolism, which means they burn power at an excessive fee, though their small stomachs imply that they need to eat little and sometimes.

Small-breed meals are particularly designed with applicable ranges of key vitamins and smaller kibble sizes to go well with smaller mouths. This additionally encourages chewing and improves digestion.


Grooming could be considerably demanding with the Bedlington Terrier. The coat ought to be brushed for about 5 minutes a day and a comb ought to be run by means of it not less than as soon as per week.

About every two months, the canine will want a trim. This may be executed by the knowledgeable groomers, as it’s an uncommon reduction.

The opposite possibility is to study the trim your self from a breeder. Present grooming calls for that there be no multiple inches of coat anyplace on the physique, so this could be much more time-consuming.

Finest Dog Breeds for Kids

Whereas many canine are historically considered being good with youngsters, all canine and kids must be taught to get on with and respect one another and be protected collectively.

so, canine and younger youngsters ought to by no means be left alone collectively and adults ought to supervise all interactions between them.

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