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Texas Blue Lacy Dog

A working dog hailing from Texas, the Texas Blue Lacy Dog is a daring, clever, and energetic breed that was initially bred to work feral hogs. These pushed, decided dogs excel at herding cattle and searching wild boar, and since their inception within the mid-19th century, the Texas Blue Lacy dog has developed right into a working breed for ranchers, hunters, cowboys, and trappers.

Texas Blue Lacy Dog profile

Although Texas Blue Lacy dogs make glorious companions and are great with kids, they require a peaceful, assertive chief who isn’t afraid to set clear and constant guidelines. Easily trainable, in addition, they require constant and each day bodily and psychological stimulation.

Breed Overview

Group: Working Group

Weight: 25 to 50 kilos

Height: 18 to 21 inches

Coat: Short and easy

Coat Colors: Blue (grey, light silver, charcoal), red (light cream, rust), or tri-colored

Life Expectancy: 12 to 16 years
Characteristics of the Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog
Affection Level Medium
Friendliness Medium
Kid-Friendly High
Pet-Friendly Medium
Exercise Needs High
Playfulness High
Energy Level High
Trainability High
Intelligence High
The tendency to Bark Medium
Amount of Shedding Low

History of the Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog

The Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog has always liked having a job to do—and loads of open houses to run around. Though Blue Texas Blue Lacy dogs could be discovered with red or tri-colored coats, all of those dogs carry the gene for blue coloring.

They have been bred to be energetic, devoted canines able to deal with livestock starting from longhorn cattle to hens, and all through history have been relied on as trusted watch canines in addition to fulfill her herding and driving duties.

The Texas Blue Lacy dog was named after the Texas Blue Lacy dog brothers—Frank, George, Ewin, and Harry.

The brothers moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, the place they settled within the Hill Country and developed the breed to work as free-roaming hogs.

Historical paperwork indicates that the Texas Blue Lacy dog is believed to be a mixture between Greyhounds, scenthounds, and wolves.

The Texas Blue Lacy dog was first acknowledged by the Texas Senate in 2001, and some years later in June 2005, Governor Rick Perry signed laws adopting the Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog because of the official State Dog Breed of Texas.

Considered able to change the work of a cowboy 5 occasions over, the breed has traditionally been used for hog searching, finding wounded deer, and chasing recreation.

Texas Blue Lacy Dog

As the family-owned ranching trade started to say no, partly on account of technology corresponding to all-terrain autos, the Texas Blue Lacy dog breed at one time turned near extinction.

However, the breed was rediscovered as a searching companion, and that dramatically elevated the demand for Texas Blue Lacy dogs—at the moment they’re the most typical breed utilized by United States trappers.

The Texas Blue Lacy Dog met the wants of colonial Americans on their ranches for nicely over a century all through the Southwestern United States.

In truth, there are some who imagine that the presence of those dogs within the Hill Country influenced Fred Gipson, the writer of the novel Old Yeller, who was raised close by Mason County.

Though the overwhelming majority of Texas Blue Lacy dog canines are nonetheless present in that area of the nation (primarily in Texas), the breed is changing into more and more well-liked for its expert searching prowess, and there are breeding populations being established throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Texas Blue Lacy Dog Care

The Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog’s brief, tight coat wants minimal upkeep: a couple of times weekly brushing, with more frequent brushing throughout seasonal shedding occasions.

Though they may adapt nicely to most dwelling situations and make great family pets with correct socialization, Texas Blue Lacy dogs are intense, high-energy canines that might be ill-suited for each residence dwelling in addition to novice homeowners.

They will turn into bored and harmful when left alongside for long durations of time and can reply higher to a more skilled proprietor that may show the boldness and leadership that these working canines crave.

As a result, it is essential that Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog homeowners present their pet with loads of outside time and house to run and, ideally, a job to do.

These dogs would require long, brisk each day walks and loads of romps within the yard, however even that is probably not sufficient; many of those dogs will nonetheless demand a difficult job corresponding to herding or searching, monitoring, or agility or flyball.

Blue Texas Blue Lacy dogs are naturally territorial and can all the time exit their option to defend their property and their family, however, they could not all the time do nicely getting into houses with different pets on account of their high prey drive.

The breed’s intelligence signifies that they’re typically very straightforward to coach, however, they’re delicate to yell; Blue Texas Blue Lacy dogs will all the time reply higher to stern however delicate instructions.

Because they have been created to be a working dog, most breeders favor putting these dogs in ranching and searching houses to be able to protect that heritage and permit the Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog to do what they do finest: work.

Texas Blue Lacy Dog

Texas Blue Lacy Dog Diet and Nutrition

The Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog ought to carry out nicely with high-quality commercially or home-prepared (beneath veterinary supervision) dog meals. Fresh, clear water ought to be obtainable always for this energetic, high-energy dog.


Good herding and dealing dog

Coats require minimal upkeep

Easy to coach


Requires vigorous train

Ill-suited for residence dwelling

Can be territorial and confrontational with unfamiliar canine

Common Health Problems

Texas Blue Lacy dogs are a really wholesome, sturdy breed. However, because of the dilute genes they carry, Blue Texas Blue Lacy dogs have been related to Color Dilution Alopecia in addition to allergy symptoms and different pores and skin and coat points.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Texas Blue Lacy dog

Be certain to verify your native animal shelters and rescue teams for Blue Texas Blue Lacy dog canines that might be in need of a forever house. The national rescue group for Blue Texas Blue Lacy dogs, The National Texas Blue Lacy dog Dog Association, may also present online assets that will help you discover your new finest FRIEND.

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