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Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is similar to the Greyhound, however a lot smaller. As soon as one of the crucial well-liked canines throughout the Victoria period, the Italian Greyhound is extra slender in proportion and really elegant and swish.

Italian Greyhound  Historical past and Background

Though the Italian Greyhound has existed for a number of centuries, the paperwork of its origins has been misplaced, thus providing no data of its supply or its improvement.

There’s, nevertheless, historical artwork from Greece, Turkey, and different Mediterranean nations depicting dogs resembling the Italian Greyhound, which is greater than two centuries previous.

Through the Center Ages, miniature Greyhounds had been seen throughout southern Europe however Italian courtiers had been particularly keen on them.

It was within the 1600s that the primary of this breed appeared in England and has become highly regarded amongst members of the Aristocracy simply as in Italy.

The Italian Greyhound was one of many solely two toy breeds named in a canine book in 1820.

When it comes to recognition, the Italian Greyhound was most trendy throughout the rule of Queen Victoria. Nevertheless, the numbers of this canine lowered to a fantastic extent and the breed had nearly vanished in England within the post-World Warfare II period.

This was maybe due to the breed’s loss in high quality in an try to breed canine of a tiny dimension, without specializing in their health.

Fortunately, Italian Greyhounds of top of the range had been launched to the USA within the late 19th century.

These and different imported dogs had been instrumental in reviving the breed all through Europe, thus accounting for its gradual rise in recognition.

Italian Greyhound  Bodily Traits

The outstandingly swish and stylish Italian Greyhound is a slender and miniature model of a typical Greyhound.

It shares the qualities of the massive Greyhound, which enable it to run very quickly with a double-suspension gallop. It has a rounded define, with good rear angulation, and is barely arched over the haunch.

The canine strikes with a free and high-stepping gait. The quick and shiny coat, which could be present in quite a lot of colors, seems like satin.

Italian Greyhound  Persona and Temperament

The Italian Greyhound is keen on chasing and operating round. It’s a very calm and delicate canine that’s reserved and generally timid with unknown folks.

Typically, it’s in comparison with a smaller model of the sighthound, because it shares a lot of its traits.

The Italian Greyhound is sweet with youngsters, pets, and different dogs and is extraordinarily devoted to its household. Nevertheless, bigger dog and really tough youngsters can simply injure it.

Italian Greyhound  Care

Despite the fact that the Italian Greyhound hates the chilly and isn’t suited to doors residing, it likes day by day romps outdoor.

Its train wants are completely met with a pleasant on-leash stroll or a fun-filled indoor recreation. It likes a dash and stretching out in an enclosed space.

It is vitally essential to brush this canine’s enamel repeatedly.

Minimal coat care is required for the superb, quick coat, comprising primarily of occasional brushing to do away with useless hair.

Italian Greyhound  Health

The Italian Greyhound, which has a median lifespan of 12 to 15 years, is vulnerable to minor health circumstances reminiscent of patellar luxation, leg and tail fractures, epilepsy, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), or main ones like periodontal illness.

This breed is delicate to barbiturate anesthesia and inclined to portacaval shunt, Legg-Perthes, coloration dilution alopecia, cataract, and hypothyroidism now and again. Common knee and eye exams are suggested for this breed of canine.

Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhound colors

Italian greyhound colors Colors:

Black, Fawn, Chocolate, Tan, Sable, Red Fawn, Slate Grey, Blue, Grey, Blue Fawn, Yellow, Red

Italian greyhound temperament


Italian greyhound puppies

The Italian Sighthound puppies are Italian breeds of small sighthound. It may also be called the Italian Greyhound.

  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
  • Mass: 3.6 – 5 kg (Adult)
  • Speed: 40 km/h (Maximum, Adult)
  • Colors: Black, Fawn, Chocolate, Tan, Sable, Red Fawn, Slate Grey, Blue, Grey, Blue Fawn, Yellow, Red
  • Temperament: Mischievous, Affectionate, Intelligent, Agile, Companionable, Athletic

Italian greyhound adoption

Italian greyhound for sale
Italian greyhound breeders

Detailed information on Italian greyhound for sale are available here:

Italian greyhound rescue

Italian greyhound puppies for sale

Italian greyhound price

Prices: Italian Greyhounds aren’t low-cost. Shopping for a pet from a good breeder will price you at least $500.

Then there are vaccines, licenses, coronary heartworm testing and preventative drugs, and—in fact—neutering or spaying. You have simply added about $400 to the acquisition’s worth.

Italian greyhound size

13 to 15 inches

Italian Greyhounds stand 13 to 15 inches on the shoulder. Weight ranges from 6 to 10 pounds, with some as massive as 14 or 15 pounds.

Italian greyhound vs whippet

Firstly, the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are very totally different in their dimension and stature.

The Italian Greyhound measures 13 to 15 inches in peak, from paw to shoulder, whereas the Whippet measures 18 to 22 inches in height

Italian greyhound chihuahua mix

The sweet-natured Italian Greyhuahua is a mix of the spunky Chihuahua and the meek little Italian Greyhound.

He is a superb household canine who is extremely loyal to his human pack, pleasant with different pets, and timid around strangers.

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