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The blue Weimaraner puppies is a big dog that was initially bred for searching within the early 19th century. Early blue Weimaraner puppies had been utilized by royalty for searching giant sport reminiscent of boar, bear, and deer.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies profile

One look into the fascinating amber or blue-green eyes of the blue Weimaraner puppies and also you’ll be hooked. This stunning and athletic dog breed sports activities a uniform coat that’s metal gray in shade.

Originally bred to be a sportsman’s companion, the blue Weimaraner puppies—or Weir, for brief—is a flexible dog breed that’s blissful on the hunt however likes to be a part of your own home life.


The precise origins of this breed are unknown though a dog of the blue Weimaraner puppies sort appeared in a Van Dyke portrayal of the early 1600s.

It is believed that the breed comes from stock much like the German Short-Haired Pointer, with Bloodhound being added early by means of crosses with one or more of the assorted Schweiss und breeds.

The breed takes its name from the nobles of the court docket of Charles August, Grand Duke of Weimar, and was as soon as used to hunt large sport, wolves, wildcats, deer, mountain lion and bears, and many others.

When the large sport disappeared from Europe by the late 1800s, Weims became a rarity. However, with selective breeding, they grew to become small sport hunters and bird dogs, as soon as once more, growing their reputation.

Their breeding was stored an in-depth secret in Germany for a few years by a really strict breed membership and it was not till 1929 that the blue Weimaraner puppies were launched to America by Howard Knight, a member of the breed society membership of Germany.

In 1943, the American Kennel Club granted official recognition to those dogs.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies Description

With their shimmering metal, glossy, brief coat, and amber or blue eyes, blue Weimaraner puppies are one of the vital excellent breeds. Weims are the tallest of the gundog group.

They are sleek with velocity, stamina, and endurance giving them ‘star high quality’ and an amazing presence, emulating the thoroughbred stayer within the horse world.

There are two completely different varieties, the short-haired and the long-haired, the latter being much less frequent, and, certainly, not accepted within the United States. It is regular for the short-haired to be docked to roughly 15cms and the tail of the long-haired solely tipped.


When adults, the blue Weimaraner puppies are large in size.


The blue Weimaraner puppies’ predominant coloration is silver gray with shades of mouse or roe-grey being seen. It is kind of frequent for them to have a darkish dorsal stripe.

Coat Length

Blue Weimaraner puppies have short, smooth coats all over their bodies.

Weight/Height Range

Dogs stand between 61 to 69cms and weigh around 27kgs whereas bitches are between 56 to 64cms, weighing around 22.5kgs.


Blue Weimaraner puppies are affected by the standard canine issues however with no great frequency.

They are, nonetheless, prone to 2 more uncommon issues: spinal dysraphism which is a severe although non-lethal situation, affecting the gait and giving an uncommon stance that resembles a crouched place. Ear infections are simply acquired as a result of drop-eared conformation.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies

Breed Classification

Blue Weimaraner puppies belong to the Gundog group and while nonetheless well-liked as a working dog, their distinctive look is now making them more interesting as companion dogs.

Because of his studying capacity, they’re additionally utilized in obedience and subject trials. Weims are additionally seen in rising numbers within the present ring.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies Personality

This breed makes a superb companion as their all-around dogs who love family life. They are pleasant, clever, and energetic, however, with their vigilance, make wonderful guard canines if their house or family are threatened.

If they’re correctly skilled when younger, they may combine with different animals within the family though they don’t like unusual dogs. Because of their dominance, they don’t seem to be really helpful for first-time dog homeowners.


Blue Weimaraner puppies are quick-witted, wanting to please and have the intelligence to know what’s required of them.

Their handler has to be very assured when coping with them as they’re a really dominant breed. Training ought to start very early to discourage chewing, house-soiling, and different unhealthy habits.


Blue Weimaraner puppies have a high proportion of energy

Suitability for Children

Blue Weimaraner puppies have high suitability for children.

Tendency to Bark

Blue Weimaraner puppies have a medium tendency to bark

Overall Exercise Requirement

Blue Weimaraner puppies MUST have regular long walks to maintain them calm in the home. If they don’t get sufficient trains, they will change into very damaged and sad. They like to swim and retrieve and each of these activities holds their energetic minds occupied.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies Grooming

The short-haired blue Weimaraner puppies are among the best breeds to maintain clear with little or no grooming required. Even when he has been by means of the muddiest of fields the grime appears to fall off him very simply, leaving you with nothing to do, however ‘polish’ up his coat!

The more uncommon longer-haired selection, with a coat of about 5cms, does, nonetheless require more consideration. They ought to be brushed and combed often. A check ought to be made on their ears routinely to make sure they’re free from infections.

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