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Great Pyrenees Puppies

The Great Pyrenees puppies are a big, thickly coated, and immensely highly effective working dog bred to discourage sheep-stealing wolves and different predators on snowy mountaintops. Pyrs as we speak are mellow companions and vigilant guardians of residence and family.

Great Pyrenees Puppies profile

Frequently described as “majestic,” Great Pyrenees puppies are huge, immensely robust mountain dogs standing as high as 32 inches on the shoulder and infrequently tipping the scales at more than 100 kilos.

These steadfast guardians normally exhibit a Zen-like calm, however, they will rapidly spring into motion and transfer with grace and velocity to fulfill a risk. The lush weatherproof coat is all white, or white with markings of lovely shades of grey, tan, reddish-brown, or badger.


Fossil stays of dogs much like the Great Pyrenees puppies have been present in Bronze Age deposits dating back from 1800 to 1000 B.C. For lots of years, such dogs labored with peasant shepherds within the isolation of the Pyrenees Mountains that separate Spain and France.

With the arrival of medieval instances, the wonder, magnificence, and character of those majestic white Pyrenees have been now not a secret.

According to the Great Pyrenees puppies Club of America, a 12th-century bas-relief sculpture of a Pyr graces the North Gate of Carcassone in France.

French writings of 200 years later describe the work of the “Great Dogs of the Mountains” as being canine assistants to the human guards of the Chateau of Lourdes.

In 1675, the Great Pyrenees puppies were designated the Royal Dog of France by the Dauphin Louis XIV. That designation was to the Pyrenees what Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” has been to the Dalmatian … an endorsement that generated appreciable demand for that specific breed of dog.

Eventually, that demand was not confined to French the Aristocracy; within the 19th century, England’s Queen Victoria had Great Pyrenees puppies.

Until pretty current instances, Great Pyrenees puppies have been used to drag small carts and ship milk in Belgium and northern France. They have additionally been sled dogs, pack dogs, and family companions. Even as we speak, the Great Pyrenees puppies are taking into account a fine livestock-guarding dog.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Appearance

The Great Pyrenees puppies dog conveys the distinct impression of magnificence and unsurpassed magnificence mixed with great total size and majesty.

He has a white or principally white coat that will include markings of badger, grey, or various shades of tan. He possesses a keen intelligence and a kindly, whereas regal, expression.

Exhibiting a novel magnificence of bearing and motion, his soundness and coordination present unmistakably the aim for which he has been bred, the strenuous work of guarding the flocks in every kind of climate on the steep mountain slopes of the Pyrenees.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Nutrition

Some house owners observe that Great Pyrenees puppies appear to eat a comparatively small quantity for a dog of their size.

“Of course, if another dog wants what’s in their bowl, they will snarf down the food like they hadn’t eaten in months,” says one breed devotee. A high-quality dry dog meal that’s low-protein and specifically formulated for giant breeds is a good suggestion.

The breed is inclined to bloat, or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), the place the abdomen distended and twists. The causes of bloat aren’t totally understood, however, consultants agree that a number of, small meals per day and stopping vigorous train around mealtimes might assist scale back the possibilities of it occurring.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Training

Pyrs have been bred to be unbiased thinkers, to work without steering, watching, and defending their flock. Although they’re intelligent, commonplace obedience coaching might be met with great indifference.

They don’t see the purpose of all that sitting, heeling, and staying. They will let their boredom present by performing any process you deem necessary with extraordinarily sluggish responses.

Nonetheless, early socialization and pet coaching lessons are really useful to assist in giving the Pyr a very good beginning in changing into a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion.

Great Pyrenees Puppies

Great Pyrenees Puppies Grooming

For all their plentiful fur, Pyrs don’t require quite a lot of grooming, as their coat is dirt- and tangle-resistant. They have a double coat, with a long outer coat and a comfortable undercoat.

They will shed this undercoat with great enthusiasm—“leading to a snowstorm,” one owner says. She laughs, “They shed in the spring, after whelping, in honor of certain Druid festivals, and after you enter them in a show!”

A radical brushing with a pin brush or slicker brush no less than as soon as every week will assist to scale back the shed hair that finally ends up all around the home.

The Pyr’s nails ought to be trimmed frequently, as overly long nails may cause the dog discomfort. The teeth ought to be brushed typically, utilizing a toothpaste designed for dogs.


Pyrs should not a highly energetic breed. The breed was developed to be a livestock guardian and has been used since historical instances to guard flocks against wolves, bears, and human foes.

When working, they’ll patrol their territory however are inclined to preserve their energy for keeping off no matter might threaten their flock.

Moderate train resembling walks with their owner will assist hold them wholesome and joyful. The breed additionally workout routines thoughts and body by collaborating in canine activities resembling obedience trials and cart-pulling.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Health

Ethical Pyr breeders have excelled in their dedication to health points. The Great Pyrenees puppies Club of America has careworn having all dogs examined for a wide range of situations that may have an effect on the breed, together with elbow and hip dysplasia, eye problems, luxating patellas, and neurological and immune-mediated problems.

Some cancers happen within the breed, in addition to bloat, a life-threatening situation the places the abdomen out of the blue distends, and typically twists.

All Pyr house owners ought to educate themselves to know the indicators of bloat, and what to do ought to occur.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Patella Evaluation

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