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Moscow Watchdog

The Moscow Watchdog is a not too long ago developed dog breed from Russia that was designed as a watchdog. A mixture between the Caucasian Ovtcharka and the Saint Bernard breeds was used as a basis for the breed, with smaller contributions from a couple of different breeds.

Moscow Watchdog profile

They are typically amicable, however, they can change gears and be ferociously protecting when it’s wanted. These giant dogs are typically approachable animals when correctly socialized, however can turn out to be over-protective from time to time.

This breed requires a bit more exercise than both of the main parent breeds and is mostly happier and simpler to stay within a bigger house with a secured yard than in a small house or an apartment.

The Moscow Watchdog is a breed popular in its nation of origin, however virtually unprecedented within the wider world.

This is as a result of the Russian’s breed the Moscow Watchdog as a bespoke breed created to fill a selected niche with the Russian military, as an intimidating guard dog that was extremely trainable.

Related to mountain dogs, the Moscow Watchdog, one of many bigger dog breeds, stands 25–27 inches (64–69 cm) tall and weighs 100–150 pounds (45–68 kg).

They’re a muscular dog that has a cumbersome head and highly effective legs. Their coat is thick in average size with the color white and red.

Their puffy tail has that size that it may contact the ground. They are an average shedder and with an effectively arched chest, they typically give an impression of firmness and confidence.

Moscow Watchdog is okay in temperament, however, it requires coaching and an owner dedicated to attaining leader standing. In nature, dogs have pack orders.

Therefore, when people stay with dogs, it’s a good suggestion for people to ascertain themselves as a leader, a higher order than the dogs, to allow them to make instructions and set guidelines.

In this relationship, Moscow Watchdog is thought to be mildly large, assertive, and protective to his family when at risk.

On the first inspection, you’ll be forgiven for mistaking a Russian Watchdog for a Saint Bernard. This isn’t any coincidence as a result of the latter was used, together with different breeds to adopt dogs of the ancient Molosser sort, to fulfill the wants of the previous Soviet Union.

This giant-breed dog is probably summed up within the phrase “Aloof”. He’s not a cuddly or affectionate dog, however, with the right dealing with, could be calm and patient. However, his natural energy and protecting nature mean he wants a skilled owner who can meet the challenges of a strong-minded dog.

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Our story begins within the ancient world with Molosser-type dogs. These had been the large, fierce preventing dogs that had been used as dogs of conflict.

It is from this line that breeds with dangerous reputations for being aggressive, such because the Cane Corso, Tosa Inu, and Neapolitan Mastiff descended from.

After World War II, when the military of the previous Soviet Union wished to create a fierce and intimidating watchdog that might take instruction, the natural place to begin appeared these Molosser dogs.

To modify their preventing spirit, they launched blood inventory from Saint Bernard (for larger size, intelligence, and good character), Caucasian Shepherd, and Russian Harlequin Hound.

The consequence was certainly a robust watchdog of spectacular proportions that was able to take and following orders. Over time, their reputation reached past the navy, however, today, his reputation stays solely inside Eastern Europe and he’s little recognized exterior of this space.

Moscow Watchdog Appearance

The Moscow Watchdog is sturdy and tall, giving the impression of a robust dog to not be argued with. Standing two-thirds of a meter tall to the shoulder, and weighing as a lot like a small girl, they have a simple presence.

The breed has a thick coat, able to withstand harsh winter temperatures, that’s predominantly white or red in color. They have a pleasingly long tail that may virtually brush alongside the ground.

The Moscow Watchdog is a really giant dog that stands a bit over two feet tall and customarily weighs between one hundred and one hundred and fifty pounds.

They are typically barely longer than they’re tall, typically with a hardy and well-muscled construct. Their head is usually huge with a furrow working down the middle of their skull and a deep, broad muzzle that’s just a bit shorter than their skulls are.

The eyes of the Moscow Watchdog are small, darkish, and round with black eyelids whereas their small, triangular ears are set high up on the edges of the top and hold down near their cheeks.

They have a reasonably thick, double-layer coat that consists of a brief, dense undercoat overlayed by a barely longer layer of protecting, weather-resistant fur that usually is available in white with giant reddish patches typically spotted with white, brown, or black.

The white of the face is usually adorned with black patches and freckles as effectively.

Moscow Watchdog Temperament

Think of the Moscow Watchdog is a brave warrior and also you get a glimpse into his character. Bred to protect and shield, this ethos goes to his very core. In flip, this implies he’s not depending on human interplay and might appear moderately aloof and disengaged from people.

However, this doesn’t imply he can’t be a family dog, it simply must be a particular sort of family. His owner has to be a skilled dog coach who is ready to place within the time and dedication to retaining his dog obedient and occupied.

These agency leadership skills assist the dog to perceive his place throughout the family or pack and thus behave appropriately in the direction of any youngsters.

These are usually very companionable canines with their family and total pleasant however cautious and fairly discerning with strangers.

While these mild giants are typically very patient with youngsters inside their households, all interactions between this dog and small or youthful youngsters must be carefully supervised.

They are additionally typically pleasant with different animals within the house as long as they’re socialized with them and so they have a reasonably low prey drive in comparison with many different breeds.

Moscow Watchdogs who haven’t been correctly socialized after they had been younger might develop anxiousness or aggression when coping with strangers, and as these dogs have a really impartial nature, coaching ought to start early for the perfect outcomes.

When coaching is started early within the dog’s life, it’s normally pretty simple, however mature dogs with no prior coaching could also be a lot more difficult to start coaching with.

They do have a moderately well-developed guarding intuition, and though they’re typically amicable, they’ll reply with drive in the event that they really feel that they or their family are threatened.

Socialization of a Moscow Watchdog pet from an early age is crucial, particularly if they’re to be a family dog.

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Moscow Watchdog Care

These dogs don’t usually require a great deal in the way in which of grooming. Bathing ought to solely happen on an occasional basis as bathing that happens too steadily might strip the coat of its naturally protecting oils.

This dog does shed moderately closely however completely brushing out their coat at the least a couple of instances every week will assist to control the shedding hair in addition to eradicating any mats or tangles within the fur.

These dogs do tend to shed a lot more closely throughout the change of seasons, and it’ll more than probably require every day brushing throughout these instances to control the shedding.

Care of the teeth and nails could be attended to by a weekly brushing of the teeth and a month-to-month clipping of the nails.

Moscow Watchdog Trainability

As a breed that takes instruction effectively, how the dog shapes up is basically within the hand of the coach. Whilst the breed does require robust leaders so that they don’t turn out to be too bossy, the usage of harsh domineering coaching strategies is inappropriate.

The latter results in a dog that obeys out of concern, which in flip, can inhibit the dog from growling and displaying different priceless warning indicators that he intends to assault.

Instead, the usage of reward-based coaching strategies is much preferable. This teaches the dog to take heed to his owner and reply appropriately, however without concern or anxiousness.

In flip, this results in a responsive, self-confident dog that listens readily to instruction. Given the bodily size of the Moscow Watchdog, that is far more fascinating than participating in a battle of energy, which a human will inevitably lose.


The Moscow Watchdog is total a wholesome breed with comparatively few inheritable health issues. Of course, any dog wants a superb diet, sufficient train, vaccination, and parasite therapies to remain in the top situation, and the Moscow Watchdog isn’t any exception.

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Exercise and Activity Levels

Exercise is crucial, as these are working dogs. This doesn’t imply working the dog all day, such as you would a terrier or shepherding dog, however a more sustained exercise level, corresponding to long walks or an opportunity to roam and discover, is good for the Moscow Watchdog.

Those walks also need to be used as a possibility to coach the dog and set the right instance, by insisting the dog walks to heel and obeys instructions.

These dogs are not any couch potato and never offering adequate bodily and psychological train vastly will increase the chance of dangerous behavior. A bored dog is much less more likely to take heed to its owner and more likely to shortly turn out to be out of control.

In flip, the bodily size of the dog means he’s ill-suited to being saved in an apartment or small home, and will unintentionally (or not so unintentionally!) do a lot of damage.

Moscow Watchdog Grooming

The Moscow Watchdog has a thick, medium size coat. He doesn’t require professional grooming, however a superb brush via as soon as every week will assist to situation the coat.

Also, the breed is a moderate shedder so eradicating lifeless hair onto a brush, helps to scale back shed hair across the house. As with any dog, it’s a good suggestion to test for tangles or knots often and take away them before they turn out to be an even bigger drawback.

Moscow Watchdog Activity

The Moscow Watchdog tends to be barely more lively than both of the parent breeds and will get at the least an hour or more of vigorous exercise every day.

It is essential to not overly stress the joints of enormous and giant-sized dogs just like the Moscow Watchdog by working or leaping too forcefully as this will instigate or worsen joint points corresponding to arthritis and hip dysplasia, notably whereas the dog’s bones are nonetheless forming.

These dogs usually are not effectively designed for smaller residing areas like residences and are higher suited to a bigger house, ideally with a secured yard to stretch out in.

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