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The Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are all terrier. These guys have been bred in County Kerry, Ireland, as working dogs. Like most terriers, they have been used for searching small game and birds whereas serving to clear up any sort of rodent issues across the property. They additionally made great guard dogs.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies  Profile

Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are very distinctive wanting with their beautiful astrakhan-type coats and closely coated muzzles. Puppies are born with black coats, however as they mature this changes to a beautiful blue.

They are compact, full of life but decided dogs with all the standard terrier traits. They are higher suited to people who’ve safe, high-fenced back gardens the place a dog can safely roam to their hearts delight at any time when possible.

Although as soon as a popular selection each as companion and family pet, the numbers of Kerry Blue Terriers have declined over time ensuing within the breed being positioned on The Kennel Club’s checklist of weak native breeds.

As such, anybody desirous to share a house with a Kerry Blue would need to register their curiosity with breeders for the pleasure of doing so with the excellent news being the wait is nicely value.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies even took to herding sheep fairly properly. Eventually, the breed entered the present circuit and was acknowledged by the Kennel Club, England’s model of the AKC.

This is an energetic breed that likes to chase, dig and bark. Lots of each day train is one of the simplest ways to fight these behaviors. Kerrys possess a beautiful non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat that wants brushed weekly to take care of its health. These dogs are very intelligent, however can have some strong-willed tendencies.

Kerrys completely loves people and luxuriate in being absolutely invested in all family activities. They can display indicators of aggression in the direction of different dogs on account of their authentic makes use of, so cautious monitoring and socialization are essential. At the end of the day, these are great companions for energetic households.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Facts

Is the Kerry Blue a weak breed? Yes, the breed has been positioned on the Kennel Club’s native weak breed checklist and anybody desirous to share a house with a Kerry would need to register their curiosity with breeders as a result of so few well-bred, wholesome puppies are bred and registered with the Kennel Club each year

The Kerry was bred to be an all-rounder engaged on farms in Ireland which noticed them herding livestock, controlling vermin, and guarding property and livestock. They have been additionally used for searching and retrieving

During the World Wars, the Kerry was used to protect aerodromes and jail camps in addition to different army installations

It was a Kerry Blue Terrier puppies that interrupted play on the Ashes that have been held on the Oval when a dog ran onto the pitch and needed to be caught by one of many quick bowlers named John Lever

Traditionally, a Kerry Blue Terrier’s tail was all the time docked, however for the reason that legislation banning the process got here into impact in 2007, tail docking is now unlawful with the exception being for some working breeds and if a dog suffers from some kind of health situation that requires their tails to be docked. The process has to be agreed upon and authorized before being carried out by a professional vet


The Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are among the 9 native breeds of Ireland. The Kerry, generally referred to as the Irish Blue Terrier, was a peasant farmer’s dog.

It was bred with great braveness, adaptability, and intelligence and was used to convey horse, cattle, and sheep in from distant paddocks. Then, at night, the dog would sleep on the fireplace and guard the home.

The Kerry Blue Terrier was additionally bred to hunt vermin. Irish farmers from the Ring of Kerry reported that the breed was bred in each light and darkish color as a method of disguising it on hunts because the peasant farmers weren’t allowed a searching dog.

So, on moonlit nights they might run with the lighter color dog to poach hare and varied different small game, after which when the night was darkish they might use the dogs with darker coats.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Temperament

The temperament of the Kerry Blue Terrier is disciplined; you need to be in cost and a younger pup will look to you as pack leader.

It is all the time good to totally socialize a brand new pet, at pet preschool and presumably some Obedience coaching, particularly the essential instructions of sit and keep. These days, most puppies are raised in the home and a few have even change into lifelong companions with home cats.

Apart from making a superb watchdog, the Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are dedicated to youngsters and can play with them for a lot of hours. If you take into account acquiring a pet, most breeders could have a ready checklist so you’ll have to be patient.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Appearance

The breed is of medium size in the body, and muscular. It is a square dog with barely longer legs and is a perfect family member. The Kerry Blue Terrier puppies will play untiringly, then comfortably calm down with you at the end of the day.

It is nicely tailored to being a home dog with the family and has a non-shedding coat that’s tender and wavy – this begins out black however over time the color modifications to any shade of grey-blue, from pale silver to gunmetal.

Puppies are born black, and their coats can take as much as 18 months for the color to show blue. They are very good-looking terriers with coats that can be more like astrakhan than hair and their muzzles are closely lined which provides to their general charming attraction.

Their heads are well-balanced and long though properly in proportion with the remainder of the body. Their heads are flat on top with dogs boasting a slight cease.

Their fore faces are very robust as are their jaws and noses are black. Eyes are darkish and medium in size with dogs boasting an eager and really typical “terrier” expression in them.

Their ears are reasonably small and V-shaped which dogs carry ahead. The Kerry Blue has a robust jaw with an ideal scissor chunk they place their higher teeth neatly overlap their lower ones and the roof of their mouths and gums are darkish in color.

Necks are robust and slope neatly right into a dog’s shoulders that are flat and their legs are straight, exhibiting plenty of bone. These terriers have properly proportioned our bodies with a deep brisket and nicely sprung ribs.

The chest is deep and toplines level. They have highly effective, well-developed hindquarters with robust and well-muscled back legs. Feet are small and round with black nails.

Tails are set high and are reasonably long which provides a dog’s general well-balanced look. It is thicker on the base, however, tapers neatly to the tip and dogs maintain their tails straight though when excited they carry it gaily.

When it involves their coat, the Kerry Blue Terrier puppies have a tender, silky, dense, and wavy coat. The accepted breed colors for Kennel Club registration are as follows:

Black & Blue
Black Turning Blue

Kerry Blues can have a small patch of white hair on their chests and wouldn’t be penalized for it within the present ring.


When a Kerry Blue Terrier strikes, they achieve this with strong, free-moving actions with a pleasant straight and parallel motion in each of their front and hind legs. A dog stifles neither delivering nor out.


The Kennel Club frowns on any exaggerations or departures from the breed standard and would choose the faults on how a lot they have an effect on a dog’s general health and wellbeing in addition to their capability to carry out.

Males ought to have each testicle absolutely descended into their scrotums and its value noting {that a} dog is usually a little lighter or heavier in addition to barely taller or shorter than set out within the Kennel Club breed standard which is barely given as a suggestion.


Because it doesn’t shed a coat, the breed will need a weekly brushing. It will be clipped as a pet by any grooming parlor. You can have the Schnauzer trim or a total clip off and it will maintain your pet in good condition as a member of the home.

Remember, if you happen to go away Kerry’s beard and mustache it should require some washing on a regular basis.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Intelligence / Trainability

Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are identified to be intelligent, they’re additionally very outgoing and assured characters which implies they need to be dealt with and skilled with a firm, honest and delicate hand to get the very best outcomes.

They don’t reply nicely to any kind of harsh correction or heavy-handed coaching, however, they do reply very nicely to positive reinforcement, however, as a result of they’re so intelligent these terriers should not be allowed to select up any unhealthy habits which they will study as quick as they study the “good” issues.

These little dogs are by no means happier than after they know their place within the pack and who to look as much as for route and steering.

Kerry puppies, like all puppies, are extremely cute and it’s all too straightforward to spoil them after they first arrive at their new properties.

However, house owners should start out as they imply to go on which implies that as quickly as a pet is settled, they have to be taught the principles and bounds so that they perceive what is anticipated of them.

It additionally helps set up a pecking order and who’s the alpha dog in a family, making an allowance for that Kerries are alert and good which implies they choose new issues up shortly, this contains the great and the unhealthy. The first instructions a pet ought to be taught are as follows:

Leave it

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Health and Suitability

Kerry Blues have been bred very fastidiously in Australia and have only a few health points, the most typical being ingrown hair cysts.

To maintain them in top situation, the breed does require some train, both a half-hour stroll or 10 minutes of fetch to assist maintain it fit and wholesome. You can anticipate your Kerry Blue Terrier puppies to reside as much as the age of 12 to 15 years.

Please do not forget that a Terrier shouldn’t be for all households. It does thrive on consideration and responds nicely to being a part of the family.

When left to its personal gadgets, without interplay or train, the breed will be damaging to gardens. It is greatest to all the time go away with its personal toys and a Kong or different machine to entertain it when left for long durations.


Kerry Blues are fun-loving, affectionate, and constant family pets
They are usually not identified to undergo separation nervousness
They are intelligent and within the right fingers, straightforward to coach
They are good watchdogs
They have non-shedding coats that do not scent both
They are identified to be wholesome dogs with few hereditary points
They are typically excellent round youngsters of all ages


Kerry Blues are high-energy, intelligent dogs that need a number of each day train and psychological stimulation
They have a high prey drive
Garden fencing has to be safe and really high – 5 to 6 foot is crucial to maintain a Kerry safely in
They are identified to love the sound of their very own voices just a little an excessive amount of
They are usually not your best option for novice dog house owners
They have high upkeep coats
Kerries are higher suited to people who’ve safe back gardens with high fencing
They can squeeze by the smallest of gaps

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Grooming

Kerries are high upkeep within the grooming division and ideally, their coats need a daily brush paying explicit consideration to the hair around a dog’s muzzle which tends to get fairly soiled after a dog has eaten.

They don’t shed like many different breeds, however, their coats need to be clipped or scissored each 6 to eight weeks to maintain issues tidy. The hair between a dog’s pads must be checked on a regular basis and trimmed whether it is too long.

It’s additionally essential to verify a dog’s ears on a regular basis and to scrub them when necessary.

If an excessive amount of wax builds up in a dog’s ears, it will probably result in a painful infection which will be laborious to clear up, making an allowance for that it is an actual downside within the breed that ought to by no means be ignored. In brief, prevention is commonly simpler than remedy relating to ear infections.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Exercise

Kerry Blues are high-energy terriers and as such, they need to be given the right quantity of each day train and psychological stimulation for them to be really pleased, well-rounded characters.

Without the right ranges of exercise, they will shortly develop some undesirable behaviors across the house which incorporates separation nervousness.

As such a minimal of 1 hour’s train is crucial, however, more can be higher as a result of it’s laborious to tire these terriers out.

A shorter stroll within the morning can be superb, however, an extended more attention-grabbing one within the afternoon is a should. These dogs additionally like to have the ability to roam around a back backyard as typically as possible to allow them to actually let off steam.

However, the fencing has to be extraordinarily safe to maintain these full of life dogs as a result of in the event that they discover a weak point within the fence, they may quickly escape out and get into all types of hassle.

With this mentioned, Kerry Blue Terrier puppies shouldn’t be given an excessive amount of train as a result of their joints and bones are nonetheless rising and an excessive amount of stress on them may end in inflicting a dog just a few issues later in their lives.

They shouldn’t be allowed to leap up or off furnishings nor ought to they be allowed to run up and down the steps as a result of this places an excessive amount of stress on their nonetheless rising joints and limbs.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies Feeding

If you get Kerry Blue Terrier puppies from a breeder, they might provide you with a feeding schedule and it is essential to stay to the same routine, feeding identical pet meals to keep away from any tummy upsets.

You can change a pet’s diet, however, this must be carried out very regularly all the time ensuring they do not develop any digestive upsets and in the event that they do, it is best to place them back on their authentic diet and to debate issues with the vet before trying to alter it once more.

Older dogs are usually not identified to be fussy or finicky eaters, however, this doesn’t imply you possibly can feed them a lower high-quality diet.

It’s greatest to feed a mature dog twice a day, as soon as within the morning after which once more within the night, ensuring it is good high-quality meals that meet all their dietary necessities.

It’s additionally essential that dogs be given the right quantity of train so that they burn off any extra energy or they could achieve an excessive amount of weight which may result in all types of health points.

Obesity can shorten a dog’s life by a number of years so it is essential to control their waistline from the phrase go.

Caring for a Kerry Blue Terrier

As with another breed, Kerries need to be groomed on a regular basis to verify their coats and skin are stored in top condition.

They additionally need to be given regularly each-day train to make sure they continue to be match and wholesome. On top of this, dogs need to be fed good quality meals that meet all their dietary wants all through their lives.

Caring for Kerry Blue Terrier puppies

Kerry puppies are boisterous and lively which implies it is important for properties and gardens to be puppy-proofed nicely upfront of their arrival.

An accountable breeder would have nicely socialized their puppies which all the time results in more outgoing, assured, and pleasant dogs right from the phrase go.

With this mentioned, any pet goes to really feel weak after they go away their mom and littermates which have to be taken into consideration. The longer a pet can stay with their mom, the higher though it ought to by no means be for too long both.

It’s greatest to select a pet up when people are going to be round for the first week or so which is the time wanted for a pet to settle in.

Puppy-proofing the house and backyard mean placing away any instruments and different implements {that a} boisterous pet would possibly injure themselves on.

Electric wires and cables have to be put out of their attain as a result of puppies’ love chewing on issues. Toxic vegetation ought to be far away from flowerbeds and the house too.

Puppies need to sleep so much to develop and develop as they need to which implies establishing a quiet space that is not too out of the best way means they will retreat to it after they wish to nap and it is essential to not disturb them when they’re sleeping.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain “playtime” good and calm inside the home and to have a more energetic “playtime” outdoors within the backyard which implies puppies shortly study to be much less boisterous when they’re inside.

The documentation a breeder gives for a pet will need to have all the small print of their worming date and the product used in addition to the information regarding their microchip. It is crucial for puppies to be wormed once more conserving to a schedule which is as follows:

Puppies ought to be wormed at 6 months old
They need to be wormed once more when they’re 8 months old
Puppies ought to be wormed when they’re 10 months old
They need to be wormed when they’re 12 months old

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies

Things you may need for your pet

There are sure gadgets that new house owners need to have already got within the house previous to bringing a brand new pet house.

It’s typically a good suggestion to limit how a lot house a pet performs in more particularly when you possibly can’t control what they rise up to making an allowance for that puppies are sometimes fairly boisterous which implies investing in pet gates or a big sufficient playpen that enables a pet the room to precise themselves whereas conserving them secure too. The gadgets wanted are subsequently, as follows:

Good quality pet or child gates to suit doorways
A great well-made playpen that is giant sufficient for a pet to play in to allow them to actually specific themselves as puppies love to do
Lots of well-made toys which should embody good high quality chews appropriate for puppies to gnaw on, making an allowance for {that a} pet will start teething something from when they’re three to eight months old
Good quality feed and water bowls which ideally ought to be ceramic slightly than plastic or metal
A grooming glove
A slicker brush or tender bristle brush
Dog particular toothpaste and a toothbrush
Scissors with rounded ends
Nail clippers
Puppy shampoo and conditioner have to be particularly formulated to be used on dogs
A well-made dog collar or harness
A few robust dog leads
A well-made dog bed that is not too small or too massive
A well-made dog crate to be used within the automobile and within the house, that is giant sufficient for a pet to maneuver round in
Baby blankets to place in your pet’s crate and of their beds for after they wish to nap or fall asleep at night

Keeping the noise down

All puppies are delicate to noise together with Kerry Blue Terrier puppies. It’s essential to maintain the noise ranges down when a brand new pet arrives within the house.

TVs and music shouldn’t be performed too loud which may end up stressing a small pet out which may end up making them timid and shy as an alternative of outgoing and assured.

Keeping vet appointments

As beforehand talked about, Kerry puppies would have been given their first vaccinations by the breeders, however, they will need to have their follow-up pictures which is as much as their new house owners to organize. The vaccination schedule for puppies is as follows:

10 -12 weeks old, making an allowance for {that a} pet wouldn’t have full safety right away, however, would solely be absolutely protected 2 weeks after they’ve had their second vaccination

When it involves boosters, it is best to debate these with a vet as a result of there may be plenty of debate about whether or not a dog actually wants them after a sure time.

However, if a dog ever wanted to enter kennels, their vaccinations would need to be absolutely updated.
What about older Kerry Blue Terrier puppies after they attain their senior years?

Older Kerries need a number of particular care as a result of as they attain their golden years, they’re more liable to creating sure health issues. Physically, a dog’s muzzle could start to go gray, however, there will probably be different noticeable modifications too which incorporates the next:

Coats change into coarser
A lack of muscle tone
Kerries can both change into obese or underweight
They have diminished power and stamina
Older dogs have issue regulating their body temperature
They typically develop arthritis

Immune programs don’t work as effectively as they as soon as did which implies dogs are more inclined to infections

Older dogs change mentally too which implies their response time tends to be slower as such they develop the next:

They reply much less to exterior stimuli on account of impaired vision or listening to
They are typically just a little pickier about their meals
They have a lower ache threshold
Become illiberal of any change
Often an older dog can really feel disorientated

Living with a Kerry of their golden years means taking over just a few more tasks, however, these are simply managed and may embody having a look at their diet, the quantity of train they’re given, how typically their dog beds need altering and maintaining a tally of the situation of their teeth.

Older Kerry Blue Terriers need to be fed a very good high-quality diet that meets their wants at this stage of their lives all of the whereas conserving a detailed eye on a dog’s weight.

Tough feeding information for older dogs is as follows making an allowance for they need to be fed extremely digestible meals that do not comprise any components:

Protein content ought to be something from 14 – 21%
Fat content ought to be lower than 10%
Fiber content ought to be lower than 4%
Calcium content ought to be 0.5 – 0.8%
Phosphorous content ought to be 0.4 – 0.7%
Sodium content ought to be 0.2 – 0.4%

Older Kerries do not need to be given the identical quantity of each day train as a youthful dog, however, they nonetheless need the right quantity of bodily exercise to take care of muscle tone and to forestall a dog from placing on an excessive amount of weight. All dogs need entry to recent clear water and that is very true of older dogs after they attain their golden years as a result of they’re more liable to creating kidney problems.

Children and Other Pets

The Kerry Blue is a great selection as a family pet place the kids in a family are older and subsequently know how you can behave around dogs.

They are usually not your best option for people with toddlers or babies as a result of Kerries is usually a little boisterous on occasions which may end in them knocking a baby over and scaring them.

Care ought to be taken when Kerries are around small pets and different animals due to their high prey drive subsequently any contact ought to actually be averted and this contains when they’re around cats. They will be aggressive after they meet different dogs with Kerries typically desirous to play just a little too boisterously with them.


Kerries are identified to be outgoing and assured terriers. They will be strong-willed after they wish to be which may make them tougher to coach.

Male dogs, specifically are usually a little aggressive in the event that they discover themselves in any conditions which may stress them out.

They need to know their place within the “pack” and who’s the alpha dog in a family to forestall them from exhibiting a more dominant aspect to their natures.

It’s actually essential for Kerries to be nicely socialized from a younger age which ought to embody introducing them to as many new conditions, people, dogs, and different animals as quickly as they’re absolutely vaccinated as possible.

They are famed for his or her stamina and endurance which implies these terriers need to be given a number of psychological stimulation to forestall boredom from setting in.

Kerries do get simply bored which may result in them creating all types of undesirable behaviors and this contains being damaging across the house.

What about prey drive?

Kerries have a high prey drive and can, fortunately, chase down something that strikes or tries to run away from them. If they spot one thing within the distance, they’re prone to be off to analyze typically ignoring the recall command.

As such, care has to be taken as to the place and when a Kerry Blue Terrier puppies can run off the lead particularly if there may be livestock or wildlife in addition to different dogs shut by.

What about playfulness?

The Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are fun-loving breeds all the time alert and keen about every part that goes on around them which incorporates the ability to play a number of interactive video games with their households.

They are identified to be just a little mischievous when the temper takes them and being so intelligent, a Kerry shortly learns how you can get their very own method.

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies

What about adaptability?

A Kerry wants to have the ability to roam round in a safe back backyard as typically as possible to actually let off steam. With this mentioned, fencing must be high to maintain a dog from leaping out. In brief, fences have to be something from 5 to 6-foot-high to maintain a Kerry safely.

The excellent news is they don’t seem to be identified to be “diggers”, making an allowance for that there all the time exists an exception to a rule.

Are they a sensible choice for first-time house owners?

Kerry Blues are usually not your best option for first-time house owners as a result of they actually do need to be dealt with and skilled by people who’re acquainted with the breed or this kind of robust willed and intelligent dog.

The purpose being {that a} Kerry would possibly get the higher of a novice owner because of their intelligence and the actual fact they are often so robust willed and dominant by nature.

What about separation anxiety?

Kerries get pleasure from being around people and their households, they hate it when they’re left to their very own gadgets which see them affected by separation nervousness.

This can result in them being damaging across the house which is a dog’s method of relieving any stress they’re feeling and a strategy to maintain themselves entertained.

As such, they’re higher suited to households the place somebody is round more often than not slightly than family the place everybody is usually out for big chunks of the day.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers good watchdogs?

Like plenty of terrier breeds, Kerries are good watchdogs as a result of they’re all the time on the alert and able to let an owner know when one thing they do not like is happening around them and when there are strangers about.

However, they don’t seem to be good “guard” dogs thanks primarily to their social natures and their size. With this mentioned, not often would a Kerry present any kind of aggressive behavior in the direction of a stranger until they felt threatened that’s.

In brief, they’re identified to be eager watchdogs and since they prefer to voice an opinion, they’re fast off the mark when people they do not know are about.

What about extreme barking?

Kerries just like the sound of their very own voices just a little an excessive amount of which is one thing that must be gently nipped within the bud when a dog remains to be younger being cautious to not frighten them.

With this mentioned, it’s typically laborious to cease a Kerry from doing what they love to do greatest due to the wilful and generally cussed aspect to their natures.

Do Kerry Blue Terriers like water?

Most Kerries love swimming and can take to the water at any time when they will more particularly when the climate is scorching.

However, if anybody who owns a dog that doesn’t like water ought to by no means power them to go in as a result of it might simply end up scaring them.

With this mentioned, care ought to all the time be taken when strolling a Kerry Blue off the lead wherever close to more harmful watercourses simply in case a dog decides to leap in after which wants rescuing as a result of they can not get out of the water on their very own.

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