Boerboel Temperament

The Boerboel temperament explains its characteristics. This dog breed is known to be especially loving and protective of its human children. They are great parents, though they can be extra influential.

Socializing is essential for boredom, as they can be aggressive toward other dogs, especially those of the same sex and breed. This article will be discussing the Boerboel temperament.

Coming from South Africa, the African Boerboel is calm, confident, and loyal. Their breed name comes from the African / Dutch word for “Boerboel” farmer (Boer) and dog (Boel).

The Boerboel temperament is extremely affectionate, even temperamental, and deeply loyal to their family, but they have a long history of protecting individuals and property from the hands of strange people.

They can be a bit standoffish with strangers and may show aggression if you are uncomfortable. This tendency can be prevented by introducing a dog to a lot of new people and pets – the more unfamiliar your acquaintance with a Boerboel puppy is.

Boarboys are powerful animals and well-equipped to survive the harsh African climate. They are a very healthy breed, low maintenance, and have a reputation for being easy to leave. They need a good deal of regular exercise to stay fit and healthy, though they sometimes don’t show up to be passionate about it.

Well, long exercise sessions are necessary. A big dog needs a good workout, even if your boredom is holding back when it comes.

Discipline is crucial to the development and Boerboel temperament. It is imperative that the owner position them as a strong pack leader and do not allow any animals to behave or threaten other animals.

Aggression towards other dogs, especially same-sex dogs, however, is the key to avoiding such a national phenomenon down the socializing track of a Boerboel puppy.

This dominance over animals is required when visitors enter the room. No Boerboel will treat unfamiliar faces kindly until the owner asserts himself and establishes control over the situation.

African Boerboel disposition and personality

The African Boerboel mood is a playful and endearing one. This dog likes to work. He is most blessed when he is practicing both his own body and mind.

African Boerboel and Children

African Boerboel loves their people – especially kids – which can cause them to occasionally perform for a little too much skill.

Due to its large size, always look after the borewell when she is around small children. He could accidentally hit the baby.

Even with his own family members, no matter how small, he has a glimpse of arrogance. You must be present to remind him that he is not the boss around here – you are.

If your child has a play date, it is probably best to keep your boyfriend separate from kiddos. This is because if they talk to each other too loudly, they may treat your child’s friend as a threat.

African Boerboel and other animals

The borehole breed is good with other pets, especially if they grow up together. But the gay Boerboel can be competitive and aggressive with each other.

If you are thinking of adding a Boarball to your family as a second dog, consider adding one of the opposite sex. (Just be sure to hold him or her!)

Alert guard

Boerboel’s instinct is to protect his family and watch out for potential threats. Therefore, you must socialize to prevent your Boerbol from becoming aggressive or territorial.

When friends come home, be sure to properly introduce your dog to your boredom to prevent your friend from mistaking them as a potential threat!

It’s a dog who never thinks twice about giving his life to save his family. He is a loyal spirit, who will do anything for those whom he loves.

A truly functioning dog

African Boerboel is a smart dog who has a great work ethic. Boarballs love to help with tasks like livestock maintenance, protecting your home, or even competing in dog sports.

Believe it or not, even though he doesn’t know he is right now with them, few Boerboels have actually become successful therapy dogs.

Boerboel temperament

Not for the stranger

Boerboel owners do not recommend this breed for inexperienced or first-time dog owners. This is because they think of themselves as natural leaders and will take action if you release them.

This is a dog that must be kept in his place. He has to realize that you are the leader of the pack here, not him.

These dogs work best with patient owners who have the time and dedication needed to help them become the best dogs they can be.

Interesting facts

This is a dog who likes to play. Just make sure you give him plenty of space to do this and that you have a proper fence in place.

For this reason and for its size alone, the Boerboel temperament does not work well as a dog, so city living is probably out of the question.

Here we have prepared a list of medium to large size dogs that are more ideal if you live in the city.
Dangerous Dogs?

African Boerboels, like Pete Bulls, has a reputation as a “dangerous dog”. And like Pete Bulls, this reputation is undefined.

Boerboel will be as good as a dog because you can help him out. If you treat him harshly, he will treat you harshly in return. Considering the power and size of the Boerboel, this is not the result you want.

He has the ability to behave aggressively, but so does every other dog.

The more you socialize with him and the longer you train him, he will become a better dog and you will not be as concerned about him being an “angry dog”.

A Brief History of the Boerboel Breeds in Africa

South Africa’s Boerboel began as a farmer’s dog. Dutch settlers built the breed in South Africa in the 1600s for the same purpose.

In the first place, the Boerboel hunted wildlife, such as deer, cheetahs, hyenas, and other large cats.

Although Boerboel has been popular in South Africa for quite some time, colonialists began protesting British rule in the 1800s, furthering the presence of the clan.

In the wake of both world wars, South Africa became urban and borehole breeders began cross-breeding this breed with other dogs.

In the sixties, enthusiasts started breeding the purebred Boarboys again, and this breed gained popularity. Boerboels are rare outside of South Africa with their peaceful temperament.

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