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The regal black Weimaraner was bred as a looking companion for gents who wished a companionable sporting dog. The energetic breed is at all times blissful to take to the path or the sphere, and any likelihood to run is gladly accepted.

Black Weimaraner profile

This majestic breed has a placing silver-grey coat and noteworthy eye color. As a big, spirited dog, the black Weimaraner is happiest when each body and thoughts have sufficient stimulation. People with an energetic way of life are the very best match for the full of life Weim.

This prized breed was troublesome to search out outdoors of Germany till the 1920s, however is now one of the fashionable breeds in America because of its loving nature.

Other Names

Black Weimaraners are also called black Weimaraner Vorstehhund; nicknames embody the gray ghost, silver ghost, and Weim. Their intelligence has earned them the nickname ‘the dog with the human mind.’

Physical Description/Breed Standard

Coat – black Weimaraners display a regal gray to the silver-colored brief, {smooth}, single coat. A black Weimaraner with a black or blue coat might also be registered, however, these colors will disqualify him from the present ring.

Weim puppies are born with tiger stripes that fade utterly a couple of days after birth. After an injury, the fur might develop back white as a substitute for gray.

Though the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t acknowledge long-haired black Weimaraners, these pups could also be born to parents who ever carry the recessive long-haired gene.

Male: 70–90 Pounds
Female: 55–75 Pounds

Breed Standard and History

The swish black Weimaraner ought to be regal in stature, but with a stance, that means stamina and the power to work.

The pores and skin is drawn tightly over the long head and neck, and long ears are set high atop the pinnacle. A black Weimaraner’s clever eyes are available light amber, gray, or blue-grey.

He has a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, and a reasonable tuck, making a glossy silhouette. The {smooth}, brief coat is available in shades of gray or silver with a white spot allowed on the chest, whereas blue or black coloring is disqualified.

Long coats are additionally a disqualification. A docked tail ought to measure six inches in maturity. The easy, swish gait ought to be {smooth}. A pleasant, obedient temperament is required, without worry, shyness, or nervousness. – AKC Breed Standards

Originally used as a gundog and companion for the Aristocracy, the black Weimaraner was bred to strict requirements. It was named for the Grand Duke of Weimar who’s credited for creating the breed.

The black Weimaraner dates to the 19th century and was first known as the Weimar Pointer, although data and artwork recommending comparable dogs might have been present within the court docket of Louis IX of France within the 13th century.

A mixture of Bloodhound and German Shorthair Pointer might have been the source of the present breed.

In a try to keep up strict breed requirements, Germany restricted possession to accepted members of the German black Weimaraner Club, and no canines might be bred without their consent.

Any canines not appropriate for breeding had been sterilized, and it was uncommon for any black Weimaraner to be exported from the area.

Howard Knight, an American, was accepted into the German black Weimaraner Club and allowed to import black Weimaraners to America for breeding. The reputation of this hard-to-get black Weimaraner grew and the black Weimaraner Club of America was shaped in 1942.

The AKC acknowledged the black Weimaraner in 1943. President Dwight D. Eisenhower owned a black Weimaraner named Heidi, resulting in the breed’s gain in reputation.

Energy Levels

The extraordinarily high energy level of the black Weimaraner breed makes for an athletic dog who wants a substantial quantity of training to forestall rambunctious, damaging behaviors.

Black Weimaraner Specific Concerns

Separation anxiousness is widespread
High train wants
Often incompatible with small animals because of a high prey drive
May display damaging behaviors equivalent to chewing or digging
May bark if bored or left alone
Not very best for first-time dog house owners

Black Weimaraner Family Life

Is black Weimaraners Good with Kids? The black Weimaraner is a pleasant, outgoing dog who typically does effectively with kids. But as a result of his massive and high-energy, he might inadvertently knock over babies.

Is black Weimaraners Good with Other Pets? The looking intuition and prey drive are sturdy in black Weimaraners, and they’re more likely to chase or injure small animals equivalent to cats, rodents, and small canines.

They might do effectively with different canines if socialized from an early age, however, without correct socialization, they will display dominant and even aggressive behaviors.

Black Weimaraner


Black Weimaraners are extremely motivated. The breed responds effectively to treats throughout coaching periods. The basic advice for a lot of high-quality dry dog meals (based mostly on common weight and exercise level) is to feed 2 to a few cups of meals per day.

This quantity ought to be cut up between two or three meals and ought to be fed after intensive exercise to forestall bloat.

black Weimaraners are recognized to ‘counter surf,’ or search countertops, trash cans, and sinks for meals objects. It is vital to dam entry and discourages this undesirable behavior for the dog’s security.


The black Weimaraner has been used to protect houses all through history. They are watchful and alert and can bark on the method of a stranger, so the Weim might make an admirable watchdog—without viciousness or aggressive behaviors.


The black Weimaraner is a pleasant, loyal companion with an alert and obedient disposition. His intelligence, paired with a daring, headstrong nature, ends in an assertive dog who takes advantage from early, ongoing coaching and loads of exercise to forestall boredom and damaging behaviors. Hunting traits and prey drive are nonetheless present in this sporting breed.

Black Weimaraner Exercise

High-energy black Weimaraners need loads of bodily exercise to be able to be blissful and well-behaved. The more exercise, the happier this energetic breed can be.

They need one to 2 hours of high-impact train per day to forestall undesirable behaviors. Walking is commonly not sufficient for this breed—black Weimaraners favor burning off energy by working or jogging.


The athletic black Weimaraner is a dog with an abundance of energy and high endurance. His stamina means he might wish to preserve going, even after you are able to call it a day. While Weims are normally raring to go, you will need to slowly construct as much as strenuous exercise. Bones proceed to develop till the dog reaches two years of age, so high-impact exercise ought to wait till maturity.


Black Weimaraners are high-energy, excitable canines who’re higher behaved indoors in the event that they obtain loads of out of doors exercise all through the day. They need rigorous play and train to forestall inappropriate or damaging behaviors.

This people-loving dog likes to be indoors along with his family, typically a step behind an individual always. Separation anxiousness is widespread in black Weimaraners.

They don’t make the very best condo canines as they have a high energy level and need area to run. Crate coaching is advisable as it might be destructive when left alone.

Black Weimaraner Outdoor

The regal black Weimaraner was bred as a looking dog who can deal with the circumstances open air, however was additionally meant to reside as a companion animal.

They get pleasure from spending time in the open air with their family and need loads of train—however, they aren’t meant to reside in the open air.

They do not kennel effectively because of their need to be close to people. black Weimaraners are more likely to chase small animals and roam and are recognized to unlatch kennels and gates on their very own—so they need to be supervised whereas open air.

Black Weimaraner Grooming

This brief, smooth-coated breed sheds year-round, however doesn’t require extreme grooming or care. Brushing weekly and baths as necessary are normally all that’s required for the low-maintenance black Weimaraner coat, which repels grime naturally.

Weims are recognized to roll in smelly patches of ground, so bathing could also be necessary to take away odors. Trimming nails repeatedly will assist stop painful splitting, cracking, or breaking.

Droopy ears just like the black Weimaraner’s ought to be cleaned repeatedly to forestall an infection. Skin irritation can present in black Weimaraners; the most typical causes are meals allergy symptoms or sensitivity to grooming merchandise.

Activity distance score

Running Miles: A well-conditioned grownup black Weimaraner could possibly handle a 10-mile run with energy to spare. Some black Weimaraners have accompanied their house owners on marathons.

Hiking Miles: black Weimaraners in good well being might get pleasure from climbing as much as 20 miles.


Time The people-loving black Weimaraner doesn’t do effectively on his personal for long durations of time. He requires loads of stimulation, each psychological and bodily.

Weims typically display behaviors associated with separation anxiety equivalent to chewing, digging, and barking. They are happiest when they’re close to their family. black Weimaraners left residence alone ought to be crate skilled to forestall damaging behaviors.

Life Expectancy

10 – 13 years

Black Weimaraner Trainability

While the black Weimaraner is a very smart breed, he could also be cussed. Weims can study primary obedience with ease if constant, ongoing coaching begins in early puppyhood. black Weimaraners aren’t the very best for first-time house owners without a devoted coaching plan and assets.

Advanced coaching is an ideal option to burn off among the black Weimaraner’s extra energy. Their intelligence and spectacular problem-solving skills make them a great choice for superior coaching equivalent to agility, dock diving, superior tips, nose work, monitoring, and remedy canines.

Weims admire the time they can spend with their people through superior coaching and competitors.

Originally bred as a gentleman’s looking companion, the black Weimaraner is a stable selection as a looking dog. He has a natural intuition to hunt and his eager nostril makes him an admirable scent dog.

The black Weimaraner’s rambunctious nature might make for a troublesome first-time-looking dog. They’re implausible pointers and trackers and retrieve without hesitation.

Early, continued coaching is necessary to channel the black Weimaraner’s energy and smarts in an advantageous method. An older, skilled dog will assist a younger black Weimaraner study the ropes within the discipline.

Unlike different looking breeds, black Weimaraners shouldn’t be anticipated to reside in kennel surroundings, as they’re a social breed.

Health Issues

While that is usually a wholesome breed, among the more widespread health issues for the black Weimaraner are:

Prone to bloat
Eye illnesses
Elbow dysplasia

You can decrease severe health issues in a black Weimaraner by buying him from a good breeder who engages in accountable breeding practices, and through screening for widespread illnesses and circumstances.

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