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Shih Tzu Maltese

Some Shih Tzu Maltese puppies bark does not seem to be as noisy as other smaller varieties, including parental varieties. Shih Tzu Maltese puppies alert with bark so that they can monitor well. Maltese Shih Tzus are less shader, but they need to be brushed daily to keep their clothes mat. … Maltese Shih Tzus is intelligent and easy to train.

Shih Tzu puppies facts

Originally bred to be completely nonshared (which is a misnomer because it is not physically possible), the Shih Tzu puppies managed to some degree, since he is a low-shed fellow. However, the Maltese Shih Tzu is much more than that.

Shih Tzu puppies are intelligent and happy, making him an air of training – and a joy. She does well as a therapy dog, and her amazing social nature makes her a great family pet. She is good with kids of all ages and with other dogs and pets.

This outgoing is violent and gregarious and he loves people of any age. Maltese can be high vein and agile, but if you cross the Shih Tzu puppies, you can get a friendly and outgoing dog who is good with people. Like any dog, this cross needs to be a puppy and socialize as an adult.

It needs to be treated more like a dog than a baby or snack food; This is why most dogs become slightly oppressive in size. It is not so much their nature that they are allowed to be bred – but if you treat your Shih Tzu puppies like a real dog, he will act like a real dog. Walk him, don’t take him everywhere, and he’ll get the good mood he meant.

The Shih Tzu puppies may look like one of the paternal but Shih Tzu’s small nose and throbbing he is vulnerable to a Maltese tear staining, but the scars – while there – are not easily seen on this cross-breed, probably because the dogs are not pure white.

She is a loving companion who loves to be with her family. He is not recommended for a home where he lives alone for long periods of time, as he may suffer from separation anxiety, just like most fellow breeds.

Shih Tzu puppies may be active but they can adapt to a more peaceful life. He needs some practice every day through a walk in the yard or a good play session. He likes to stay outdoors, and although he lives in an acceptable apartment, he does a much better job of omping in a small courtyard.

Flash-facing Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu puppies may have respiratory problems for convenience, so he is best suited for homes with air conditioning because heat can exacerbate any problem. On hot and humid days he should not feel excessive.

Shih Tzu puppies have proved that he is an adaptable, happy, and loving partner. He is a great choice for a veteran, first-time owner, or any dog ​​fan who wants a spirited sail to fill the days with smiles and smiles.

Shih Tzu and Maltese


The Shih Tzu puppies is a “designer breed,” a cross between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. Designer dogs are not a real breed – they are crossbreeds of two specific breeds If you are curious about a Shih Tzu puppies puppy, you should understand that its appearance, size, and nature are not as predictable as the purebred breed, since you do not know which trait of each breed is a given dog Will appear in the

Shih Tzu puppies are applicable and will be active and busy at home or outgoing, or stored in a quiet and quiet home. They need daily practice and do well in the yard with a good walk or ramp.
The Shih Tzu puppies suffer from respiratory problems. Heat and humidity can aggravate these conditions, so an air-conditioned house is best.

Some bark, however, does not seem to be as noisy as other smaller varieties, including parental varieties. They will alert the bark so that they can monitor well.

Maltese Shih Tzus are less shader, but they need to be brushed daily to keep their clothes mat. The coat can be cut every six to eight weeks.

Loving and gentle, the Maltese Shih Tzus can create a great companion for both children and the elderly and for first-time or adventurous owners.

The Shih Tzu puppies usually do well to other dogs and pets.

Maltese Shih Tzus is intelligent and easy to train.

Because of their size, the Shih Tzu puppies can make great apartment dwellers, but they are delighted with the courtyard outside their home.

Never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store to get a healthy dog. Look for a reputable breeder who tests his breeding puppy to make sure they are genetically diseased so that they can enter the puppy and have a good temperament.


Although there is no breed standard for the Maltese Shih Tzu, he is about 10 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 12 pounds to anywhere.

Shih Tzu puppies is an adapted, intelligent dog. He is unlikely to be active and enthusiastic, if not free-spirited, but occasionally you find a rocky and quiet personality.

For the Shih Tzu puppies, the most important thing in life is family: nothing is more important than being with you. If he has, then everything else is worth discussing. When used with good breeding stock, it has a nice, rounded mood.

He can be curious, which can sometimes get him into trouble. But he is usually happy and always ready for a good play session.

Temperament is influenced by a variety of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with nice moods are curious and playful, willing to approach people and hold them. Choose a puppy in the middle of the street, not beating his littermates or hiding in a corner.

Always visit at least one parent – usually the mother is the one who is available. They are also helpful in assessing what a puppy will look like when it comes to meeting siblings or other relatives to make sure they feel comfortable.

The Shih Tzu puppies require early initiation and training. Like any dog, he can become scared if he is not properly socialized at a young age. Early socialization helps ensure that your puppy grows into a large round puppy.

Enrolling your young Maltese Shih Tzu in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. Regularly inviting visitors, taking your dog to busy parks and stores that allow the dog, and even walking around with his neighbors at leisure will help him polish his social skills.

Shih Tzu Maltese


The concept of hybrid energy is understandable if you are looking for a Maltese Shih Tzu. Hybrid life force is not featured in mixed varieties; This happens when new blood is brought in from outside the new reproductive cycle – it’s the opposite of infection.

However, there is a common misconception that hybrid vitality automatically applies to mixed breeds. If the genetic pool of mixed breeds remains the same over time, they will not have the hybrid strength of the lineage. And if a purebred breeder brings a dog from a different line, these puppies will be hybrid, but the hybrid will remain strong.

Maltese Shih Tzus are generally healthy, but like all varieties, they are prone to some health conditions. Not all Shih Tzu puppies will get this or any disease, but if you consider this breed, it’s important to be aware of them.

If you are buying a puppy, get a good breeder that will give you health discounts for both your puppy’s parents. Health clearances prove that a dog has been tested for a certain condition and cleared.

Before you bring your Shih Tzu puppies home, find out if they came from a first-generation or multi-breed breed (though breed breeds are rare for this mix).

If he is a first-generation dog, research the concerns that both Shih Tzu puppies have. Regardless of the generation, both parents should have an applicable health exemption. Some disorders are caused by degenerative genes that may not appear for generations.

In Shih Tzu puppies, you should expect health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for diseases of hip dysplasia (with a fair or better score), elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand’s disease; From Auburn University for thrombopathy; And verified eyes from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) that are normal. You can confirm health clearances by checking the OFA Web site (OFRC).

Patellar Laxation: Also known as slip stifles, it is a common problem in small dogs. Patella kneels down. Luxury means the dissociation of an anatomical part (as a bone in a joint).

The patellar luxury is when the knee joint (often on one leg) slips and goes out, causing pain. It can be paralyzing, though many dogs live a relatively normal life with this condition.

White Shaker Syndrome: It affects young to middle-aged dogs. The disease is seen in both Shihuzu and Maltese and can be seen in any cross produced by both varieties.

Symptoms are uncontrollable tremors and inability to walk. An episode can last all day. Treatment Usually corticosteroids last from three to six months, after which most dogs do not require additional treatment (although some may require lower doses every other day to control this condition).

How much does a Shih Tzu puppies cost?

The average price for a Shihzu and Maltese puppy is between $ 500 – $ 700. Adults will be slightly cheaper. It is a shame that many buyers do not know what they are entering into before buying a particular breed.

Is Maltese Shih Tzu a good dog

These toys are bred of dogs, very small in size but stable, equipped with a short sleeve, short round head, and a soft medium length but a thick coat. A popular companion animal, the breed is among the most popular cross breeds in Australia. The breed was made in the 1990s by breeding a Maltese cross Shih, Tzu Maltese.

Maltese Shih Tzu mix


Maltese Shih Tzu is an adopted dog who can change his habits to reflect the house he is in. He can be active and outgoing in a high-energy home, but he can stay in a quiet and quiet home.

Regardless of personality, the Maltese Shih Tzu needs the same amount of care. It should be an everyday practice, but it can be as simple as playing fun in the surrounding areas or in a hallway or courtyard. Expect 10 to 15 minutes of practice daily.

He can do well in apartments, but ideally a home with a small courtyard. The Maltese Shih Tujas love the outdoors and will spend significant amounts of time playing and roping outside.

An air-conditioned home has been suggested, as some Maltese Shih Tzus may suffer from respiratory problems that can be worsened by heat and humidity; Hot and humid when it doesn’t allow him to stay outdoors or play too hard.

Training for the Maltese Shih Tzus is just as important for all dogs, and he can train with little difficulty as he is bright and eager to learn. She makes a great dog for first-time owners. Socialization is important, especially since Maltese Shih Tzu is a social dog and likes to take visitors or meet himself.

When he sees something or someone suspicious he can shout and alert the bark; However he is not as noisy as some other small dogs, and this includes his parents’ offspring. (It’s a hybrid’s delight))

Crate training benefits every dog ​​and is a great way to make sure your Maltese Shih Tzu home will not crash or get into such things. Crete is also a place where he can chase for bushes. Crate training at a young age will help your dog accept imprisonment whenever he needs to climb or hospitalize.

However, never stick your Maltese Shih Tzu in a crate all day. This is not a prison, and he should not spend more than a few hours at a time without sleeping at night. He is a folk dog, and his life does not mean being stuck in a crate or a canal.


Daily Quantity Recommended: 1/4 to 1/2 cup high-quality dry foods a day, split into two meals.

The adult dog you receive depends on its quantity, age, average, metabolism, and activity level. Dogs are individuals, just like humans and not all need the same amount of food.

It goes without saying that for a highly active dog, a couch will require more than a potato dog. The quality of the dog food you buy also makes a difference – the better the dog food, the more it goes towards nourishing your dog, and the less you will need to shake it in your puppy bowl.

Keep your Shih Tzu Maltese in good shape by measuring its food and feeding twice a day rather than keeping it out all the time. If he is sure he is overweight, give him an eye test and a hands-on test.

Look at him first. You should be able to see a waistline. Then place your hands on his back, fingers spread downwards, and place on the thumbs next to the spine. You are able to feel but not see his rib without pushing hard. If you can’t, it requires less food and more exercise.

For more information on feeding your Maltese Shih Tzu, see our guide to buying the right food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog.

Coat color and grooming

The Maltese Shih Tzu coat should be long and the texture should be soft and silky. It should have some waves, but it should never curl. The Maltese Shih Tzus are usually white or white with tan marks on the body and ears, but they can play in a combination of other colors such as black, brown, black and white, brown and white, and black and brown.

Fine Maltese Shih Tzu coat needs care and brushes need to be brushed daily to keep the tangles and mats. Regular baths keep the coat soft and silky. Grooming can be clipped to make it a bit easier, but even then it should be brushed at a minimum and clipped every six to nine weeks.

The Maltese Shih Tzus may have some issues with the tearsten under their eyes like their Maltese parents; These may need to be treated with commercial tearsten removers. Keeping the area around the eye clean will help reduce scarring.

Brush your Maltese Shih tzu teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the bacteria inside it. If you want to prevent mold and accidents, it is better to brush daily.

If your dog does not wear them naturally to prevent painful tears and other problems, prune his nails once or twice a month. If you hear them clicking on the floor, they are too long.

The dog’s toe has veins in it and if you cut too far, you can cause bleeding – and your dog may not cooperate the next time you see the nail clippers come out. So, if you are not experienced in trimming puppy nails, ask a veterinarian or grimer for pointers.

Her ears should be checked weekly for red or bad odors, which may indicate an infection. When you test your dog’s ear, clean it with a damp ball with a gentle, pH-balanced ear cleaner to help prevent infection. Do not insert anything on the ear canal; just clean the outer ear.

When he’s a puppy, start getting used to brushing and testing your Maltese Shih Tzu. Handle his paws frequently – dogs are comfortable about their paws – and look inside his mouth. Create a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and as you get older you lay the foundation for simple veterinary tests and other management.

You may test for signs of infection such as redness, tenderness, or inflammation on the nose, mouth, and eyes, and legs, as a groom, blow, swelling, or skin. The eyes should be clear, with no redness or discharge. Your careful weekly exam will help you quickly identify potential health problems.

Shih Tzu or Maltese, which is better?

The difference between Shih Tzu and Maltese mood is that Maltese is timider than Portuguese Shih Tzu. The difference in mood between the two varieties is that Shih Tzu is more admirable than the Maltese. Maltese dogs tend to bark more than Shih Tzus.

Do Shih Tzu Maltese like a relationship?

Shih Tzu Maltese was valuable to their companionship (and they are!) And these adorable, plush canines have been deeply loyal, affectionate, and always bitter, which is why they are widely loved in the class line today. Shih Tzu is family-friendly and adaptable and captivating their visual locks.

How much practice does a Maltese Shih Tzu puppy require?

They can happily live in a small place like an apartment. However, this does not mean that there should be no practice. They do not require rigorous or physical exercise plans (e.g. a pet dog that requires agility training). However, you should expect a quick walk for 15 to 30 minutes daily.

How long do Maltese Shih Tzu puppies survive?

Maltese dogs have a life expectancy of 14-16 years. Some live longer. The average life expectancy of a Maltese can reach fifteen years. Maltese Shih Tzu is a “designer breed”, a cross between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu.

How often do I need to bathe my Maltese puppy?

You will want to spend time with your Maltese bath care. Whether your puppy or adult Maltese, bathing should be done once every 3 weeks. The body of a dog constantly produces body oils. These are needed to keep the skin and coat moisturized and provide a natural layer of protection.

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