can dogs eat raw chicken feet

Chicken feet are a wholesome deal that provides a variety of benefits for the dog. Can dogs eat raw chicken feet? Chicken feet are a pure supply of glucosamine and chondroitin that assist preserve your canine’s joint health. And so they act as edible toothbrushes that preserve your pup’s tooth good and clear.

Can dogs eat raw chicken feet, or can’t they?

In this article, we will give an answer can dogs eat raw chicken feet?

Hen toes are tender and hole bones and plenty of cartilage. They’re a supply of calcium and might support dental health.

Any issues concerning the security of dealing with a raw rooster will be dealt with by practicing widespread sense.

Deal with them such as you would any uncooked meat that you just make for yourself. Wash your fingers, wash surfaces, and feed them to your canine in an area that’s simple to scrub.

Hen toes won’t be the prettiest canine deal with, however they’re price a re-assessment, as they provide useful health advantages for our canines.

Chicken feet are naturally wealthy in glucosamine and chondroitin, which are each identified to assist the joint health and mobility of canine and cats. As well as, rooster toes can act as edible and absolutely digestible toothbrushes, supporting gum and dental health.

I feed edible bones outdoors or within the kennel to forestall the microorganism from spreading around my home. All the time supervise your pet when chewing, as a result of any deal with, toy or chew is usually a choking hazard. In case your canine is gulper, don’t feed them rooster toes.

Given the hazards of great infections to people in dealing with uncooked rooster, and the hazards to pets from rooster bones (particularly cooked) splintering and lodging within the gastrointestinal tract from the throat to the intestines, it hardly appears definitely worth the danger, so, you get the answer can dogs eat raw chicken feet?.

He actually CAN, however, he completely shouldn’t, until you recognize the supply of your rooster toes is a clear, free vary rooster. Manufacturing rooster toes are fairly disgusting and are higher off changing into fertilizer.

Can dogs eat raw chicken feet?

Opposite to widespread opinion, your canine can eat uncooked or dehydrated rooster toes without having any issues.

They consist principally of bones, pores and skin, connective tissue, and cartilage. Don’t fear concerning the rooster bones. Hen toes bones are tiny and absolutely digestible for the canine.

In the event you’re fearful concerning the nails, you may clip them off first earlier than feeding your canine.

Whereas uncooked or dehydrated rooster toes are effective, it’s best to by no means give your canine cooked, boiled, or fried rooster toes. In excessive temperature, rooster bones can get hardened and will splinter, which causes severe accidents to your canine.

There may be some reality that cooked bones shouldn’t be given to your canine or cat. The excessive cooking temp turns rooster bones into sharp, strong, pointy splinters, which might trigger detrimental accidents if canine/cats chew on them.

Uncooked or dehydrated (dried) rooster bones are identified to be very protected because of their tender and brittle texture. When chewed, they’ll crush subsequently is not going to break into pointy objects. They’re absolutely digestible and protected for dogs and cats. Fast facet is aware, rawhides are NOT digestible and shouldn’t be given to your pets!

Hen toes primarily include pores and skin, connective tissue, cartilage, and tiny bones, making them simply digestible. This contains their nails too! YUCK:) In the event the nails creep you out, you may actually clip them, in any other case, no it’s protected to provide your pooch or kitty all the foot! Hen’s necks have related qualities minus the nails.

Aren’t chicken Bones Harmful to the dog?

Most of us have a minimum of as soon as obtained the well-intended recommendation to by no means give rooster bones to a canine.

Regardless of how typically repeated, this recommendation is just partially appropriate. It’s true that the bones of cooked, boiled or fried rooster shouldn’t be given to a canine.

The excessive cooking temperatures flip rooster bones into the arduous, glass-like buildings, which break into sharp and pointy splinters if canine chew on them. These splinters may cause severe accidents.

Raw or dehydrated (dried) rooster bones are each thought-about protected. In distinction to cooked rooster bones, their texture is reasonably tender and brittle. When chewed, they’ll crush, however not break into pointy objects. They’re absolutely digestible for a canine.

Apart from some tiny bones, rooster toes principally include pores and skin, connective tissue, and cartilage.

That is what makes them simply digestible. This additionally contains their nails. In the event, you really feel uncomfortable about them, simply clip them off.

Benefits of chicken feet

Chicken feet and Chicken necks are naturally wealthy in protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are constructing blocks of cartilage and connective tissue.

In case your canine is affected by arthritis, rooster toes are probably the most efficient and least expensive arthritis therapy for the canine.

They’re naturally stuffed with protein, glucosamine, chondroitin, minerals, and collagen. Glucosamine and chondroitin are pure compounds present in cartilage.

It comprises about 30% cartilage, and this cartilage is about 5% glucosamine. With 5% glucosamine, every rooster foot has about 450mg of glucosamine.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are particularly helpful for treating dogs with arthritis or stiff joints.

These two pure compounds assist restore the broken cartilage and scale back the irritation and joint ache earlier than it turns into too extreme.

Hen toes are additionally a pure toothbrush. As your canine chews and gnaws rooster toes, they rub plaque off the tooth floor, maintaining your canine’s tooth clear.


Quite a few research over time has confirmed the highly effective constructive results of glucosamine and chondroitin supplementation for joint well being, arthritis, affecting the general mobility of canine and cats.

In case your canine is affected by arthritis, your holistic or vet skilled will possibly advocate glucosamine and chondroitin to assist your pets’ joints.

The very best option to complement any wanted nutrient is through the pure entire meal sources, similar to these uncooked rooster toes or these dehydrated ones. Every rooster foot has about 450mg of glucosamine.

Dental benefits

Dental illness is the most typical illness in canine, affecting 76% of all canines in the USA. Since 2006, there was a 23.3% enhance in the prevalence of dental illness in canine, with regular progress every year.

Dental illness is without doubt one of the most typical ailments in our canine and feline associates. Correct dental care is vital for the canine.

In any other case, it will possibly result in unhealthy breath, and if left untreated is usually a supply of infection for sickness affecting the center, liver, and kidney.

A technique to make sure the dental well-being of your cats and canine is the common brushing of their tooth.

This could ideally be achieved day by day, utilizing this natural, simple to use pure gel. Apply together with your finger or this finger brush.

If brushing your pet’s tooth shouldn’t be a choice, then strive to give them rooster toes or rooster necks as a substitute.

When canine chew on them, this course will naturally take away plaque and tartar build-up on their tooth.

OH, and one other facet is aware, rooster necks are additionally glorious for naturally cleaning your pet’s anal glands!

Where to purchase chicken feet?

Chicken feet are sometimes obtainable at your native farmers market, butcher outlets, and or within the meat division of grocery shops. In case you are not into uncooked feeding, take a look at these dried rooster toes by barkworthies.

They state for canine, nonetheless, they’re protected for cats too! The benefit of dried rooster toes over uncooked toes is that they’re simpler to deal with and retailer.

The crunchy texture of dehydrated rooster toes and necks additionally affords extra highly effective cleansing results for the tooth.

When shopping for dehydrated or uncooked rooster toes or necks (or any/all canine/cat/pet meals/treats) we strongly advise buying from most (not all) imported sources.

Ideally sourced and produced solely from nations that have carried out high-quality management measures similar to; the USA, Canada, Australia, OR New Zealand.

It’s most popular to provide your canine and cats the entire uncooked or freeze-dried/dehydrated rooster foot or rooster neck, nonetheless,

In the event, you simply can’t abdomen the feel and appearance of uncooked rooster toes or rooster necks, Dr. Tim’s makes these high-quality handy freeze-dried rooster necks. They’ve damaged up rooster necks into freeze-dried chips. Tremendous cool.

Dehydrated and raw chicken feet and necks :

  • Wealthy in glucosamine and chondroitin to assist joint well being and mobility
  • A totally digestible dental chew, which helps to take away plaque and tartar
  • No antibiotics, hormones, steroids, components, or preservatives
  • Ethically sourced

How many chicken feet to give a dog?

Relying on the load and dimension of your canine or cat, we advocate giving them between one to 2 toes and/or necks each different day.

Observe your pet all the time when feeding any treats or chews. Ensure that to supply your pets loads of recent water all the time.

Lastly, please all the time search the recommendation of a holistic veterinarian on how one can finest complement your canine’s food regimen with new components and treats.

It’s all the time finest to observe variation, moderation, and steadiness when introducing new chews, meals, treats to your pets.


We advocate storing all of our pure treats within the freezer or fridge since they don’t include any preservatives.

No must thaw, your canine will love them frozen! Please supervise your pet whereas giving a deal with or chew and eliminate correctly if it turns into a choking hazard or develops sharp edges. Please present loads of recent water when giving any chew or deal with.

As a result of we’re recommending pure treats, sizing, shade, and look could fluctuate—that is regular. You might also discover a pure scent and oil where your pet chews; this pure oil could stain your furnishings, carpeting, or different surfaces.

To stop damage and choking hazards, please watch your pet whereas they get pleasure from this deal with and be sure you select the suitable dimension chew.

Arthritis in dogs

Osteoarthritis is the most typical sort of arthritis in dog, affecting around 20% of grownup dogs within the US.

It’s a degenerative bone illness that slowly breaks and wears down the cushioning cartilage inside a joint.

Arthritis causes your canine’s ligament to regularly deteriorates over time which impacts your canine’s mobility. Consequently, your canine can have problems enjoying, climbing, and even transferring around the home.

The right way to Deal with Arthritis in dogs

In canine with arthritis, extra weight could make the cartilage breakdown quicker. Subsequently, sustaining a wholesome weight and figuring out early indicators of arthritis in canine are the primary steps in treating arthritis in canine.

Right here’re some early indicators of arthritis in dogs:

  • Lameness.
  • Slowness in motion.
  • Simple to get irritated, aggravated, and indignant.
  • Change in motion sample and posture.

can dogs eat raw chicken feet
After a change in food regimen, your vet probably will prescribe canine arthritis dietary supplements to scale back the irritation and joint ache.

Along with the usage of joint dietary supplements, your vet could advocate different remedy modalities similar to physiotherapy, weight administration, acupuncture, and chilly laser.

In extreme circumstances, surgical procedures could also be essential to take away the broken cartilage.

Dental health for Canines

Dental illness is without doubt one of the most typical medical situations in canine. Your canine’s dental health is more vital to your canine than you would possibly understand.

The primary early signal of poor dental health is unhealthy breath. Don’t simply assume an unhealthy breath is one thing pure for the canine.

When left untreated, this unhealthy breath can result in periodontal illness that may trigger plenty of harm to your canine’s mouth. Over a time frame, plaque and tartar will begin to build up and finally trigger gum illness, tooth decay, and even abscess.

Additional research has proven that periodontal illness doesn’t solely have an effect on your dog’s mouth, however, it may trigger harm to the center, kidney, and liver of your canine.

Common brushing is one option to preserve your canine’s dental health in prime kind. In the event you’re too lazy to do it typically or should you suppose your canine is providing you with a tough time, present them with rooster toes as a substitute.

Chewing on rooster toes naturally rubs plaque off the tooth floor, and spreads the protecting saliva around your canine’s tooth.

So rooster toes are usually not solely good in your canine’s joint but in addition, preserve your canine’s tooth glowing and wholesome.
Different Pure Sources of Glucosamine

Hen toes are most likely the most effective and the most cost-effective pure supply of glucosamine. Different pure sources of glucosamine embrace beef trachea, pig ears, duck toes, and the necks of geese, turkeys, and lambs.

Like rooster toes, the meat trachea is an edible chew deal loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin. Every beef trachea comprises about 5% glucosamine.

This implies a 30-gram chunk of the meat trachea has about 1,400 mg of glucosamine. And that’s sufficient for many canines since a medium-sized arthritic canine solely wants about 1,000mg of glucosamine day by day.

Make sure you examine if the rooster toes offered are freed from hormones and antibiotics.

As for dehydrated rooster toes, you may get them online at Amazon. When you have a dehydrator, you should purchase uncooked rooster toes and dry them out if you would like.

When selecting between uncooked or dehydrated rooster toes, I’d advocate shopping for the dehydrated ones.

Dehydrated rooster toes are neat, simpler to the retailer, and don’t scent unhealthy. However, when you open the package deal, you need to retailer them within the fridge or freezer as they will go unhealthy at room temperature.

Keep away from shopping for rooster toes imported from China. Whereas they could be cheaper than native rooster toes, rooster toes from China don’t have any high-quality management over their product.

What is the price?

On common, uncooked rooster toes value solely $6.00/lb. Dehydrated rooster toes are dearer, they value around $68/lb, however, they are nonetheless cheaper in comparison with glucosamine dietary supplements for the dog.

I hope this article satisfies your question can dogs eat raw chicken feet?

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