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The first time you see a Greenland dog, you may suppose you’re looking at a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute. After all, they’ve thick double coats, fluffy tails, and pointy years.

Greenland Dog profile

But the Greenland Dog is a unique breed that thrives each in a working atmosphere and a family atmosphere. If you’re on the lookout for a hard-working sled dog however you additionally need him to get alongside together with your family, the Greenland Dog could be a great choice to contemplate. The Greenland Dog thrives each in a working and family atmosphere.

Greenland Dog History

The Dog breed started to take a look in Greenland around 4000 years ago. He has been thought that simply as with the Canadian Eskimo Dog the Greenland Dog is a descendant of canines.

The Thule people introduced to them. He was utilized for pulling sledges and he bought origination to have a thick coat and skill to withstand the extreme chilly of the nation.

He has a great deal of stamina so he may do work all day simply. The breed has bought a muscular body to make him sturdy as effectively. He spent a whole bunch of years doing work alongside humans as a companion and was not well-known outdoors of Greenland.

The first people outdoors got here in reference to them have been Vikings once they got here to settle there. The fur merchants, whalers, and explorers adopted them. The explorers have used him in lots of expeditions.

A fairly harsh truth about their utilization of the Greenland Dog is that each started with more canines than they really required a number of the canines they used as meals. Then he appeared outdoors of his place of origin within the 1750s, when he was delivered to Britain.

Finally, the Greenland Dog made a look in a present within the late 1800s. In 1880, the British Kennel Club acknowledged and categorized him as a Spitz kind of canines.

Today the Greenland Dog breed stays fairly only a few outside of Greenland and nonetheless, he has not been acknowledged by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

But other golf equipment do such because of the British one, the FCI, the Canadian, and the UKC. But he’s nonetheless beloved and in style in his homeland and is getting used to the same approach he has been for over one thousand years.


As is true for a lot of Spitz-type breeds, the Greenland Dog is a hard-working and clever dog. The precise origins of the Greenland Dog are unknown as a result of its thought-about a historic breed.

It is believed, nevertheless, that ancestry of those canines might be traced back to the traditional Siberian people who traveled the Arctic area 1000’s of years ago.

Greenland Dog at Present

The Greenland Dog breed is a big dog standing 20 to 27 inches tall and his weight is 66 to 72 kilos. Male is clearly bigger than feminine quite a bit.

He is a powerfully constructed dog, large set and vigorous with sturdy legs coated in hair that’s quick. His tail curls over his back are additionally long.

He has bought a triangular formed space on the shoulder and his coat is double, with an underlayer that is gentle, thick, and heat, and a course, longer outer layer that’s weather resistant.

His broad head is in a wedge form and his ears are erect and his eyes are barely slanted. Both the tail and the ears are coated in thick hair. you can discover him in gray, black, red, brown, and white colors.


As a medium- to a large-sized dog breed, the Greenland Dog must be fed a high-quality industrial dog meals diet formulated for canines of its size.

Because this breed is a high-energy working breed, nevertheless, an energetic or working breed method could also be more applicable to fulfill his wants.

As is true for a lot of Spitz-type breeds, the Greenland Dog is a hard-working and clever dog.

Greenland Dog Training

As is true for a lot of Spitz-type breeds, the Greenland Dog is hard-working and clever. These dogs have been bred to work onerous and to observe the lead of a robust handler so that you need to be ready to make some guidelines and to stay to them intently if you wish to preserve your dog beneath control.

These dogs are extremely smart and reply effectively to coaching however you need to start out with socialization and coaching as early as possible for the very best outcomes.

The Greenland Dog wants to grasp its place within the pack, so you’ll need to determine your self because the alpha and be agency and assured without being harsh or overly demanding.

As talked about the Greenland Dog breed is neatly clever however he’s cussed as effectively. He Has bought a strong thought of his own which suggests coaching might be difficult at instances.

He requires an owner who’s skilled, agency, and a great chief. Consistency is essential as is commitment, confidence, and patience.

This breed has bought a really sturdy pack and alpha instincts. You require being pretty dominant with him to verify he accepts you as a pacesetter of the pack.

This dog breed was bred to do work, to observe a robust proprietor’s instructions so that you require setting guidelines and stick with him. Keep him in control and start his early coaching and socialization.

Training should be positively accomplished, encourage and encourage him. Socialization signifies that gets him used to totally different people, sounds, conditions, locations, and animals. Make certain he is aware of learning how to react appropriately to all.


The Greenland Dog is a medium- to large-sized breed, standing 22 to 25 inches tall and weighing 60 to 100 kilos at maturity.

Greenland Dog Temperament/Behavior

In normal, the Greenland Dog is a highly intelligent dog. In normal, the Greenland Dog is a highly intelligent dog however particular person temperaments might differ from one dog to another.

These dogs are usually not beneficial for first-time dog homeowners as a result of they do are inclined to have a little bit of an impartial streak and so they require a great deal of train and coaching.

The breed is usually quiet and mild-mannered, however, it may well go off right into a howling frenzy unexpectedly. These dogs are additionally affectionate when bonded with their homeowners however they need a firm and constant hand in leadership to forestall the event of downside behaviors.

In Greenland, the Greenland Dog breed is generally a working dog first, the place he’s filmier within the majority.

He is favored and saved attributable to his power and pace after which his great companionship and temperament are second to that, however, he’s nonetheless beneficial. The breed requires an owner who’s agency and well-experienced.

This will not be an appropriate breed to a brand new dog proprietor as he’s typically cussed and impartial.

He ought to respect you as his chief and keep loyal, loving, and protecting of you if he grows up effectively. However, he’s more watchful and aloof with these he doesn’t have any respect for. He is usually a vigorous and playful dog.

The dog breed requires work to do to remain mentally engaged and energetic. In truth, hikers like to preserve this dog breed and hike with him in Norway and Sweden.

He has bought the tendency to not bond as intently along with his proprietor as a result of there usually are not loads of alternatives to take action when this dog breed is saved as part of a team or pack.

But if he’s the one dog or one among only a few he does assemble the shut bonds along with his proprietor.

The dog breed will not be a guard dog. He may be very pleasant, typically he’s pleasant even to strangers in lots of instances. So this breed will not be all the time a great watchdog both. He is clever; a few of them are calmer and mild-mannered.

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Greenland Dog is Active

He is a reasonably onerous working and energetic dog. The breed requires being busy on a regular basis or he turns into onerous, harmful, sad, hyper, and unhealthy to dwell with.

If you need a dog that’s happy chilling within the house and simply wish to take him for twenty minutes walks twice a day, he’s completely not the dog for you. He is phenomenal on troublesome terrain and local weather and he has bought loads of endurance and stamina.

You ought to preserve him as a working dog of some variety. Take him out for brisk and really long walks per day. Let him have quite a lot of psychological stimulation and bodily play and go on hikes on a regular basis.

Give him different duties to do or coaching to maintain him busy. He can be part of you for biking, jogging, and operating, and anticipate giving him over an hour each day.

Life Expectancy

The common lifespan of the Greenland Dog breed is about 13 years.

Exercise Requirements

As a sled dog, the Greenland Dog has wonderful stamina and endurance. These dogs are energetic and require a major quantity of day by day train so as to stay comfortable and wholesome.

Because these canines are clever in addition they require psychological stimulation along with bodily stimulation and train. In normal, the Greenland Dog is a highly intelligent dog.

Greenland Dog Feeding

The Greenland Dog will eat about three to four cups of excellent quality dry meals for a dog each day divided into two meals. You ought to present him with entry to recent water as effectively.


The Greenland Dog will not be at present acknowledged by the AKC however it’s acknowledged by a number of different teams.

The UK Kennel Club, for instance, classifies the Greenland Dog within the Working group and the United Kennel Club classifies it as a Northern Breed. This breed can also be acknowledged by the FCI and the Canadian Kennel Club.


As a historic Spitz-type breed, the Greenland Dog has a thick double coat of medium size. The internal layer is gentle and wool-like to supply heat whereas the outer layer is made up of longer, coarser hair that gives safety towards the water and chilly.

The tail is densely furred and the ears coated in thick fur as effectively. The Greenland Dog is available in a wide range of colorations, usually in varied combos of white, black, brown, red, and grey.

Greenland Dog Grooming and Caring

The breed has bought a dense double coat and it sheds an above common amount usually after which heavy quantities not often.

He would require being raked frequently, a minimum of 2 to three instances per week, after which when it’s heavier, it must be accomplished day by day. It won’t require a grooming professional until you select to make use of one.

But the hair on the paws should be clipped when it will get too long to forestall it from tangling. When your breed really requires a shower, let him have a shower roughly each 2 to three months.

Bathing too usually can injury natural oils of his pores and skin and all the time use a shampoo that’s made for canines.

His nails will need clipping once they get too long if it doesn’t put on them down along with his level of exercise. Always use dog nail scissors or clippers, not any old ones, and watch out to not reduce into the hurry of the nail that’s about midway down.

Where the blood nerves and vessels start and reducing the nails will harm the dog and produce bleeding. His different requirement is to examine his ears for redness, dangerous odor, irritation, and different indicators of an infection weekly.

Wipe the part of his ear you possibly can attain simply and use a dog ear cleansing resolution or a moist fabric.

Do not insert any exterior objects into its ear like a cotton bud, this could harm him and might result in injury. Give his enamel a brush utilizing a dog toothbrush and toothpaste two to 3 instances per week.

Common Health Problems

Because the Greenland Dog is an ancient breed it’s usually wholesome and hardy.

As a large-breed dog, nevertheless, this pooch is subject to some health problems reminiscent of gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, and different musculoskeletal issues.

They are additionally vulnerable to working accidents obtained within the discipline.

Greenland Dog with youngsters and different pets

When he will get socialization effectively and a robust owner as a pacesetter, he must be pleasant, loving, and even playful with the youngsters.

The youngsters should be taught know learn how to contact and play correctly with dogs so they don’t tease or harm them.

His swiftness can imply youthful youngsters must be supervised as they are often knocked over.

But this may occur by accident relatively than aggressively. He doesn’t prefer to be in a house with non-canine pets as his great drive of prey tells that they might be hunted.

He is great with the dogs which are part of his pack however he might take into account unusual dogs as a problem notably those that have the same sex.


The common litter size for the Greenland Dog breed is four to six puppies. These puppies are energetic and inquisitive from early of their lives – for this reason, it’s best to start out your puppies with socialization and coaching as younger as possible.

If you propose to coach your pet for sled work, you can begin primary coaching whereas he’s younger however ought to wait till he’s totally grown to start out actual coaching so that you don’t put him in danger for joint issues.

Greenland Dog Biting Statistics

The assaults of dogs towards people in accordance with the experiences in North America have led to bodily hurt within the final 35 years however there may be nothing talked about concerning the Greenland Dog breed.

He will not be people aggressive and isn’t prone to be related to such issues, however certainly, all dogs have gotten some risk of attacking.

There are issues that may aid you to lower the possibilities of your dog is concerned, good socialization and coaching, supervision as required, let him have the train, consideration, and stimulation he needs.

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