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White Weimaraner

The white Weimaraner is your greatest good friend, companion, and a source of unconditional love. Chances are that you just selected her since you like Weimies and also you anticipated her to have sure traits that will suit your way of life:

Good watchdog with a loud bark
Highly clever and trainable
Wonderful companion and the family dog
Has a brief, easy-to-care-for coat
Lively, with a pleasant personality
Large, sturdy, and athletic, with a lot of stamina

However, no dog is ideal! You might have additionally observed these traits:

Sees cats and small animals as prey until skilled in any other case
Needs lots of exercises
Prone to boredom and separation anxiousness when left alone and can discover bother
Needs frequent consideration from her family

White Weimaraners have a personality, and you like her for it! A natural learner, she craves steering and leadership. When supplied with loads of bodily and psychological training she makes a mild and loving pal.

White Weimaraners had been developed in Germany throughout the 17th century and first delivered to the United States in 1929. They had been initially bred to hunt, level, and retrieve. They hunted wolves, deer, bears, and birds.

Today, Weimies take part in obedience, searching, agility, and fly-ball. Bred as all-goal high-endurance canine, white Weimaraners need to be stored busy to stop chewing and different harmful behaviors. They have low grooming necessities and are average shedders. Weimies have a median life span of 10-14 years.


The white Weimaraner dog breed appeared in a Van Dyke portrayal of the early 1600s. It is believed that the breed comes from inventory much like the German Shorthaired Pointer, with Bloodhound being added early by way of crosses with one or more of the assorted Schweisshund breeds.

The breed takes its name from the court docket of Karl August, Grand Duke of Weimar, and was as soon as used to hunt large sport, wolves, wildcats, deer, mountain lion and bears, and many others.

When the large sport disappeared from Europe by the late 1800s, the white Weimaraner canine turned a rarity. However, with selective breeding, they turned into small sport hunters and bird dogs.


White Weimaraners are all-around canines who love family life. They are pleasant and energetic, however, with their vigilance, make wonderful guard canines.

They are very sturdy characters so are usually not the perfect first dog for a novice proprietor, however when you’ve got the experience and might socialize, prepare and train them, they make a really rewarding companion.


White Weimaraners will need to have common long walks to maintain them calm in the home. If they don’t get sufficient trains, they will grow to be very harmful and sad.

They like to swim and retrieve and each of these activities maintains their lively minds occupied. A grownup white Weimaraner wants two-plus hours of normal day by day train together with ongoing coaching.

White Weimaraner Grooming

The short-haired white Weimaraner dog is, without doubt, one of the best breeds to maintain clear with little or no grooming required.

Even when he has been by way of the muddiest of fields, the dust appears to fall off him very simply, leaving you with nothing to do, however ‘polish’ up his coat!

The more uncommon longer-haired selection, with a coat of two.5-5cm in size and feathering, does, nonetheless require more consideration. They ought to be brushed and combed recurrently. A check ought to be made on their ears routinely to make sure they’re free from infections.

White Weimaraner Care

Much of what you are able to do to maintain your dog pleased and wholesome is widespread sense, identical to it’s for people.

Watch her diet, make sure that she will get loads of train, recurrently brush her enamel and coat, and call us or a pet emergency hospital when one thing appears uncommon (see “What to Watch For” beneath). Be certain to stick to the schedule of examinations and vaccinations that we suggest for her.

This is after we’ll give her the necessary “check-ups” and check for illnesses and situations which are widespread in Weimies. Another essential step in caring for your pet is signing up for pet medical health insurance.

There will definitely be medical checks and procedures she’s going to need all through her life and pet medical health insurance will enable you to cover these prices.

White Weimaraner

Routine Care, Diet, and Exercise

Build her routine care into your schedule to assist your Grey Ghost to stay longer, keep more healthy, and be happier throughout her lifetime. We can not overemphasize the significance of a correct diet and train routine.

Supervise your pet as you’ll a toddler. Keep doors closed, decide up after yourself, and block off rooms as necessary. This will maintain her out of bothering and away from objects she shouldn’t put in her mouth.
Brush her coat at the least weekly.
white Weimaraners usually have good enamel, and you’ll maintain them well by brushing them at least twice every week!
Clean her ears weekly, at the same time as a pet. Don’t fear—we’ll present you the way!
She requires lots of trains; at least an hour each day!
She’s a social dog, not meant for long-term kennel life.
Keep your dog’s diet constant and don’t give her people meals.
Feed a high-quality diet acceptable for her age.
Exercise your dog recurrently, but don’t overdo it at first.

What to Watch For

Any irregular symptom might be an indication of significant illness, or it might simply be a minor or short-term downside. The essential factor is to have the ability to inform when to hunt veterinary assistance and the way urgently.

Many illnesses trigger a canine to have a characteristic mixture of signs, which collectively could be a clear sign that your white Weimaraner wants help.

Office calls

Give us a call for an appointment in case you discover any of all these indicators:

Change in urge for food or water consumption
Tartar build-up, dangerous breath, red gums, or damaged enamel
Itchy pores and skin (scratching, chewing, or licking), hair loss
Lethargy, psychological dullness, or extreme sleeping
Fearfulness, aggression, or different behavioral adjustments
Lumps or bumps – no matter size
Dry, scaly, typically itchy hairless patches on face or paws


Seek medical care instantly in case you discover any of all these indicators:

Scratching or shaking the pinnacle, tender ears, or ear discharge
Inability or straining to urinate; discolored urine
Cloudiness, redness, itching, or some other abnormality involving the eyes
Dry heaving or a big, tight, painful stomach
Tiring simply, coughing, a swollen stomach, or fainting/collapse
Leg stiffness, reluctance to rise, sit, use stairs, run, soar, or “bunny hopping”

Weimaraner’s Health

Many illnesses and health situations are genetic, which means they’re associated with your pet’s breed.

There is a basic consensus amongst canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the situations we’ve described herein have a major price of incidence and/or impression on this breed.

That doesn’t imply your dog could have these issues; it simply signifies that she is more in danger than other dogs.

We will describe the most typical points seen in white Weimaraners to offer you a thought of what might come up in her future.

Of course, we can’t cover each risk right here, so at all times verify with us in case you discover any uncommon indicators or signs.

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