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Seal and White Boston Terrier

Named after his city of origin—Boston, Massachusetts—the seal and white Boston Terrier is as American as apple pie and baseball.


In 1865, Robert C. Hooper, a resident of Boston, bought an English Bulldog–white English Terrier cross. This mixed-breed dog, along with his darkish brindle shade and white blaze, grew to become generally known as Hooper’s Judge.

At the time, bulldog and terrier mixes have been used for the horrific sport of dogfighting and bull-baiting, and it’s believed that Hooper’s Judge could have been imported from England for that very goal.

Luckily, Mother Nature had different intentions, and Hooper’s Judge was bred with a white feminine of unknown origin. Several generations of dogs later (and possibly with some French Bulldog crossings), the modern seal and white Boston Terrier was born.

Because the breed possessed so high quality a disposition and was freed from its ancestors’ preventing temperament, it gained the nickname “The American Gentleman.”

At the time, the breed was identified by the name “Round-Headed Bull and Terrier,” however by 1891, it had been renamed “seal and white Boston Terrier” and the seal and white Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA) was fashioned.

From 1905 to 1939, the seal and white Boston Terrier was the most well-liked dog within the United States and at present stays a preferred and devoted companion dog.

Seal and White Boston Terrier  Overview

Country of Origin: United States
Height: 15–17 inches [est.]
Weight: Three classes—under 15 pounds/15 pounds to under 20 pounds/20–25 pounds; 20 pounds to no more than 25 pounds [AKC]|under 15 pounds (7 kg) up to and including 25 pounds [UKC]
Coat: Short, smooth, bright, fine
Colors: Black, brindle, seal; white markings
Other Names: Boston Bull; Boston Bull Terrier
Registries (With Group): AKC (Non-Sporting); UKC (Companion)

Personality Profile

Keen, intelligent, and biddable, the Boston is a dog who can adapt to nearly any state of affairs and thrive in it. He has a humorous personality and might be fairly playful, but he’ll cool down properly at dwelling along with his family.


Seal and white Boston Terriers are spunky little bulls! You may acknowledge these options:

Intelligent, pleasant, and simply received over

Loves to play video games, particularly fetch

Good with youngsters and different pets

Quiet—not a lot of a barker

Small, however sturdy

Protective of family: an excellent watchdog

Chances are, you will discover these traits, too:

Can be rambunctious and rowdy, particularly as a pet

Can be gassy and should drool loads

Makes a variety of snorting, snuffling, and wheezing noises; could snore

Can be possessive of toys and meals; tends to indicate dominance

Exhibits indicators of separation anxiousness if left alone an excessive amount of

Can be tough to housetrain

Seal and White Boston Terrier  Characteristics

Seal and white Boston Terriers are generally known as The American Gentleman and for a good purpose. Not solely does their coat resemble a tuxedo, however they’re additionally a correct, well-mannered breed. These canines even have a natural present for comedy.

The seal and white Boston Terrier make a great city pet, being sturdy, transportable, and people-oriented.

Some seal and white Boston Terriers like to run and play to let off steam, whereas others are high quality with one brisk stroll a day. These feisty little dogs can get annoyed and bored when left alone for too long.

They want to enjoy a recreation of fetch with their beloved human. Some take pleasure in canine sports activities like agility, obedience, flyball, and rally.

When coaching, bear in mind seal and white Boston Terriers are fairly delicate, so give attention to giving reward and delicate correction.

Seal and White Boston Terrier

Seal and White Boston Terrier  Behavior

She is a mild, enthusiastic, and clownish family companion that’s prepared to be pals with anybody. She can adapt to most living conditions supplied she is given satisfactory training and early socialization.

The seal and white Boston Terrier originated in Massachusetts as a companion dog in 1870 from crosses between the white English Terrier and the English Bulldog.

They have been the first American breed acknowledged by the American Kennel Club. Also known as the “American Gentleman”, Bostons are acknowledged by their quick coats of black, brindle, or seal with white markings, their quick tails, and erect ears.

Seal and white Boston Terriers are social butterflies; they love people, exercise, and a focus. The seal and white Boston Terrier might be cussed at instances, however is usually well-mannered and desperate to please.

The Boston is lively and charming and desires nothing more than to be your greatest good friend. The seal and white Boston Terrier is a typically wholesome breed with a median lifespan of 13-14 years.

Life Span

The common life span of the seal and white Boston Terrier is about 15 years.


Most seal and white Boston Terriers are black and white, however, their coats may also be brindle or seal with white markings.


The seal and white Boston Terrier’s smooth, fine coat sheds minimally.


The Boston is a fast and keen learner who takes effectively to coaching and is a frequent competitor in all manner of dog sports activities and activities, from agility to remedy.


Boston likes to get out and about, however, his train wants aren’t great. A number of walks across the block to stretch his legs and fulfill his curiosity will swimsuit his high quality, and he will get the remainder of his train from following his people around the home.


The seal and white Boston Terrier’s quick, smooth coat is simple to maintain clear with a high-quality brush and a brisk rub with a tender material.

The wrinkles and fine pores and skin on his face need consideration, as they entice grime and mud.

Seal and White Boston Terrier  Facts

The seal and white Boston Terrier were initially known as the American Bull Terrier.

After the Civil War, it was developed as a preventing dog.

The breed originated in America.

Seal and white Boston Terriers resulted from a cross between an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier.

The seal and white Boston Terrier have been the official mascot of Boston University for almost 100 years.

In 1979, it was named the official dog of Massachusetts.

Seal and White Boston Terrier  Health

We know that since you care a lot about your dog, you need to take excellent care of her. That is why we’ve summarized the health considerations we can be discussing with you over the lifetime of your Boston.

By realizing health considerations particular to seal and white Boston Terriers, we are able to tailor a preventive health plan to observe for and hopefully forestall some predictable dangers.

Many ailments and health circumstances are genetic, which means they’re associated with your pet’s breed.

There is a basic consensus amongst canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the circumstances we’ve described herein have a big fee of incidence and/or influence on this breed.

That doesn’t imply your dog can have these issues; it simply signifies that she is more in danger than different dogs.

We will describe the most typical points seen in seal and white Boston Terriers to offer you a thought of what could come up in her future. Of course, we are able to cover each risk right here, so all the time test with us when you discover any uncommon indicators or signs.

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