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Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier

A compact, muscular dog, the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier is powerful and coated in a comfortable, silky, blue-colored wavy coat, with or without black factors. Adult males are around 46-48cm in height and 15-17kg in weight and adult females are barely much less.

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier Profile

A compact, muscular dog, the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier is powerful and coated in a comfortable, silky, blue-colored wavy coat, with or without black factors. Adult males are around 46-48cm in height and 15-17kg in weight and adult females are barely much less.

This versatile breed has the construct of a dog in a position to carry out quite a lot of duties, all requiring athletic means. It can run, herd, path, retrieve, swim, and dispatch vermin — the best all-around farm companion.

In maintaining with this, it’s not exaggerated in construct. It is an upstanding, long-legged terrier with a brief back, displaying robust bones and muscle. Its coat is comfortable, dense, and wavy, and of a particular blue-gray coloration.

The miniature Kerry Blue Terrier is a flexible terrier, the Kerry blue’s personality is multifaceted. It can guard, hunt, herd or simply be a fun-loving companion. It wants everyday psychological and bodily exercise in a protected space.

It likes to run, chase, hunt, explore, play, and dig. Indoors, it’s well-mannered. It could be protecting towards strangers but greet verified associates with great enthusiasm.

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier is apt to be aggressive towards different dogs and small animals. It is intelligent and impartial, usually cussed. Some are inclined to bark.


The origin of the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier has been the subject of many theories however its true ancestors will in all probability by no means be identified.

The miniature Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed is an all-purpose farm dog. The Kerry Blue guarded homesteads, stored pests below control, hunted and retrieved small game, and even herded livestock.

It is alleged to descend from a dog that swam to Irish shores from a shipwreck – although there are variations to the story.

Some say the dog was a small blue-grey spaniel from the Spanish Armada, others that it was a Russian Black Terrier that ran aground in Tralee Bay, and others nonetheless that it was a Portuguese Water Dog from a cargo ship.

The dog is alleged to have mated with native terrier breeds to provide the Kerry Blue.

The Kerry is one among three long-legged terrier breeds developed in Ireland by crofters who wanted all-purpose farm dogs, able to herding, guarding, looking, retrieving, and vermin control.

Many people take into account that one among these breeds, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, is an ancestor of the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier.

It can also be believed the Irish Wolfhound contributed to the event of this breed.

Notwithstanding the romantic tales of this breed’s origin, the Kerry was first generally known as a definite breed by the end of the 19th century.

The “Irish Blue Terrier,” because it was referred to as was first proven in Britain shortly before World War I, and the first Kerries have been imported into the United States simply after that War.

Mminiature Kerry Blue Terriers have been used to do practically every canine job, together with looking, herding, and police/army work. The breed was acknowledged by the AKC in 1922.

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier Personality

A typical terrier, the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier dog is alert, decided, and assured, and could be cussed. He ought to have ‘disciplined gameness’ however typically the disciplined half could be questionable!

Some could be problematic with different dogs, and so early, thorough socialization and ongoing coaching are crucial.

The miniature Kerry Blue Terrier is understood for its loyalty, intelligence, and typically humorous playtime antics.

It is a dog of medium construct however is sort of strong and muscular and must be supervised throughout play particularly around younger youngsters.

They could be moody, even reserved if not socialized totally as a pup, and need a powerful owner who’s honest of their dealing with and in line with coaching. They reply finest to reward and reward moderately than strict, harsh coaching.

They are surprisingly delicate to unjust therapy and might turn aggressive in the event that they resolve that any therapy is unfair.

They are energetic however do make good inside dogs even in residences though they at all times need a very good everyday stroll to burn off their energy.

When out strolling, they need to be stored on a leash as their looking instincts are very robust and they’re going to chase any small animal as they see match. They will also be aggressive with different dogs, at all times wanting to claim their dominance.

While their coat is gorgeous and comfortable and great for allergy victims, the coat does need weekly brushing. Their beards a regular wash or they may possibly turn into smelly from old trapped meals.

Usually, these dogs need a shower as soon as per week and clipping every six weeks. But they’ve low or no odor, don’t drool, and be devoted and constant to their family.

They can turn into a little bit of a barker except you practice them to cease after the first bark – this must be taught right from puppyhood!

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier Appearance

Best described as a medium-sized dog, though they have a muscular body with a long head that’s in good proportion to the body. The skull is flat and boxy, with a slight cease.

The eyes of the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier are small, darkish, and alert. The nostril is black with vast nostrils, and blends with its general coloration.

They have small V-shaped ears which might be carried ahead on the pinnacle. They possess a long neck that widens in direction of the shoulders.

With their comfortable wavy dense coats that may range in coloration from a deep black to darkish blue and shades of blue-grey or perhaps a tinge of brown, the Kerry is a pretty wanting dog.

They carry themselves with a way of satisfaction, standing tall and erect. The tail is high set and straight, and docked to medium size, though that is unlawful in most components of Europe.

If you might be exhibiting your dog, the proper coloration for a mature dog is from slate blue to light grey. Often the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier has black or deep blue factors on the pinnacle, muzzle, feet, and tail.

The coloration normally lightens as this breed matures, though the factors might stay. While they keep a dignified pose, they are often animated and playful, typically even a bit ‘goofy’, making people chuckle.

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier Temperament

The Terrier breeds are all comparable in temperament, and the Kerry Blue is not any exception. Words that come to thoughts are vigorous, bossy, scrappy, intelligent, impartial, cussed, persistent, impulsive, and fast to bark, and even faster to chase.

This breed may be very proud, though they are often delicate, and moody with a powerful sense of justice. In different phrases, the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier shouldn’t be a dog that can meekly settle for teasing, unfairness or any tough dealing with.

Because of their inherited nature to chase game, they have to be stored on a leash when out strolling or they may chase something that they take into account as a good sport.

They have a really robust personality and need a powerful however honest owner. This dog wants a pack leader who they respect, and though they’re beautiful pets, they need to be supervised with babies as they aren’t tolerant to ear pulling and likewise is not going to tolerate somebody making an attempt to take their meals or intervene with them whereas they’re consuming.

The Kerry Blue wants intense socializing when they’re a pet to get them used too many people, and to see that their place shouldn’t be as pack leader, however as a follower.

They reply to honest coaching, are not going to deal with extreme punishment, and will react aggressively. As active dogs, they need loads of train to put on off their considerable energy.

They are tremendous with a small yard however be sure the fence is high, a lot higher than you’ll usually assume as a result of a fence is usually a problem to this breed and so they can turn into escape artists.

The Kerry Blue will turn into a digger if bored, and will even dig their manner out by going below a fence, so guarantee you will have loads of toys, train, video games, and a spotlight for this pooch.

It pays to remember that these Terriers are dominant or aggressive with different dogs. If you will have small pets corresponding to a cat, you need to introduce them at a really early age, and even then, they need to be supervised particularly in play in case it will get a bit tough.

While they sound like a handful and they’re a little bit of a barker except skilled correctly, these dogs make beautiful loyal companions for a skilled owner and are playful and numerously enjoyable to have around.


An hour’s every day train is required, although the miniature Kerry Blue Terrier will, fortunately, settle for more when you can provide it.

The Kerry Blue dog may be very versatile and might take pleasure in agility and different canine sports activities. After walks, do verify the coat as it’s a magnet for grass seeds, sticky buds, and so on.


Your dog’s diet must have the right stability of all the primary nutrient teams together with a relentless provide of contemporary water.

It’s necessary to conduct regular body situation scores to make sure you maintain your dog in excellent form and likewise bear in mind to feed him a minimum of twice every day and in accordance with the feeding pointers of his explicit meals.

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier

Miniature Kerry Blue Terrier Care

While the comfortable wavy coat doesn’t shed a lot in any respect, the coat is taken into account high upkeep. It continues rising all year and if not clipped can turn into an issue with matting.

The coat is comfortable and silky with no undercoat, nearly with a texture of human hair and wool combined. The miniature Kerry Blue Terrier wants regular brushing and clipping.

Bathing ought to be executed on a weekly basis, particularly across the mustache (for meal particles) with clipping every six weeks. They additionally need the hair faraway from inside the ears to forestall ear infections from wax and dust construct up.

The Kerry Blue is sweet for allergy victims because it sheds little to no hair and is odorless even when they’re moist to the skin. Brushing the teeth will maintain their mouth wholesome, regular ear checks forestall hassle (smelly ears point out an infection), and loads of train for these energetic, lively dogs will maintain them content.

Regular coaching starting from when they’re very younger is advisable, together with loads of socializing in order that they will adapt to strangers and stop an overprotective attitude.


The comfortable, silky, wavy coat doesn’t shed and desires every day brushing and a clip each six to eight weeks.


Generally fairly a wholesome breed, the most typical health issues encountered are some explicit eye and skin issues.

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