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The long-legged, stumpy-tailed American Brittany Spaniel is an athletic dynamo in a compact package. He has developed into a well-known sight in each city and nation, all the time able to deal with something you throw at him. Listed below are seven enjoyable details about this energetic Sporting breed.

American Brittany Spaniel profile

AKC Recognized: Y
Breed’s Original Pastime: Pointing, Retrieving
Origin: France
Breed Group: Sporting
Average Lifespan: 12-14 years
Size: Medium
Bark Factor: Moderate

Energy level High energy
Exercise needs High
Playfulness Very playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Friendliness toward other dogs Friendly
Friendliness toward other pets Friendly
Friendliness toward strangers Very friendly
Ease of training Hard to train
Watchdog ability High
Protection ability Not very protective
Grooming needs Low maintenance
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance

Vive la France

The breed will get its title from the American Brittany Spaniel area in northwestern France, surrounded by the English Channel to the north and the Bay of Biscay to the south, the place the breed originated.

Orange-and-white dog of American Brittany Spaniel kind, looking and retrieving sport, are depicted in work and tapestries of the 17th century by French, Flemish, and Dutch masters.

A Reverend Davies in 1850 describes looking with a small “bobtail” dog that pointed and had been wonderful retrievers.

Across the identical time, it’s rumored that the fashionable American Brittany Spaniel took place via matings with English Setters.

American Brittany Spaniel’s authentic followers had been medieval peasants and poachers, who lived a thrifty life.

They lacked the means to assist a big kennel so that they wanted a dog that was able to be an all-purpose employee.

That versatility that was bred into the American Brittany Spaniel stays a trademark of the breed to this present day.

Without delay, boisterous and regal, American Brittany Spaniel is an award-winning hunter. This breed has spectacular scent monitoring skills —

they’ll scent a flock of birds nearly a soccer subject away! Bred for his or her looking prowess, American Brittany Spaniels are aristocratic in look and have charming personalities.

Extra than simply hunters, although, American Brittany Spaniels are additionally avid dog athletes and loving household companions.

Whether or not on the agility course or simply chasing a frisbee, your American Brittany Spaniel likes to be on the transfer with you.

Initially from France, this medium-sized and high-energy breed can develop to between 30-40 kilos and lives a median of 12-14 years.

The breed is acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership and categorized as a member of the Sporting group.

High power

To cite the usual, the blueprint of the breed, the American Brittany Spaniel is prized as a “leggy dog having the looks, in addition to the agility, of an amazing floor cover.

Sturdy, vigorous, energetic, and fast of motion. Ruggedness, without clumsiness, is an attribute of the breed.”

Does this sound like a couch potato to you? Together with his limitless power, American Brittany Spaniel requires a number of rigorous, day by day trains and a job to maintain him busy.

You probably have energetic kids, otherwise you bicycle or jog, American Brittany will make an excellent companion.

A drained American Brittany can be glad to hang around and chill with you. And not using an appropriate outlet for his power, American Brittany can exhibit neurotic and harmful tendencies, as any American Brittany Spaniel rescue volunteer will verify.

A Twin Champion brag

Many Sporting breeds have, over time, been broken up into dogs that do subject work and their fancier counterparts that win within the present ring.

Not many dogs of those breeds can carry out in each arena, and the look of the present and subject specimens has changed over time. Not so with American Brittany.

The “Dual Champion” designation in the entrance of a dog’s title signifies that he has received each a subject title (FC) and a present title (CH).

The American Brittany Spaniel boasts extra Twin Champions than every other breed: 608 and counting, in response to the American American Brittany Membership’s site.

This can be a testimony to the dedication of breeders and homeowners who’re dedicated to holding American Brittany Spaniel, a dog that may do all of it.

Coming to America

American Brittany Spaniel was first acknowledged as a breed in 1907 when an orange-and-white male named Boy was registered in France.

The primary breed normal was drawn up in the identical yr. The breed was launched to America in 1931. In 1934 the American Kennel Club registered its first “American Brittany.”

In America, hunters thought of the American Brittany extra of a pointer than a in its working type, and in 1982, the AKC dropped “Spaniel” from the official breed title.

american brittany spaniel

American and French dog diverge

Throughout the 20th century, American and French bloodlines broke up and went their separate ways. Black is an appropriate coat coloration within the French dog, which is also genetically linked with black noses and darkish eyes.

This provides the Continental dog a really totally different look from the dog we’re accustomed to seeing in this nation.

The AKC normally permits solely orange-and-white or liver-and-white dogs, with amber eyes, and the nostril ranging in coloration from fawn, tan, and shades of brown to deep pink. A black nostril is a disqualification, as is a black coat.

American Brittany Spaniel personality

This sturdy, rugged breed makes for a good household dog — they’re loyal and sometimes great with kids, although their power degree means they will do greatest when supervised with little ones.

Very playful, cheerful, and affectionate, American Brittany Spaniels are sometimes pleasant towards different dogs and pets. A stranger is only American Brittany’s latest pal.

American Brittany Spaniel Behavior

American Brittany Spaniels are versatile and zealous hunters. Your American Brittany will want the room to stretch his legs and common train — suppose lengthy walks or vigorous romps within the yard each day.

They make for alert watchdogs, however, they are not very protective. They are often considered vulnerable to barking.

American Brittany Spaniel training

This breed may be very simple to coach. American Brittany Spaniels are sometimes submissive, obedient, biddable, and wanting to please.

They are often delicate, so be light with them. Use endurance and encouragement to coach your American Brittany and this dog will fetch you the moon when you ask for it.

A common train is essential for holding your dog companion’s body and thoughts healthy and glad. These dogs excel at agility, flyball, obedience, and field trials. They make for good residents in the dog park.

American Brittany SpanielShedding and Grooming

American Brittany Spaniel’s brief coats are delicate and feathered; their hair may be wavy or flat. These dogs are comparatively simple to groom.

Their coats shed mud and dust, so they will not want frequent baths. They’re going to want weekly brushings or combings. Your American Brittany will shed seasonally; their shedding is normally average.

American Brittany Spaniel health

This can be a usually healthy breed. You should definitely preserve their lengthy ears clear, as they are often vulnerable to infections.

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