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Banana Joe Dog

The New York Times was very enthusiastic about Banana Joe dog win: “The little black monkey-dog didn’t say a phrase. Even in case you acquired very near the Banana Joe dog, you could not get him to crack a joke.” This article will give an overview of Banana Joe Dog show winter, show, Westminister dog show, etc.

This similar article described Joey as “monkey-faced” and having a “monkey-like face.” If you give 100 Affenpinschers 100 typewriters and allow them to work for 100 years.

Banana Joe dog facts

Besides his famous apelike facial construction, what are other enjoyable details concerning the five-year-old Joey?

Interesting Fact No. 1: Joey pulled off an incredible Westminster win regardless of standing subsequent to a far superior contestant, a bottom-heavy Outdated English sheepdog named Swagger with the soul of a pillow and the face of a hero.

Interesting  Fact No. 2: Even in case you don’t assume Joey deserved the win, we are able to all agree he’s a “winner” within the sense that he acquired to hang around with Swagger’s final evening.

Interesting  Fact No. 3: Joey, inarguably, did place first on the Westminster Canine Present. The “crowd favorite,” nonetheless, was Swagger, in keeping with a number of publications. In different phrases, Joey received the electoral school and Swagger received the favored vote. Kind of a home victory.

Interesting  Fact No. 4: Joey is kind of. . . outdated, isn’t he? By comparability—selecting a canine at random right here—Swagger is simply 20 months outdated. Joey is 5 years.

It’s. . . what’s the appropriate phrase right here?.. weird {that a} five-year-old and a 20-month-old had been utterly comparable.

Shouldn’t Joey be pressured to choose somebody his personal age? It’s fascinating {that a} five-year-old even cares a lot about proving he’s higher than a 20-month-old, no?

Interesting  Fact No. 5: Banana Joe, begged Swagger to “keep up a correspondence after this loopy factor is over” however Swagger doesn’t even know if he has time for one more pal.

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Banana Joe Dog

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