german shepherd golden retriever mix

Noticeably pigmented in appearance, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is ​​an intelligent and trainable hybrid that results from combining a German Shepherd dog with a Golden Retriever. With active parent cubs, a german shepherd and golden retriever mix are playful, affectionate, and eager to please a companion.

The Golden Retriever combines two very popular varieties of the German Shepherd mix. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the German Shepherd is the second most popular dog and the Golden Retriever is third.

Both breeds are smart, athletic, and dedicated dogs that make great pets, and for a reason, these should also be noted when testing the popular A Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix.

With all the cross mixes, there is no way to tell the exact proportions and characteristics taken from their parents. But we have a solid idea of ​​what you can expect with the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix.

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When you walk into a dog’s room full of people, the two most sought after by most people are the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd. And when you combine these two breeds, you have a pet in your home that welcomes you home, provides protection even when you are curious and loving to be intelligent and happy.

If you are thinking of bringing the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix to your home, here are a few things to consider so that you are ready to kiss, tail wag, and play, as well as some health issues that you should know about as your dog ages.


Since both breeds are large-sized, your Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix may possibly be a big dog. Most German Shepherds weigh around 70 pounds with a recovery. Both dogs stand 24 inches tall.

Get ready for a fat bed, especially if you want to take your furry friend from your bed to the floor at night if he wants to sleep with you!

If you’ve paid attention to a German Shepherd, you’ve probably noticed that the ears are pointed and most of them are brown and black. But there are other colors that can be involved, including Silver and White.

A German Shepherd’s clothing is not illegal and can be operated easily if left unattended. However, they have a bushy tail.

The Golden Retriever has long hair and is solidly golden with different shades of gold depending on the perfect qualities from his parents. This means that your dog may have a restorative color or some other way featuring the Shepherd.

Take a look at your dog’s parents so that you can get a better idea of ​​the features and colors that there are several combinations that can be displayed.


The nature and personality of your dog will depend on many factors. It is important to train your dog how to act when indoors and outdoors because sometimes there are two different personalities depending on the job you have asked about your dog.

A German Shepherd is a herd. It is protective and extremely loyal. The breeder is also very knowledgeable and understands what to do before he can understand it.

The Golden Retriever, though a loyal and knowledgeable breed, is not as protective. It is a readily available dog that people love to be around.

Sometimes, a German shepherd can exhibit guardianship, meaning your pet is overly protective. This is a problem that can be handled through proper training.

Overall, your Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix will be smart to give you the love and support you need from many proprietary dogs.

german shepherd golden retriever mix


Hip dysplasia and arthritis are common health concerns for both the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. They enjoy being active which can affect the bones and joints of the hips and legs. Allergies seem to be the problem in both varieties.


German Shepherd has a waterproof coat. However, due to the dual layers, it is a dog that is known for dinging

The Golden Retriever also has a thick coat of hair. This means that you are probably cleaning your furniture and floors because your dog is always spread out.

Golden retrievers have known formatting hair together. If you have the specialty of a mixed dog, you should consider going to a groomer at least once a month to trim and brush your puppy’s hair. While at home, use a brush that can reach the layers under the hair to keep the coat shiny, healthy, and clutter-free.

Check your dog’s nails regularly as they can get long very quickly. Also check the ears for wax as both types of ear pockets are deep and can accumulate wax in a short time.

Training and practice are required

Your dog will need adequate exercise regardless of the characteristics of one parent or another. Both dogs are quite active and enjoy running around.

Keep the activity a bit low, however, if you notice more shepherd qualities due to a few hip problems that can develop progeny later in life. Start slowly with making stamina so your dog can build the muscles needed to play and walk.

Once your dog is older, you should continue to exercise lightly so that it does not become disturbed as it may decide to use your favorite shoe as a tea toy. Both varieties enjoy emotional tension. Try using a few different puzzles while training and playing.

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix enjoyed positive reinforcement compared to negative words and actions. It is good to use with both breeds of behavior, but do not always rely on the use of training your dog as they have high intelligence.

This mix also requires companionship and a strong desire to love others. This means that a Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix may not be a good option if no one is home for the day or you frequently go out of town and have to leave your dog for a short time without quality interaction with people.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix: Is It Right For You?

You will find the best of both worlds with the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix: an incredibly popular puppy breed but with the twist that they combined to create a completely unique canine.

Keep in mind that this dog is not a small fry. On average, expect it to weigh at least 70 pounds. You must be sure that you have a place to stay for a dog of this size and this is a yard of choice.

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix is ​​both smart and loyal, which is a great combination. This may be a bit lacking, but make sure you have the time and energy to make a promise before bringing your dog to your home.

Lastly, the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix is ​​an incredibly sweet and cute dog that will make a great addition to the right family.

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