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The Chinese Crested dog is a hairless breed of canine. Like most hairless canine breeds, the Chinese Crested dog is available in two varieties, with and without fur, that is born in the identical litter: the Powderpuff and the Hairless.

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Chinese Crested dog facts

With its sleek, fairy story look, a hairless Chinese Crested dog cannot be mistaken for another breed.

Regardless that he weighs solely 10 to 13 kilos, he has a little bit of a pony look, with furred toes, head, and tail, and a principally hairless physique.

Much like many toy breeds, the Crested dog is vigorous, charming, and moveable, an entertaining and loving companion for mild households.

A hairless Chinese Crested dog can endure the chilly, however, he does not typically need to put up with it.

He is a famed lap canine, happiest when curled up along with his household. As for heat, he appears to offer as a lot as he will get, radiating warmth from his uncovered pores and skin.

When he does exit, his naked pores and skin want safety from the solar, which implies canine garments and human solar block.

When chilly days arrive, you’ll want to modify to a winter wardrobe: For this breed, sweaters are a necessity, not an affectation.

Chinese Cresteds are available in two varieties, the hairless and the Powderpuff.

The Powderpuff is a comparatively low-shedding canine and may generally be tolerated by individuals with gentle allergic reactions. He does want frequent brushing to maintain his coat from tangling.

Whereas it is easy and tempting to spoil and shield a small canine, resist the impulse together with your Chinese Crested dog.

An excessive amount of indulgence and he’ll turn out to be a tyrant; an excessive amount of guard and his slight tendency towards shyness can blossom into an actual drawback.


The coated selection is named “Powderpuff”, and is an acknowledged kind

This breed is taken into account small; 10–13 lb (4.5–5.9 kg).

At first look, the Hairless and Powderpuff types of Chinese Crested dog is seem like two completely different breeds, however, hairlessness is an incomplete dominant trait inside a single breed.

The Hairless has mushy, humanlike pores and skin, in addition to tufts of fur on its paws (“socks”) and tail (“plume”) and lengthy, flowing hair on its head (“crest”).

Along with being an incomplete dominant gene, the “hairless” gene has a prenatal deadly impact when homozygous. Zygotes affected with double hairless genes (1 in 4) by no means turn into puppies, and are reabsorbed within the womb.

All Hairless Chinese Crested dogs are subsequently heterozygous.

The Hairless selection can differ in the quantity of physique hair. The fur on the muzzle often called a beard, shouldn’t be unusual.

A real Hairless typically doesn’t have a lot of furnishings (hair on the pinnacle, tail, and paws).

The distinction between a really furry Hairless and a Powderpuff is that the Hairless has a single coat with hairless components on the physique, whereas the Powderpuff has a thick double coat.

The pores and skin of the Hairless are available in quite a lot of colors, starting from pale flesh to black.

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs typically lack a full set of premolar enamel, however, this isn’t thought of a fault.

A Powderpuff has an extended, mushy coat. Each Hairless and Powderpuff variety can seem in the identical litter.

The look of the Powderpuff varies in response to how it’s groomed. When its fur is totally grown out on its face, it strongly resembles a terrier; nevertheless, the Powderpuff is normally shaved across the snout as an ordinary lower.

The Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog is a sublime and sleek canine who makes a loving companion, playful, and entertaining.

The Powderpuff’s coat is lengthy and silky mushy. Ears are massive and erect.

The quantity of physique hair on the Hairless selection varies fairly extensively, from the true hairless which has little or no or no body hair and furnishings, to what’s known as a “furry Hairless” canine, which, if left ungroomed, typically grows a near-full coat of hair.

These furry Hairless dogs should not a combination of Powderpuff and Hairless Chinese Crested dogs, however, they are merely results of a weaker expression of the variable Hairless gene. The mutation liable for the hairless trait was recognized in 2008.


Each variety requires sure quantities of grooming. The Powderpuff is completely coated with a double, very mushy, straight coat.

Though a Powderpuff’s coat doesn’t constantly develop, it might probably develop to be fairly lengthy at full size.

A weekly tub and frequent brushing will assist forestall matting. For an optimum coat, by no means brush when dry or soiled. A light-weight spray of water or grooming spray to their coat is really useful earlier than brushing.

Many select to shave their Powderpuff in a “Pony Reduce” leaving lengthy hair on the underside of legs, tail, head, and crest for a straightforward care coat. Powderpuff is very clear and doesn’t have any odor. This breed has “little to no shedding”.

Upkeep of the Hairless selection’s pores and skin is just like sustaining human pores and skin and as such, it may be vulnerable to zits, dryness, and sunburn.

Hypoallergenic or oil-free moisturizing cream can maintain the pores and skin from turning too dry when utilized each different day or after bathing.

Burning can happen in areas that might be topic to robust UV radiation, particularly in lighter-skinned dogs.

Many house owners apply child sunscreen to their pets earlier than spending time in robust solar.

Some Chinese Crested dogs have pores and skin allergic reactions to lanolin, so be cautious when utilizing any merchandise that comprises it.

Until the canine is “true” Hairless (one with nearly no hair development on non-extremities), trimming and/or shaving is commonly carried out to take away extra hair development.

The Chinese Crested dog is additionally distinguished by its hare foot (having extra elongated toes), versus the cat foot frequent to most different canine.

Due to this, the quicks of a Crested dog run deeper into its nails, so care has to be taken to not trim the nails too brief to keep away from ache and bleeding.

Powderpuff takes pleasure in getting outdoor for the day-by-day train, though they don’t seem to be an excessive vitality breed.

They’re nice for house or metropolis dwelling, however being very versatile, additionally love nation dwelling and lengthy hikes.

Being a really clever breed, this canine does effectively in obedience kind sports activities.

Consistency is a should, nevertheless this breed might be comparatively delicate and will have a mild coach. The Powderpuff is nice at studying and performing methods.


The Powderpuff shouldn’t be affected by most of the congenital ailments present in different toy breeds.

They’re, nevertheless, liable to a few of these situations listed. Eye issues equivalent to lens luxation, glaucoma, and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), luxating patellas, and Legg-Perthes illness.

The Powderpuff ought to have full dentition, not lacking or crooked enamel, as is accepted of their sibling the Hairless selection.

Chinese Crested dogs have what is named a “primitive mouth”. This means most of their enamel is pointy, like their canines. Hairless types of Cresteds might be liable to poor dentition.

Poor dentition could embody lacking or crowded enamel and enamel liable to decay when not correctly cared for. Most dogs of the Powderpuff selection have few, if any, dental defects.

Eyes are a priority inside the breed, with many[citation needed] affected by a painful and blinding inherited eye illness known as Main Lens Luxation (PLL).

The Chinese Crested dog may have at the very least two types of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which may finally result in blindness as effectively.

For PLL and likewise one of many types of PRA, there exists a genetic take a look at, to find out if a canine is a “provider, clear, or affected.” prcd-PRA.

Because the take a look at for prcd-PRA can solely reveal the existence of affected or provider standing of this one type of PRA, breeders, and homeowners of the breed ought to nonetheless have common eye exams by veterinary ophthalmologists.

The breed additionally suffers from one other eye illness known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye syndrome (DES).[8]

Together with Kerry Blue Terriers, Chinese Crested dogs can develop canine a number of system degeneration (CMSD) additionally known as progressive neuronal abiotrophy (PNA) in Kerry Blue Terriers.

This can be a progressive motion dysfunction that begins with cerebellar ataxia between 10 and 14 weeks of age.

After 6 months of age, the affected canine develop issues initiating actions and fall often. The gene accountability has been mapped to canine chromosome 1.

As with all different toy breeds, the Chinese Crested dog might be liable to patellar luxation.

This inheritable situation is brought on by shallow knee joints (stifles) and ends in kneecaps that pop misplaced.

Its onset is commonly at a younger age and may trigger momentary to everlasting lameness based mostly on the severity. Breeders ought to have their inventory licensed freed from patellar luxation.

Many international locations’ kennel golf equipment keeps a centralized registry for health outcomes.

Allergy and autoimmune ailments have been noticed within the breed.

The severity of those illnesses, which may result in the untimely loss of life of the dog, means that is one thing breeders must take severely as a way to keep away from it turning into an issue for the breed.

Healthy dogs have the next statistics:

Lifespan: 12–14 years, though many have been recognized to dwell for much longer
Weight: 7–12 lbs/4–5 kg
Peak: 10–13 inches/30 cm
Colour: Any coloration or mixture of colors

chinese crested dog


Though hairless canine has been discovered in lots of locations on the earth, it’s unlikely that the origins of the trendy Chinese Crested dog are in China.

The breed was believed by some to have originated in Africa and was known as the African Hairless Terrier in a number of 19th-century texts; nevertheless, there’s genetic proof that reveals a shared origin with the Xoloitzcuintli.

The presentation identifies the breed possible comes from their use on Chinese ships as ratters.

They’re additionally believed to have been bred as a companion for individuals dwelling with a mental incapacity and as such can stay wholesome with a little train.

Within the 1950s, Debora Wooden created the “Crest Haven” kennel and commenced to purposefully breed and file the lineages of her Chinese Crested dogs.

The well-known burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee additionally bred Chinese Crested dogs, and upon her loss of life her canine have been integrated into Crest Haven.

These two strains are the true basis of each Chinese Crested dog alive in the present day.

Ms. Wooden additionally based the American Hairless Canine Membership in 1959, which was finally integrated into the American Chinese Crested Membership (ACCC) in 1978.

The ACCC turned the US dad or mum membership for the breed when the Chinese  Crested dog was acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership 13 years later, in 1991.

The Chinese Crested dog was formally recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1987, by The Kennel Membership (UK) in 1981, by the American Kennel Membership in 1991, and by the Australian Nationwide Kennel Council in 1995.


The Hairless allele (the wild kind) is a dominant (and homozygous prenatal deadly) trait, whereas the Powderpuff allele acts as an easy recessive trait in its presence.

Zygotes that obtain two copies of the Hairless allele won’t ever turn into puppies. Thus, all Chinese Crested dogs carry at the very least one copy of the Powderpuff allele.

The Powderpuff trait can’t be bred out as a result of it’s carried by all Chinese Crested dogs (even the hairless ones).

All Hairless Chinese Crested dogs have the power to supply Powderpuff puppies, even when they’re bred to a different Hairless.

Then again, a Powderpuff bred to a different Powderpuff can by no means produce hairless puppies, since they don’t carry the Hairless gene.

Cresteds have a tendency to love kids, however, they’re far too small for rough-and-tumble play.

They aren’t your best option for households with toddlers until you are ready to supply loads of supervision.

And sadly, that is among the many most troublesome of all breeds to efficiently housetrain, so think about that fastidiously when deciding if it’s the breed for you.

Whereas not as yappy as some toy canine breeds, the Chinese Crested dog can nonetheless make noise.

He wants mild and constant coaching from puppyhood to stop unhealthy habits from taking maintenance.

A well-bred, well-socialized Chinese Crested dog is a clever canine with a cheerful and considerably clownish nature.

He isn’t a fan of being left alone, and definitely cannot be left within the yard or storage. This can be a canine that should dwell indoors as a member of the household.

Different Quick Information

The hairless number of the Chinese Crested dog has hair on his head — known as a crest — from which he takes his identity.

He additionally has hair on his tail, giving it a plumed look, and on his toes, from the toes to the hock (the canine equal of the ankle). The hair on the toes makes it look as if he’s sporting socks.

The Chinese Crested dog might be any coloration or mixture of colors.

The hairless Crested dog wants safety from temperature extremes. In case you’re chilly and want a sweater or coat, your Crested dog does too. On sunny days, he wants a coating of sunscreen so he doesn’t get sunburned.

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