can dogs eat raw deer meat

Can dogs eat raw deer meat? Deer meat may be very wholesome for dogs, and for a lot of causes. Not solely is it wealthy in protein and vitamins, however, it may be very lean, too. Research has proven that venison accommodates roughly 75% much less saturated fats than beef.

Can dogs eat raw deer meat?

In this article, I am going to answer, can dogs eat raw deer meat or venison?

Whether or not you’re trying to feed your canine uncooked venison, cooked venison, or a venison pet food, there are some essential issues to know earlier than introducing these meals into your canine’s diet.

So far as vitamins go, venison is filled with however not restricted to nutritional vitamins such as B12, B6, niacin, and riboflavin. Many individuals that I do know, together with myself, have made the change from dry, bagged pet food to an uncooked deer meat eating regimen due to these advantages alone.

Venison, or deer meat, is regularly utilized in fed uncooked feeding applications. It may be a nutritious supply of lean protein for canines.

As with all wild sport, nevertheless, feeding venison has its dangers. Uncooked deer meat, even from fastidiously harvested deer, can harbor microorganisms and hidden diseases, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

Cautious dealing with, each on the time of butchering and on the time of preparation or feeding, can reduce the dangers that include giving your canine venison.

As with all wild sport, nevertheless, feeding venison has its dangers. Uncooked deer meat, even from fastidiously harvested deer, can harbor microorganisms and hidden diseases.

Sure, canines can eat venison. This meat, whereas much less widespread than different protein sources for canines like beef, rooster, or salmon, to call just a few, does supply canines a lot of potential health advantages.

That mentioned, nevertheless, there are some essential phrases of warning to think about earlier than introducing venison into your canine’s eating regimen.

Whereas venison does include protein and will function as an excellent supply on your canine, it accommodates much less protein than beef for canines.

In case your canine requires an excessive protein pet food eating regimen, then it might be potential that beef, rooster, or one other protein supply could also be an extra acceptable match on your canine’s dietary wants than venison, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

That mentioned, nevertheless, venison could show a more helpful choice for canines with sure health situations, like coronary heart illness. Venison is low in fats and doesn’t include the LDL cholesterol that different meats, like beef, include.

In consequence, it might be higher for the well-being of sure canines and generally is a good choice for canines with coronary heart considerations.

It’s additionally a reasonably low-calorie choice, so far as meat sources go.

As well as, venison could also be an excellent answer for canines who’ve mealed allergy symptoms who’re in want of an excellent supply of protein that doesn’t irritate their allergy symptoms.

Some canines could have food allergy symptoms, and if that’s the case along with your pup, you could discover that venison is an extra acceptable protein supply for canines with rooster allergy symptoms or different meal allergy symptoms.

Tips on how to feed your canine venison

When you’re trying to combine venison into your canine’s eating regimen, there is a selection of the way by which you can do that.

Some house owners use an uncooked meal eating regimen and want to serve venison to their canines in uncooked type. Whereas it’s potential for canines to eat uncooked venison, there are essential precautions to take, as nicely — as with all uncooked meals for canines.

First, in case your canine will not be at present on a raw meal eating regimen, feeding uncooked meals might make him fairly sick.

In consequence, you will need to seek the advice of your canine’s veterinarian as to essentially the most acceptable method to transition your canine to a raw meal eating regimen.

Second, uncooked venison can current a lot of dangers to canines that different meats could not, as it’s a wild sports meat. One of many largest considerations is bacterial contamination.

This can be very essential for hunters to wash and look after deer meat in an acceptable method in order to keep away from publicity to microorganisms throughout harvesting and processing, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

Because of the potential for bacterial contamination, it’s endorsed that deer meat is cooked earlier than served to canines. It’s best to at all times seek the advice of your canine’s veterinarian for an expert session earlier than feeding uncooked venison to your canine.

Along with the potential for bacterial contamination throughout harvesting, storing, and processing, there may be additionally the potential for wild sport like deer to hold sure illnesses, like Persistent Losing Illness.

It’s best to analyze the realm from which your venison was harvested for this and different dangers.

When you’re searching for a wholesome and protected method on your canine to obtain the dietary advantages of venison, however, you don’t have entry to contemporary deer meat, then you could need to take into account feeding your canine a business pet food formulation containing venison.

Venison-based pet food is rising in availability, notably due to its low-fat and low-cholesterol properties. In consequence, it’s simpler to enter business pet food containing venison.

Bacterial Contamination

Correctly dealt with deer meat may be as bacteria-free as other meat. Nonetheless, correct dealing with is required at two phases to stop it from changing into contaminated with microorganisms.

First, the deer should correctly be chilled after its shot. Correctly eviscerating the deer shortly after it’s killed will assist cool the carcass, which is able to cut back the unfold of any microorganism that is perhaps current.

Second, the meat has to be saved clear. The hunter should preserve any abdomen, bladder, or intestinal contents from being spilled onto the meat. As well as, the physique cavity ought to be rinsed with water or, if potential, a water/vinegar answer, to cut back the potential unfold of microorganism.

If you don’t hunt your personal deer, it’s best to buy your canine’s venison from a trusted hunter, a deer processing plant, or taxidermist that handles native sport or from a ranch you could believe to deal with the meat correctly.

Persistent losing illness is unique to North America, infecting each deer and elk in the USA and Canada.

Along with the potential for bacterial contamination, venison could also be contaminated with an illness known as continual losing illness.

Persistent losing illness is a prion illness that impacts deer and elk in additional than a dozen states and two Canadian provinces.

It’s much like mad cow illness. Though continual losing illness has not been proven to have an effect on people or domesticated animals akin to canines and cats, meat from affected animals shouldn’t be eaten.

It’s potential for ammunition fragments to change into lodged within the deer carcass. If these fragments are missed throughout processing and subsequent preparation, they will find themselves in your canine’s meal.

The chance of fragmented ammunition contaminating venison is larger in floor meat, by which the shot can change into embedded.

Venison additionally could also be contaminated by the hair, grime, and different substances that entered the wound, if the meat is badly cleaned.

Correct dealing with of the meat throughout processing or previous to feeding will reduce the danger of introducing international substances to your canine by feeding him deer meat, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

Dealing with and Processing Uncooked Venison

No matter the place the meat is obtained, it’s best to deal with uncooked venison whereas carrying rubber or latex gloves.

Venison ought to solely be processed utilizing utensils reserved for the duty, by no means with different consuming or cooking utensils.

Don’t deal with mind tissue or spinal wire tissue. Wash totally with cleaning soap and sizzling water after dealing with uncooked venison.

After utilizing utensils to the course of venison, they need to be washed totally with cleaning soap and sizzling water. After washing soak them for an hour in a 50 % answer of bleach and water, then rinse them in contemporary water.

Some extra notable advantages of consuming uncooked venison are…

  • Promotion Of Weight Loss
  • Anemia Prevention
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Promotion Of Muscle Progress
  • Brain Health Support

can dogs eat raw deer meat


Sure, your canine can get sick from the consumption of uncooked venison, however, that is not possible and is normally not attributable to the venison itself, however by the human that truly handles the venison.

So please ensure you are making ready your venison correctly by cleansing it nicely beforehand and washing off all countertops and utensils earlier than prepping.

Taking the right steps earlier than giving your canine uncooked meat will cease you from ever having to fret whether or not or not your canine will get sick.

Keep in mind to wash off any and all countertops and utensils that had been uncovered to the venison to stop any cross-contamination and to kill and wipe away any microorganism that we as people shouldn’t digest, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

The rationale for it’s because our bodies aren’t meant to digest and break down the identical issues that our canines can.

Does the dog get sick from eating raw deer meat?

Canines don’t get sick from consuming uncooked venison as a result of their carnivores and are in a position to course uncooked meat in a very totally different method than we are able to.

It is because they have got a really quick digestive system and are in a position to push no matter what they’ve eaten out pretty shortly after consuming what they only ate.

One more reason is as a result of canines have extremely acidic stomachs that forestall any kind of microorganism to colonize within them.

Have you ever ever puzzled why canines are in a position to eat nearly anything starting from poop, bathroom water, cigarette butts, and just about another disgusting factor you’ll be able to consider? Effectively, that’s the reason, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

How to save dogs from getting sick from deer meat?

As said above, your canine getting sick from uncooked venison may be very unlikely, however simply in case you’re nonetheless on the sting about whether or not it’s best to do it or not, listed here are just a few further security precautions it’s best to take into account simply in case you continue to could have some considerations and need to ensure that your canine is, actually, okay to eat it…


Canines that normally have weaker immune methods are older. Similar to a human, a sure meal that had been as soon as simple to interrupt down is not simple.

Giving your dog raw deer meat if he’s older or has a weaker immune system for another motive might trigger potential illness as he could not be capable to digest the meals or regulate to the brand new eating regimen as shortly.

I’m not saying that everyone older canines are prone to getting sick, however, it’s nonetheless one thing essential to remember earlier than giving your canine uncooked meat.


That is one factor that ought to be extraordinarily apparent, however sadly, quite a lot of us don’t give it some thought sufficient.

Maintaining your dog’s bowls clear is simply as essential as conserving your personal dishes clear, and that’s due to the elevated danger of microorganisms accumulating from extra meals caught on them after a meal.

If people by no means washed their silverware, plates, or bowls after a meal and as an alternative ate the following meal again and again with meals from the final meal nonetheless caught on it, we might be at enormous danger of catching one thing that we don’t need.

The identical factor applies to canines. If it weren’t for his or her digestive system, they might be getting sick simply as us.

So ensure you clear your canines bowls out each day or at the very least just a few instances every week.

Sure, canines have wonderful digestive methods, however sadly, they don’t seem to be invincible.


Raw venison you may be capable to get away with leaving it in there for just a little longer than every week, however, the danger of microorganism development does simply not price it.

I prepare dinner my venison earlier than I eat it, and even I set a psychological timer for the way lengthy I ought to be conserving it saved earlier than I resolve to throw it out.

If you would like, you’ll be able to experiment with this and depart your venison in there for just a few days longer, however, I’ve at all times used the one-week methodology and really feel like others ought to as nicely so as to make sure that your canine is protected every single time.

A very good rule of thumb is to maintain your canine’s sanitation the identical method you’ll maintain your personal with regards to meals or uncooked meats, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.


This is a vital one. I can’t inform you what number of instances I’ve left the home with my canines unattended simply to come back house with trash spilled everywhere in the flooring. I throw all types of various uncooked meats in my trash can, so leaving it out for my canines to get into is not a choice.

The trash is nasty regardless, however uncooked meat blended with different trash and fluids is sort of a cesspool of microorganisms.

Sadly, our canines don’t care about this and can get into no matter what they need by any means needed.

After just a few instances of coming house to very large rubbish messes, we determined to maneuver our trash can within the storage the place the canines don’t have entry to except they’re being supervised.

So make sure that to maintain your trash cans in locations the place your canines can’t get to if you end up not on the premises.


The possibilities of your canine getting sick from consuming uncooked venison are fairly low, however, should you’re like me and are overly protective of your canine and worry that all the things you give him will make him sick, then cooking your personal meals is perhaps a greater choice for you.

Being concerned about your canine’s well being every time you give him uncooked meat is perhaps just a little too hectic to take care of overtime, so offering them with very prime quality dry pet food or your personal homecooked meals is perhaps precisely what that you must ensure you’re protected and that your canine is protected as nicely.

Take away

Discovering out that giving my dog raw venison has been an enormous stress reliever.

And never just for the truth that we are able to now eat it collectively however due to all of the wonderful advantages that I discovered that it staring Boston terrier carries as nicely, which is an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not.

Us canine house owners are very passionate individuals, so ensuring that they eat simply pretty much as good as we do is essential.

Understanding that my canine will dwell an extended and more healthy life due to this new eating regimen has made me rather a lot happier as a result of for years I used to be giving my canine large named model canine meals that I actually didn’t know a complete lot about, and I do know you’re in all probability like that as nicely.

When you do all the things properly and preserve all the things sanitary earlier than and after each meal, it’s best to have completely nothing to fret about.

I’ve been feeding my canine uncooked venison for weeks now and haven’t had any bother with him getting sick, solely advantages.

After seeing how far more power my canine has had after consuming venison, I needed to share this with you so that you just and your canine can reap the advantages from this as nicely.

Take all steps to make sure the protection of you and your canine and you’ll be one joyful canine proprietor at the finish of the day, which is also an answer to the question can dogs eat raw deer meat, or not!

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