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Tibetan Spaniel Dog

Due to their breeding as companion animals for monks, Tibetan Spaniel dogs (additionally known as “Tibbies”) thrive when they’re a part of a family and are loyal to an attentive and loving proprietor. These canines are good with kids, different canines, and cats.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog profile

They shed their undercoat twice a year, and require solely occasional brushing. While they don’t need an extensive train, they don’t seem to be completely happy when left alone for long durations of time. Tibbies are a long-lived breed, averaging 13 to 16 years.

Known because of the Tibbie to his associates, the Tibetan Spaniel dog has been described as a half terrier, half-monkey, and half cat. He isn’t actually a spaniel, however, he’s from Tibet, the place he was an alarm dog at Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Tibbie retains his watchdog tendencies at the present time.

Happy, assertive, and very smart, the Tibetan Spaniel dog has been a prized companion in his native Tibet since 1100 B.C. Small, alert and energetic, Tibetan Spaniel dogs are outgoing and pleasant however could also be aloof with strangers. The moderate train is usually recommended, and weekly brushing is required for the breed’s double coat.


The Tibetan Spaniel dog is believed to have originated within the mountainous terrain and excessive climate situations of Tibet around 1100BC.

The Tibbie, as it’s affectionately recognized, lived with Buddhist monks: the monks’ perception in reincarnation implies that all life is to be valued highly and that every one people could have been, or shall be, a dog at some stage. The breed was additionally extremely popular among the many rich people of Tibet.

Tibbies have been additionally used to alert the bigger Tibetan Mastiffs of approaching strangers, in addition to keeping people warm. Some consider that the little canines turned the monks’ prayer wheels, though there isn’t a particular proof of this.

When the silk commerce began in Tibet, Tibetan Spaniel dogs have been sometimes given as prized presents, which could possibly be how they got here to be frequent within the west, however, they have been by no means offered.

In the 19th century, they discovered their strategy to Britain, and Australia’s first Tibetan Spaniel dogs were imported by Myra Livett in 1974.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog  Overview

True to his heritage, Tibbie has a daring, impartial spirit. He enjoys life, particularly when he has a family who loves him.

His family is first in his coronary heart, he will get along nicely with different canines and cats within the residence, however, he’s reserved with strangers.

Because of his small size, he’s finest suited to a house with older kids who will know to deal with him with care.

Tibbie is extremely sensible and headstrong. He has decided to have his personal method, so by no means assume that he’ll at all times obey your instructions.

He can’t be walked off-leash as a result of there’s no assurance that he’ll come when known as and a 100 % assurance that he’ll take off and do one thing you don’t need him to do, like choose a fight with an even bigger dog or eat poop on the ground.

The Tibetan Spaniel dog may be energetic, inside purpose. With his quick legs and flat face, he’s not precisely a jogging companion, however, he’s sturdy, won’t object to a stroll within the park, and shall be equally glad about the indoor play, comparable to chasing a toy.

However, if he enjoys sports activities, don’t hesitate (total well being allowed) to contain him in activities like agility, rally, and obedience. Tibbie likes to point out, and these activities are good alternatives for him to have appreciative viewers.

He will also be a great remedy dog. Train him with patience and consistency, utilizing positive reinforcement strategies comparable to reward, play, and meal rewards.

It goes without saying that the people-loving Tibbie must stay in the home and by no means outside. Accept that he’ll be sharing your furnishings. He is at cost, in any case.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog  Temperament

Tibetan Spaniel dogs are very affectionate, enjoyable, loving, amusing, and clever. They are headstrong, so house owners should set up themselves because of the leader of the pack from the start. They adore their human family and can need to be with them. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or the place they’re.

They love the seaside, automotive, snow, and simply snuggle up in bed. They can, nonetheless, sulk and search for revenge if they’re upset.

Sweet however assertive, affectionate along with his family however aloof towards strangers, the Tibetan Spaniel dog is an examine in contrasts. He’s an alert watchdog (a skill honed from centuries of following) however is trusting of different canines and people.

The Tibetan Spaniel dog is commonly described as a feline in his habits. It’s common to search out him perched on top of a settee, chair, or different high place, surveying his area or meticulously grooming himself like a cat.

The Tibbie has an average exercise level. He’ll be completely happy to go on long walks with you, however, he’s equally glad to snuggle with you in bed or on the couch and may play with toys or race around the home when the climate is unhealthy or your schedule doesn’t enable for a stroll.

Intelligent however impartial-minded, Tibbie is nonetheless simply skilled with positive reinforcements comparable to reward, play, and treats when he does one thing you want and delicate correction when his behavior just isn’t its finest.

Start coaching your pet the day you convey his home. Even at 10 weeks old, he’s able to absorb all the pieces you’ll be able to train him. Never wait till he’s 6 months old to start coaching or you’ll have a headstrong grownup dog to take care of.

If possible, get him into pet kindergarten class by the point he’s 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize.

However, remember that many pet coaching lessons require sure vaccines (like kennel cough) to be updated, and lots of veterinarians advocate restricted publicity to different canines and public locations till pet vaccines (together with rabies, distemper, and parvovirus) have been accomplished.

In lieu of formal coaching, you’ll be able to start coaching your pet at residence and socializing him amongst family and associates till pet vaccines are accomplished.

Talk to the breeder, describe precisely what you’re in search of in a dog, and ask for help in choosing a pet. Breeders see the puppies each day and may make uncannily correct suggestions as soon as they know one thing about your way of life and personality.

Whatever you need from a Tibetan Spaniel dog, search for one whose parents have good personalities and who has been nicely socialized from early puppyhood.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Appearance

Tibetan Spaniel dogs are small, energetic, and alert. The breed ought to have a well-balanced definition, and its body ought to be barely longer than its top on the withers. They have barely bowed entrance legs and a barely undershot chew, though in Australia a level chew is appropriate.

A Tibetan Spaniel dog ought to have a barely (not exaggeratedly) small head in proportion to its body, and the pinnacle ought to be free from any coarseness, with an almond eye.

Tibetan Spaniel dogs are well-proportioned and balanced, and solely barely longer than tall on the withers. They are small canines with a clever and alert expression. The head is barely dome-shaped and small in proportion to the body, however is carried high and proud.

The eyes are oval or almond, darkish brown in shade, and are set aside however ahead. The ears are set high, pendant-shaped, and feathered. The muzzle is medium in size and the jaw ought to both have a slight underbite (most well-liked) or a fair chew.

Tibetan Spaniel dogs have a brief, robust neck and the back is level. The forelegs are barely bowed, and the feet are hare-shaped (long third digit). The hindlegs are robust and straight when seen from behind, and the stifles are massive.

The tail is curled and carried high over the back, with wealthy plumbing. Tibbies have a double coat (protecting them from heat within the high, chilly Tibetan monasteries). The outer coat is silky, lays flat, and is reasonably long. The undercoat is comfortable and tremendous.

The forelegs are feathered, and the hind legs and tail have a dense, long coat. The neck has a “mane” of longer hair, which mixed with the high head carriage, provides these canines a regal look.

The feet are feathered each on the underside and between the toes, however, that is the one space that will need clipping. The remainder of the coat ought to be left natural.

Male and feminine Tibetan Spaniel dogs are related in size and look, however, females usually have rather less coat and “mane” than males. These canines are ideally 25 cm in height and four to 7 kg in weight.

The coat may be any color or mixture of colors, with stable, patterned, and part markings. When operating, the tail and head are usually carried high. These canines are fast and transfer freely in a straight line.

They can usually be discovered lounging watchfully in high locations (windowsill, top of the sofa, or on the bed), persevering with their breed behavior as watchdogs.

The Tibbie is a fast, free, positive mover, with a richly plumed, high-set tail carried in a curl over its back when on the transfer. It has a silky double coat, and females carry much less coat and mane than canines. All colors and mixtures of colors are possible.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Characteristics

Tibetan Spaniel dogs may be very clown-like of their traits and amuse their house owners for hours however, though outgoing and pleasant, they could be aloof with strangers. They ought to by no means be aggressive or timid.

Some people who’ve had different breeds don’t realize once they first personal a Tibetan Spaniel dog that they’ve entered a brand new period. It just isn’t the Tibbie that’s on trial, they are going to be owned by their dog.

Even the youngest puppies are very smart. The breed nonetheless possesses the traits of their ancestors, as they like to roam around massive areas and be on the highest vantage level to observe for approaching risks.


Minimal upkeep is required. A brush as soon as per week will preserve the coat free from knots, besides on the change of seasons when the double coat sheds.

During shedding, the undercoat must be commonly stripped to stop irritation. Nails need to be trimmed commonly and enamel saved clear. It can also be advisable because the Tibbie has a pendant ear with feathering, to commonly examine the within of the ears and preserve them clear and free from particles.


Tibetan Spaniel dogs are very straightforward to coach. Due to their intelligence and natural attachment to their family, these canines are desirous to please and reply nicely to light self-discipline. Once skilled, they’ve wonderful recall and are amiable and loving companion canines for all times.


Tibetan Spaniel dogs are adaptable and appropriate for older people and youngsters alike. They get pleasure from Obedience, Agility, and different sports activities and, in addition to being a great family member, are additionally appropriate for coaching as remedy canines.

They are pleasant, distinctive little animals, and a personal one is a pleasurable experience. Being a Tibetan Spaniel dog proprietor comes with a warning although; you won’t have the ability to cease at only one!

Exercise and Activity Levels

Tibetan Spaniel dogs don’t require loads of exercise to be content. But, they do get pleasure from walks and exploring outdoors with their family. Due to their breeding and history as monastic watchdogs, Tibbies love to take a seat on the top of the sofa or on a windowsill, surveying the surface world.

When contemplating this breed as a pet, do not forget that they thrive when the family is present, and should not completely happy left alone for durations of time, no matter exercise level.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Grooming

Tibetan Spaniel dogs have a double coat, with a tremendous, dense undercoat, and a silky, flat outer coat. They require brushing as soon as per week, however, particles could need to be faraway from feathers each day after being outdoors.

They shed twice a year and solely need occasional baths. The hair between the toes and on the underside of the feet could need to be trimmed to assist with traction and to stop matting.

Toenails will need month-to-month trimming if not naturally worn down, and ears ought to be checked weekly for filth and wax and cleaned if wanted. Daily tooth brushing is perfect. Overall, for a breed with a medium-size coat, Tibbies are comparatively straightforward to keep up.

The Tibetan Spaniel dog’s medium-length double coat ought to have a natural look. No trimming is required to make this dog look good.

Brush the Tibbie’s coat a pair of occasions per week to take away useless hair and comb the feathering on the ears, feet, thighs, and tail, and the feathering between the toes to stop or take away mats or tangles.

He sheds twice a year, and through that point, you’ll need to brush him more usually to maintain the hair beneath control.

The rest is primary care. Trim his nails as wanted, often each week or two, and brush his enamel commonly with a vet-approved pet toothpaste for good total well being and contemporary breath. Check his ears weekly and clear them if wanted.

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Tibetan Spaniel dogs are comparatively hardy with minor health problems. Progressive retinal atrophy may be a difficulty, so it’s advisable to acquire your Tibbie from an accountable registered breeder who health-tests their breeding inventory.

Other Quick Facts

When you take a look at a Tibetan Spaniel dog, it is best to see a dog with an oblong body lined in a silky double coat, dark-brown oval-shaped eyes, medium-size ears that cling down and are nicely feathered, and a plumed tail that curls over the back, falling to 1 aspect.

The Tibetan Spaniel dog’s coat may be any shade or combination of colors. Learn more about Labrador Retriever Puppy Black Facts.

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