German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy Profile

german shepherd golden retriever mix puppy

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy, known as the Golden Shepherd, is a medium to large cross breed between a Golden Retriever parent and a German Shepherd parent.

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy is ​​very popular nowadays and is in high demand from people who like both the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever and have always dreamed of something in both worlds.

When you mix these two dog breeds together, you get some of the features and characteristics of both dog breeds. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy is ​​bred by breeders who try their best to find the best part or “benefit” of each of the two canines.

They then breed for these positive points, as well as try their best to find out the “cons” of each of the two dogs and try to avoid breeding for that trait and trait.

Accepting German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy

As of this writing, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy is ​​not technically recognized as an official mix breed, but it is recognized as a designer mixed-breed by the following companies.

  • American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  • American Dog Registry (DRA)
  • International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

What do you call the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy?

Listed below are several names associated with this crossbreed.

  • The Golden Shepherds
  • German Recovery
  • Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Size, height, and weight

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy will give you a large dog breed similar to both his parent’s Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd.

When we say big you are probably asking how big a German shepherd can get the gold recovery mix?

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy will usually be anywhere from 20-25 inches in length and weigh an average of 60-80 pounds.

For the sake of argument, you can see some of the variations in height and weight used to classify the size of the dog.

Because of the fact that each species has different physical characteristics, experts are more careful about how much weight they can weigh when determining size.

For example, bulldogs are naturally smaller but are considered to be medium-sized dogs because of their weight.

Height and weight chart of dog breed size

Small breed size: <18 inches long & <35 pounds Medium breed size: 18-22 inches tall and 35-55 pounds Large breed size:> 22 inches long &> 55 pounds

Some dog breeds are taller but lighter and some will be shorter and heavier so may not get the “guidelines” above. This is the default when it comes to weight.

One thing is clear that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy definitely meets the big dog’s guidelines, even by weight and height.


The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy produces a cross-breed coat that is quite tall, much like its Golden Retriever parent, which means you have to deal with some extra shading here and there.

This canine coat comes in the most common colors: black, cream, yellow, tan, white, golden, and blue.

A simple coat color that they want to come up with is a black or dark brown color with a bit of gold in it.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy Temperament

Whenever we discuss mixed breed puppies we always mention, you can never determine what the right breed may look like.

This is due to the simple fact that mixed-breed dogs do not always breed equally between two parents in percentage, often because the dog is more breeding from one parent to another.

You should always keep in mind that a mixed-breed puppy may receive a specific trait mixture from its parents, while another mixed breed may receive a different combination of traits from its parents.

That being said, there are some temperamental traits that all Golden Shepherds share, regardless of whether they are the most bred for their parents.

Is Golden Shepherds a Family Dog?

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix puppy makes the perfect family pet. They are smart and active dogs that have trainable and great personalities

Golden Retriever The German Shepherd mix puppy succeeds in interacting with its owner, family members, and generally everyone who likes it, just like its Golden Retriever parents.

So just know that Canine is the happiest of the people she likes and in her most miserable state with no resources to enjoy.

They like to play with young kids that are as strong and full of life as you can have other pets in your home that they will certainly make friends with immediately.

You just have to make sure that your Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix puppy is ​​properly socialized and trained, and that anyone (baby or any pet) they interact with has been taught how to do it as well as properly socialized.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix puppy Activity Levels

Golden Shepherd is extremely active and likes to play in outdoor venues like its Golden Retriever parents do, especially when it comes to playing around and having fun with young children and other pet pets.

If you want to see the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy the happiest, play some games with them, such as Bring or Frisbee or do some exercises with him, such as walking, jogging, racing, swimming, hiking, and whatever you want to do.

The motto is to go out and be active with them to see them in their happiest, most healthy mental state.

Speaking of swimming, they (just like their Golden Retriever parents) absolutely love to swim. Additionally, it is a great form of exercise for your puppy.

This is a very positive thing because swimming is the best form of exercise and physical activity for them, and it is also a way for them (or they to bathe themselves) in the bath.

So if you’ve got a pool as part of your property or have easy and quick access to one nearby, know for a fact that it can know your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy as much as it pleases.

At a minimum, you should give Golden Shepherd a physical activity opportunity for at least 60-90 minutes each day and each day.

If you’ve got something like a backyard, after all, these are better because they can become active when they don’t feel like going out of the house.

If you live in a small, spacious property like an apartment without a backyard, this canine is going to have a really hard time adjusting and fitting.

If you can give it enough time to play outside and do some practice, you probably get it, but like this dog, this is not always the case.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy


This dog, like both his parents’ Golden Retriever and German Shepherd, is one of the wisest Cainin’s out there.

This means they will not give you such a hard time in training and you will be able to understand that they are trying to teach them the truth.

As you will undoubtedly hear from many Golden Retriever German Shepherd owners, they need to be taught a few times by saying new commands or teaching them new techniques as opposed to other dogs that do not need a command or trick. Million and once before they dominate it.

Not only that, during training, this puppy succeeded in being a good boy/girl and doing exactly what they asked for, which they know will make you happy.

As long as you keep the correct principles of dog training, such as positive reinforcement, establishing yourself as a strong leader, avoiding jerks/jerks / bodily harm, and adjusting to all of these things, you will be more than fine and you will know that this kinesin training Actually a pleasure.

Just like every other breed there, the better the results and the easier you get before training and socializing them all

Dogs respond best to training and socializing at an early age and as they grow older, they always start at a very young age!

Guard dog

Most Golden Retriever or German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy can be either a very good guard dog or very weak, depending on which of the two parents it takes after mixing.

If your mix adopts this feature from its German Shepherd parents, you can bet it will become an amazing watchdog that will do its best to protect you and your family members.

However, if they accept this feature from their Golden Retriever parents, let me just say that you should forget about all of this.

Working Dog

In addition to being a wonderful companion dog, this dog is also known as a great working dog, capable of performing tasks like search and rescue.

German Shepherds were used today as herding dogs and for all kinds of work and they are well known as the police and army dogs because of their loyalty, intelligence, and work ethic.

Golden retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs and are still used for this.

Known health problems

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy suffers from some health conditions inherited from their German Shepherd and Golden Retriever parents.

They suffer from the most common health problems which are:

  • Allergy
  • Flies
  • Ear mites
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Inflame
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye problems
  • Degenerative myelopathy

Before you buy a Golden Shepherd puppy from a breeder, ask them to show you the veterinarian record that your puppy has, as it will go a long way in ensuring that they are suffering from specific health problems.

They also have to go a long way to make sure that their parents are suffering from any health problems, so they can only go to their child.

This crossbreed has an expected lifespan of about 10-14 years, which is great considering that dogs of such large size generally do not live long.

Feeding a Golden Retriever Mix – Diet Requirements

What you feed your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy is ​​crucial to helping them live longer and healthier lives.

When looking for dog food, look for foods that do not have fillers and are free of ingredients like artificial colors, flavors, sweets, and harmful preservatives.

Some of the top choices that we have come up with for parents’ offspring consider a number of health issues that Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds may suffer.

How to take care of a mixed breed dog

Each mixed breed, including the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy, requires different care depending on their parents’ characteristics that went into their lineage.

In this case, we look specifically at the Golden Retriever mixed with German Shepherds to understand how the traits were genetically assigned to their child to best care for them.

Often some common features will be overcome, with the possibility of uniquely unique features.

As we have established in the previous section of this article, with a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy they will be fairly heavy shaders with a long-average coat length.

This means brushing their coats on a daily basis as well as brushing them

Of course, the more consistency you take care of your coat on a regular basis every day means that they will not have as much hair everywhere, but you will need a vacuum cleaner to avoid this problem no matter how much you care for their hair.

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy has one of the very nice coats, a very nice coat from parents so it’s no surprise.

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy will need more care on its coat to keep it in good shape.

Here are some helpful tips for brushing your puppy’s hair in the most effective way!

Black Dog Haircut

To bathe these dogs and brush their teeth, they should be given a shower only when needed and tooth brushing once a day (ideally).

Other grumbling practices that we like to leave to a professional Groomer to take care of you are to cleanse the ears and prick the nails, both on a frequent basis to avoid ear infections and the nasal passages where they begin to become chronic.

Which is the best breed to mix with a German shepherd?

The best breed to mix with a German Shepherd depends on what your dog needs and wants.

A better way to approach this question is to help you determine what your dog is looking for and which mix would be best for you.

The German Shepherds have been successfully bred to Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Poodles, Pitbulls, Korgis, Siberian Hawkeyes, Pugs, and Chogs to name a few.

If you are looking for a dog that is good for hunting, tracking, restoring, and protecting, then the Gold Shepherd is perfect.

If you are looking for an extremely loving but low-energy dog ​​that will be great with your kids, Labrashford is perfect for you.

How much is a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy that retrieves gold?

The average price for a new Golden Shepherd puppy will average $ 400 to $ 800. For high-end breeders, you should expect the possibility of higher costs and waiting lists.

For a breeder near me, I saw prices up to $ 2500 for a new puppy, with limited availability likely to be on the waiting list for another litter down the road.

Favors and Things to Profit a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy

Any decision is always taken advantage of, and it is no different when you decide if you should get a German Shepherd Golden Retriever.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy Pros:

  • Trainable
  • Kid is friendly
  • Loving nature

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy Cons:

Shade hair

Need active and regular practice (may not be the best choice if you have limited space or time).
There are some health issues


In short, we hope that this guide will help you choose the perfect puppy for your needs. Some cross varieties may be suitable for one person and not suitable for another.

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