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Irish Blue Terrier

Irish Blue Terriers are spirited, mild, and lively. These adaptable and versatile farm dogs are as blissful to hang around at dwelling as they’re to place in a tough day’s work.

Irish Blue Terrierprofile

Loyal and really protecting of family, the Irish Blue Terrier makes a beautiful companion and pet. The breed is known for its spectacular blue coat, this former farm breed is a smart-looking, comfortably-sized dog.

The hanging blue coat is a signature function of this muscular breed. The Kerry Blue additionally sports activities a classy beard, small V-shaped ears that fold ahead, and darkish eyes that complement its long head.

Irish Blue Terriers are intelligent. But like many terriers, they have an unbiased streak. Though these dogs are recognized to be strong-headed and extremely spirited, they’re additionally loving and affectionate towards their households and really mild with youngsters.

Common behaviors to pay attention to are chasing wildlife, barking, and digging. Because of their working dog backgrounds, Irish Blue Terriers may be difficult to distract as soon as they’re engaged in an exercise.

Irish Blue Terrier


The Irish Blue Terrier originates from County Kerry in Ireland, the place it was bred as a working dog. Used to hunt vermin, birds, and rabbits, in addition to guarding the farm, plus herding sheep and cattle.

The precise origins are unknown, however, crosses have been made with the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Bedlington, and presumably the Portuguese Water Dog.

It is a really popular breed as an all-around farm dog and pet in Ireland and was the first breed formally registered with the Irish Kennel Club.

Irish Blue Terrier Behavior

The Kerry Blue is a typical Terrier. They prefer to dig, chase and have an unbiased nature. They are sturdy dogs who cope effectively with tough video games and knocks from youngsters; they like youngsters and are often very patient with them.

They can be protecting their family, however, that is often ‘bark-based safety, as they’re not often aggressive in direction of people. They are more typically than not high quality with strangers coming into the home’ subject to early socialization.

Irish Blue Terrier makes good watchdogs and prefers to bark, typically. One of the first issues you’ll need to show them is the ‘quiet’ command. They are a people-oriented breed and can need lots of interaction.

They prefer to take part in family activities and dislike being left alone for too long. Their intelligence combined with boredom can result in harmful behavior. Kerry Blues are loyal, affectionate, and dedicated to their family, however robust willed and cussed.

They will shortly try to work out a technique to get what they need from you and need a confident, agency owner. They are intelligent however coaching may be sluggish going; beginning with pet courses and shifting on to adult courses is the most suitable choice.

Training is for all times, as they’ll try to push boundaries – they do like to please, so are effectively suited to an enjoyable, constant strategy to coaching. They may also be delicate to harsh phrases or corrections.

Irish Blue Terrier is well-known for dog aggression, so early socialization will assist to some extent. However, even when neutered, males can nonetheless be humorous with different male dogs (and females) and can by no means back down if challenged.

They are a match, lively dogs who need loads of regular train. A fast stroll across the block isn’t sufficient for them, they need long walks and the prospect to burn off bodily and psychological energy.

Their prey intuition is high and they’re going to chase rabbits, squirrels, and the neighborhood cat. Walking in a fenced space is greatest, but when not possible a long stroll on a lead. They excel at agility and obedience coaching and this actually helps hold them mentally blissful.

The comfortable, dense coat requires a good quantity of consideration. It is taken into account nonshedding however wants to brush daily/different day to maintain it wanting tidy.

The coat will need bathing and trimming each six-eight weeks or so. Like most Terriers, Kerry Blues are a hardy, wholesome breed. They may be liable to Canine Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, and Entropion (Eyelids folding inwards inflicting irritation).

Irish Blue Terrier Temperament

Irish Blue Terriers have an adventurous, delicate, and intelligent temperament. They like to run off exploring their environment when taken out and when taken dwelling they anticipate nothing lower than to be within the center of the family getting all the eye.

Not so good with different pets and often reserved with strangers the Irish Blue Terrier will need agency however truthful coaching with a view to present him whose boss.

Coat and Coloring

The Irish Blue Terrier’s wiry coat is numerous shades of blue (grey). The color ranges from pale silver to deep slate. Kerry Blue puppies are born black and get lighter as they age—a process referred to as clearing. These dogs can also have darker shading on their feet, heads, and tails.


The Irish Blue Terrier requires a high-quality dog meal that’s acceptable for its age and exercise level. It’s vital to watch the number of meals you feed your Kerry Blue and cut back the parts in case your pup features weight.

Also, keep in mind that giving too many treats along with regular meals can contribute to weight problems.


Irish Blue Terriers do not shed. But they nonetheless need to be brushed totally each week. And combing their coats is crucial to maintain them from matting. When it is time for a trim, use clippers to chop the hair on the top, neck, ears, and stomach and a pair of scissors for the coat.

Irish Blue Terrier


Active, spirited dogs, Irish Blue Terriers like swimming and jogging. Exercise them sufficient outside, although, and they’ll welcome calm family time inside the house.

This breed additionally enjoys agility, earth dog trials, flyball, herding, climbing, retrieving, monitoring, Frisbee, musical freestyle, rally, and competitive obedience.


Irish Blue Terriers may be cussed. But that does not imply coaching is not possible—it simply could also be a bit more difficult. Kerry Blues reply effectively to reward-based coaching approaches.

For instance, provide their favorite deal as a reward for dropping inappropriate merchandise (corresponding to your shoe) that they’ve retrieved.

Like all breeds do, Irish Blue Terriers profit from socialization and obedience coaching early on in life.

Irish Blue Terrier Health

Health issues that will have an effect on the Irish Blue Terrier embody canine hip dysplasia (CHD), allergy symptoms, skin growths, cancers (significantly hair follicle and breast), spiculosis (irregular spike-like hairs), entropion (inward rolling of the eyelid that could cause irritation to eyeball), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA: degeneration of the retina which might result in blindness) and cataracts.

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