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East-European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd, additionally referred to as Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka or VEO (Russian: Восточно-европейская овчарка or ВЕО) is a Ukrainian and Russian breed of shepherd dog.

East-European Shepherd profile

It was selectively bred from the German Shepherd Dog to create a bigger dog with higher resistance to chilly circumstances and was meant for navy and guard work.

The East European Shepherd is a large-sized cross between German Shepherds and Russian breeds together with the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Bred to be used as a police and navy dog, the East European Shepherd can also be used for remedy in addition to information for the blind. It comes with a wolf-like head, a long neck, medium-sized, pricked ears, oval eyes, reasonably huge chest, sturdy, straight legs, and a thick, curved tail.

Their backs are straight, sturdy, huge, and long. They are 10-17% longer than their height at withers. The loins are long and huge, well-muscled, and barely arched.

Their croup is huge, long, and barely sloping in the direction of the tail. The tail is long, bears thick fir, erected in a type of a sword when the dog’s excited.

The chest is reasonably huge, whereas the stomach is fairly tucked up. The chests are scimitar in kind, reaching the hocks or barely longer in some instances.

The legs are sturdy and straight; the feet are oval and compact. The dog’s tempo is of a trotter, quiet than of a skid, sliding simply above the ground so typical to different German Shepherds’ cousins.

The East European Shepherd is balanced, assured, and intelligent. VEO is an attentive, lively, confident dog that seems calm and quiet however always screens the state of affairs and is able to “turn on” on the owner’s command.

The East European Shepherd has a lively defensive response, distrusts strangers, and will be aggressive when wanted however by no means ought to be inclined to unmotivated aggression.

VEOs excel as K9 and personal safety guard dogs or as companions. East European Shepherds are working dogs and need a regular train. They had been bred for his or her intelligence and they’re curious and fast learners.

Their capability to resist excessive climates permits them to reside exterior, in addition to inside, in a home or a residence. They carry out effectively as searching dogs and may work as draught dogs in a gaggle of the identical.

East-European Shepherd


In the 1920s plenty of German Shepherds had been imported from Germany into the Ukrainian SSR, the place a breeding program was established with the intention of adapting the breed to the harsher Soviet weather conditions; over a number of a long time of selective breeding, a distinctly completely different type of shepherd had been created from that recognized within the West.

While initially the breed was centered in Ukraine, it quickly unfolds all through the Soviet Union, though its fortunes suffered through the Great Patriotic War.

The East European Shepherd was used closely by the navy and police inside the Soviet Union as a guard and sniffer dog.

It was a favorite of the KGB, who solely ever stored stable black examples; if a single non-black pup was born in a litter bred by the KGB the complete litter was destroyed, and that breeding was not repeated.

The first standard which has shaped the breed sort of the East European Shepherd was permitted in 1964 by the Cynological Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of us. The East European Shepherd is now one of quite a few dog breeds in Russia and several other former Soviet countries.

With impact from 1 January 2017 the Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka was recognized by the Nordic Kennel Union [da] and is thus recognized by the Danish Kennel Club [da], the Finnish Kennel Club, the Icelandic Kennel Club, the Norwegian Kennel Club [no] and the Swedish Kennel Club.

East-European Shepherd Characteristics

The East European Shepherd is considerably bigger than western German Shepherd and it reveals substantial sexual dimorphism: dogs usually stand 67 to 72 centimeters (26 to 28 in) on the withers though some will be as tall as 74 centimeters (29 in); bitches are usually 62 to 67 centimeters (24 to 26 in).

In color, the breed will be black and tan, stable black or sable, brindles or whites are uncommon, they have got a medium-length dense coat with a well-developed undercoat, they typically have longer delicate hairs on their ears, neck, limbs, and tail.

The eyes could also be brown, amber, or blue, odd-colored eyes are recognized; the ears are long and upright, and the paws are massive with long toes, giving a snowshoe-like look.

The breed is taken into account notably intelligent, brave, decided, and hard, and homeowners typically describe its temperament as just like that of a Dobermann.

Temperament and Behavior

The East-European Shepherd is an assured and balanced dog bonding carefully to its people, excelling as a loyal family companion.

Although it stays calm indoors, it always screens conditions and fearlessly protects its family members from any aggressor that intrudes its territory. It is often cautious around strangers however won’t be aggressive except provoked.

East-European Shepherd can study to get together with children and different pets within the family with early socialization.

Health Problems

Being a working breed, the East-European Shepherd wants regular exercise together with jogs, long, brisk walks, in addition to plenty of romps and play within the yard. Let it run beside you when driving a bicycle or take it into open space if possible such because the countryside in order that it could run freely.


Because of its good and devoted nature, the East European Shepherd is simple to coach, although make certain to maintain coaching periods brief.


Take your East European Shepherd out and stroll round in a public place in order that it will get used to numerous sights, sounds, and experiences around it.

Keep your East-European Shepherd on a brief leash, and permit it to satisfy new pals by taking completely different routes. Introduce it to quite a lot of people, in addition to different pets.

East-European Shepherd


Train your East-European Shepherd comprehensively in primary obedience as a result of the need to control turns into important particularly if you wish to enhance its guarding and sniffing skills.

You ought to train your East-European Shepherd to reply to “sit,” ”come,” ”keep,” ”down,” ”depart it,” and “quiet” instructions. You might also enroll in a professional coaching program in order that it could study to be obedient in enjoyable surroundings.


A diet wealthy in protein could also be given to your East European Shepherd. While you may supply high-quality business dry meals, you might also add some cooked fish, raw meaty bones, eggs, or boiled meat into its each-day feeding routine.

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