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labrador retriever puppies virginia

Labrador retriever puppies are available in Virginia. Pet lovers find their desired Labrador retriever puppies in and around Virginia. This article is about some useful information about Labrador retriever puppies in Virginia.

Blue Ridge Lane Labrador Retrievers offers truly European imported English Labrador Retrievers in Chocolate, Black & Yellow. All sires and dams have international hip and elbow certification.

Our dogs have been selected in Europe based on a well-proven pedigree, credentials, temperament, transformation, ability to be a service dog, and work skills.

Here at Blue Ridge Lane Labrador, our puppies are bred for family companionship and service dogs. Puppies are raised at home on our beautiful farm, fully equipped with kids, cages, horses, and chickens.

They are published at a very young age for all that is proposed in life. As an English Labrador breeder, we have selected the best black, yellow, and chocolate breeding stock available.

We are dedicated to creating outgoing, confident, well-rounded, and solid citizens capable of meeting all your companionship and work needs. Many lab breeders claim to have English Labrador.

But when buying it is essential, clients confirm pedigrees and credentials, as some claim that they breed English Labradors – this is not necessarily the case. We understand the importance of socializing each puppy. Each puppy is handled individually daily. Every mother receives the best pre-natural care.

Its farm is convenient at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, historic Culpepper, all over northwest Virginia, and conveniently located just 1 hour southwest of Washington DC.

Labrador retriever puppies Virginia

AKC Labrador Recovery is a full-time farmer who also enjoys working with Labrador restorers. The website says: we have sixty-five acres of farmland where we raise poultry, cattle, and rescuers. Fifty acres of farmland is surrounded by Dog Watch fences so our dogs can enjoy our creeks, woods, and open space.

We bought our first lab when our children were young and soon realized that we had chosen the ideal dog for our family and our farm.

For thirty-eight years, we run a dairy on our farm, and as dairyman, we had a commitment to continually improve our livestock through careful genetic selection.

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We have chosen to sell our dairy cattle to another family member in 2002 and we intend to transfer that promise to our Labrador retrievers.

Our goal is to provide our clients with healthy Labrador retrievable puppies that bring you many years of enjoyment and companionship both at home and in the field.

All puppies for sale are AKB registered and sold with a 24-month guarantee against hip dysplasia. See contact page for complete health guarantee.

Labrador retriever puppies are also available in Virginia from the following links:

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