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west highland white terrier

West Highland white terrier, additionally known as westie, a short-legged canine standing 10 to 11 inches (25 to 28 cm) tall and weighing 13 to 19 kilos (6 to eight.5 kg). Its coat is pure white and consists of a tender furry undercoat overlaid by a straight, onerous outer coat.

West Highland white terrier facts

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It’s thought that this breed of terrier is descended from the identical ancestral inventory as the opposite Scottish terriers—the Dandie Dinmont, Scottish, and cairn terriers.

The breed most likely originated at Poltalloch, within the former county of Argyll, Scotland. It was bred there for a few years by the Malcolm household, whose canine look traceable again to the time of King James I of England.

West Highland white terriers are instantly identifiable by their dense, harsh white coats. These are pretty brief coats however powerful sufficient to push by means of brambles and harsh sufficient to shed dust simply. The coat must be clipped or hand stripped to work out the lifeless undercoat.

The white shade helped their guardians to see them within the fields and distinguish them from the prey they had been searching for.

Regardless of the white coat shade, this canine should not albinos. They need to have darkish pigment across the eyes, mouth, and nostrils.

The ears are prick and the tail reasonable in size and durable. The sturdy tail is used to haul the canine again out of underground burrows after they pursue their prey.

West Highland white terriers are energetic and fast to run after virtually something in movement, and so they possess a playful temperament.

The West Highland white terrier made its debut at a canine present at Crufts in London in 1907.

The next yr the breed was first registered with the American Kennel Membership beneath the title “Roseneath Terrier,” earlier than formally adopting its present title in 1909.

West Highland white terrier Character

Westies are typical terriers. They’re sensible, unbiased, and a bit of cussing. Clearly, they’re powerful, decided little canine to be keen to go underground after a fox or badger.

This may make them of a handful to coach, and far persistence and firmness are so as. They’re full of life and enjoyable canine however don’t at all times really feel the necessity for the human path.

Once more, exhibiting the terrier temperament, Westies should not at all times good with different dogs that they haven’t been raised with and might be harmful around different small home pets equivalent to bunnies. As befits their heritage, they tend to be nuisance barkers and critical diggers.

West Highland white terrier Companions

Terriers basically are straightforward dogs to maintain, bred to exist on scraps and their very own searching abilities.

An excessive amount of indulging in wealthy treats can result in a really heavy canine. These are hardy little dogs, usually residing nicely into their teen years.

All Westies must be socialized early and constantly, particularly to different dogs and to different pets. These are canine nonetheless near their roots of searching and do greatest with loads of train.

Left to their very own gadgets, they are going to excavate your yard and bark whereas doing so. Westies are alert and can alarm bark to defend their houses and families.

west highland white terrier

West Highland white terrier basically ought to begin coaching as quickly as doable and with artistic and constructive strategies, backed up by an agency hand.

West Highland White Terrier does nicely at many dogs’ sports activities together with obedience, agility, and earth canine trials.

They take pleasure in the human form, however, you need to socialize them to youngsters and demand they settle for dealing with and grooming.

Grooming of the West Highland white terrier might be so simple as having the canine clipped a few instances a yr or as time-consuming as hand stripping a present canine’s coat.

West Highland White Terrier At a glance

Weight Range:
Male: 15-21 lbs.
Female: 15-21 lbs.

Height at Withers:
Male: 11 in.
Female: 10 in.


Upright ears (naturally)


Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Very energetic
Longevity Range: 12 -14
Tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low
Tendency to Bark: High
Tendency to Dig: High Social/Attention Needs: High

Bred For:

Fox, badger, vermin hunting


Length: Short
Characteristics: Double coat, hard coat, straight
Colors: White
Overall Grooming Needs: High
Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Terrier
UKC Classification: Terrier
Prevalence: Common

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