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Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair is a breed of terrier that’s recognized for his or her blue-toned coats. The Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair is working dogs, bred to hunt rodents and herd sheep. Kerry Blue terriers are loving, loyal, and intelligent dogs.

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair profile

They are protecting and make great family dogs. Because they’re hypoallergenic, they’re appropriate for people with allergic reactions to dogs.

The Kerry Blue Terrier short hair was developed in Southwestern Ireland in the late 1700 or early 1800s. It is also called Irish Blue Terrier, the Kerry, or just the Blue. They had been initially bred for searching rats, mice, herding livestock, and defend people and their property.

Kerry Blue Terrier is a muscular, medium-sized dog with a head that’s long. They have long beards, eyebrows that give them distinct seems.

Kerry Blue Terrier short hair is a lively dog who likes to play. It is sensible, alert, and protecting of its family making them a great watchdog. It is kind of suspicious of strangers and bark to warn their homeowners of somebody’s method. They do great with youngsters of any age.

Kerry Blue Terrier’s short hair isn’t an aggressive dog except handled harshly or provoked. They need each bodily and psychological train, so they need to be concerned in numerous activities often.

The Kerry Blue Terrier short hair is an extremely intelligent dog breed that may be laborious to coach. They are taught issues on their very own and are observant of different’s behavior. They need to be educated with gentleness and patience. All the fundamental duties need to be taught at an early age and superior coaching needs to be performed as soon as fundamental coaching is accomplished.

The Kerry Blue Terrier’s coaching needs to begin as quickly as it’s introduced house. When they’re a pet, they need to please their owner very a lot and hovers around them on a regular basis. Basic coaching needs to begin as quickly as they attain the age of 6-Eight weeks. They are capable of soak issues up at this age and coaching may be straightforward.

At the age of 13-18 months, they’re grown-up sufficient to be taught superior coaching. Basic obedience coaching needs to be taught at an early age in order that they don’t turn into a cussed adult.

Kerry Blue Terrier learns finest in an open space like the sector, dog park, and yard. They are inclined to be taught rapidly in an open space the place they’ll observe the encompassing.

Training them in a closed and remoted place isn’t actually a good suggestion as they need to be free-running right here and there, and taking part in. However, hold them on a leash as they could see some small animals and following their searching intuition by chasing them.

Depending on its age and exercise level, your Kerry Blue Terrier short hair will need to be fed between 160g and 220g of excellent high-quality dry dog meals a day, divided into two meals.

To forestall weight achieve, selecting meals that provide an excellent nutrient steadiness and proscribing the supply of treats is advisable.

To discover out more in regards to the completely different dog meals out there, and that will help you select one of the best ones on your Kerry Blue, converse with our Pet Care Advisors in-store at present.

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair


They have a high energy level! These dogs are able to train each time you’re! Their energetic temperaments make them great operating and mountaineering companions, and they’ll respect a big yard to run round in.

They have an exquisite coat. Soft, wavy, and hypoallergenic, these dogs are prized for his or her coats. If correctly bred, puppies can be born black after which grey as they age to the well-known blue coat color. Shedding isn’t a priority, although they do require regular grooming to maintain their coat neat.

They make great watchdogs. Having been used as police dogs in Ireland, Kerries are a really loyal dog that goals to guard their households. They are strong-willed and courageous due to their looking instincts, so this makes them a sensible choice as watchdogs.


They could be very rowdy when younger. This is a high-energy breed, particularly early in their lifespan. They need to be exercised every day with a purpose to preserve their temperaments in verify.

Not pleasant to different animals. Because they have been bred as looking dogs, it isn’t protected to maintain smaller pets like cats and rabbits round when selecting to rescue a Kerry Blue terrier.

They could be educated to be social with different dogs, however, their looking instincts imply befriending different animals is far more troublesome.

They are high upkeep. This breed requires regular grooming. They need to be taken to a groomer each four to six weeks, the place their coat could be washed and trimmed. Owners can be taught to form and trim the dogs’ coats themselves.

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair Temperament

Kerry blues are loyal and affectionate. They are additionally very strong-willed, so they’ll need an owner who can implement their coaching. Puppy lessons when the terriers are younger will present a strong coaching basis for the remainder of their lifespan, so they’re really useful.

They are good-natured in their interactions with people of all ages however could be aggressive in direction of different dogs in the event that they haven’t been correctly educated.

These Irish terriers have been initially bred to be looking dogs, so it isn’t suggested to rescue a Kerry Blue if there are additionally small animals within the family.

Size and Weight

Kerry Blue terriers are medium-sized dogs with a soft and wavy coat. Breeders’ goal to provide dogs with a black coat that finally grays over time, giving them their signature “blue” color. Female Kerry Blue terriers are usually smaller than their male counterparts.

Food and Diet

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hairs are extremely energetic dogs, so their diet should reflect this. Most high-quality dog meals as really useful by a veterinarian will suffice for the Kerry Blue terrier.

Puppy Kerry Blue terrier short hairmeals: A very good animal-based fats, reminiscent of hen, omega-3, or fay, needs to be included in their meals because it promotes wholesome improvement. Treats can be utilized for obedience coaching, however, watch out to not overfeed them as these dogs could be vulnerable to weight problems.

Adult Kerry Blue terrier short hair meals: It is really useful that Kerry Blue terriers are fed 1.5-2 cups of high-quality dry meals all through the day. Canidae is a great brand for puppies and adults, as Fromm’s.

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair Maintenance And Grooming

Kerry Blue terriers are hypoallergenic dogs without a lot of shedding. However, they do require regular grooming and are thought of high upkeep. They need to be brushed day by day and shampooed each 4-6 weeks. Their coat will need to be trimmed month-to-month.

Grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair

Hair sort: The coat of the Kerry Blue is seen by most as its key characteristic. It is gentle and wavy with no undercoat.

The texture is just like that of superb human hair and like human hair, doesn’t shed however continues to develop all through the year. Coat colors embody black to very darkish blue, shades or tinges of brown to totally different shades of blue-gray.

Daily coat care: Kerry Blues needs to be brushed as soon as every week with a gentle brush and comb. Bathing and brushing each week retains them clear and without correct care, their beard will get smelly and full of meals and filth. They shed little or no and are thought of good for allergy victims.

Recommended groom frequency: A Kerry Blue needs to be given a professional groom at the least as soon as every 6 weeks.


They are sporty dogs, who get pleasure from a long stroll. They will need an excellent quantity of trains every day and would profit from a visit to the park to play with different dogs.

Kerry Blue terriers make wonderful companions on a jog or hike. They additionally get pleasure from swimming, searching, and different door activities.

They get pleasure from intelligent play, so any problem-solving play workout routines that they will do with their homeowners with be useful for them.

kerry blue terrier short hair

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair Training

Training is important in the case of Kerry Blue Terriers. They are very protective and need to be socialized around different dogs early on as part of their coaching.

They are natural downside solvers and may turn unbiased in a short time. Kerry Blue terriers reply finest to motivational, positive reinforcement. They will need constant guidelines throughout their coaching.

Activity Level

This is a lively breed that wants loads of day-by-day train. Daily walks are important to make the dog wholesome each bodily and mentally.

These need to be supplemented with jogging or operating in an open however safe space to launch the surplus energy of the dog.

However, it shouldn’t be let off the leash in an open space because it tends to chase small animals. Kerry Blues are good for condominium life. They are pretty lively indoors and a small yard will do.

Health Issues

Kerry Blue terriers are typically pretty wholesome dogs, with good breeders devoted to breeding wholesome dogs. However, Kerries might develop severe health points as they age.

These embrace issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, which is a painful situation that impacts motion. They are additionally vulnerable to cataracts and dry eyes, affecting their vision as they age.

Finally, some Kerry Blues develop cysts or tumors which might be very sometimes malignant and require most cancer therapy.

In short, potential Kerry Blue terrier short hair health problems include:

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
Cataracts and chronic dry eye
Tumorous growths that are occasionally cancerous

Kerry Blue Terrier Short Hair Puppies

Kerry Blue terriers have 4-8 puppies in a litter. They are purebred dogs, with a worth of $1000-$1600 on average.

This worth is sort of high due to how specialized this breed is. They ought to be skilled early on as puppies to make sure good habits.

Breeders will produce black Kerry Blue terrier puppies, and these dogs will develop into their well-known blue coats as they age.

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