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White English Pointer

White English Pointer has been a firm favorite with hunters for hundreds of years thanks not solely to their fantastic skills and endurance, but additionally due to the breed’s loyal and short nature within the dwelling atmosphere too. White English Pointers are extraordinarily aristocratic in look and temperament making fantastic members of the family when in a house atmosphere.

White English Pointer profile

White English Pointers thrive on being within the great open air, however glad to calm down and settle after they get back dwelling. They are additional light round youngsters and love being a part of the family.

With this mentioned, white English Pointers are more suited to people who’ve giant safe back gardens and who like to steer energetic, outside lives with a loyal and devoted canine companion.


The history of the white English Pointer stays just a little unclear though there are records of white English Pointers that date back to the 1600s.

With this mentioned, there are references to “Braques-type dogs” that have been around within the 13th Century and there are works of white English Pointers that date back to the 15th and 18th Centuries.

It is assumed that varied pointing breeds discovered throughout Europe have been purchased to England the place they have been crossed with chosen native breeds which included Irish Setters, Greyhounds, Newfoundlands, Bloodhounds, Fox Hounds, and Bull Terriers.

However, there are those that imagine they could possibly be descendants of Spanish white English Pointers or Continental white English Pointers.

white English Pointers have been used with Greyhounds to share-course in the course of the 1600s, however, by the start of the seventeenth century, wing taking pictures grew to become modern and it is when pointing canines actually got here into their very own.

However, it was not till the 20th century that white English Pointers have been recognized as being wonderful looking canines as a result of Irish Setters had all the time been the canines of alternative before that point.

White English Pointers were first recorded in Britain in the course of the early 19th Century with little or no information concerning the breed before this time.

As time passed, white English Pointers modified in look before a breed normal was established which is the muse of the white English Pointers we see at present.

Today, white English Pointers are probably the most in style hunt, level canines each right here within the UK and within the United States.

They have remained a well-liked alternative as working canines, companions, and family pets for a good purpose. white English Pointers boast having sort, placid and affectionate natures more particularly when they’re around youngsters, making the proper family pet for people who lead energetic, outside lives.

Interesting information concerning the breed

Is the white English Pointer a weak breed? No, they’ve persistently remained one of many more in style native gundogs within the UK and are ranked 92 out of 238 different breeds on the Pets4homes web site
They are regarded as descendants of looking canines that have been round within the 13th Century
They have all the time been renowned for his or her looking skills within the discipline
A white English Pointer’s conformation is all-important within the breed
The breed has been depicted in lots of artistic endeavors over the centuries
Although white English Pointers thrive on working, additionally they love their “home” comforts
white English Pointer puppies are identified to be very accident susceptible

White English Pointer Appearance

Height on the withers: Males 63 – 69 cm, Females 61 – 66 cm

Average weight: Males 25 – 34 kg, Females 20 – 30 kg

white English Pointers are medium to giant size canines that boast a lean, elegant, well-balanced body. They transfer gracefully and may cover the ground shortly and easily which is why they’ve all the time been so extremely prized as working canines

. They are actual aristocrats and are simply at dwelling in a family atmosphere as they’re out within the discipline.

They have elegant heads with well-defined stops and a really pronounced occipital bone. Their noses and eye rims are usually darkish in color though, in lighter coated canines, they could be a lighter color to match their coats.

Nostrils are good and large, being moist and comfortable to the contact.

A white English Pointer’s muzzle is barely concave which gives the look of a dog’s face being just a little dished which is enhanced by the truth that they have slight despair underneath their eyes.

They have properly developed comfortable lips and a brilliant, light expression about their eyes which may both be brown or hazel in color relying on a dog’s coat.

They have very skinny leathers to their ears that are set fairly high and which lie near a dog’s head being reasonably long and just a little pointed on the suggestions.

The white English Pointer has a powerful jaw with an ideal scissor chunk the place their higher enamel neatly overlaps with their decreased ones.

Necks are long, well-muscled, and just a little arched which provides the white English Pointer’s sleek look. They have long, sloping, properly laid-back shoulders and a pleasant width to their chests.

Briskets attain all the way down to a dog’s elbows and their entrance legs are straight, robust exhibiting a superb quantity of bone with sinews being very noticeable too.

white English Pointers have sleek, properly proportioned bodies with properly sprung ribs that carry properly back to a dog’s barely arched loins. Their hip bones are outstanding, however not overly so including a dog’s elegant stance.

Hindquarters are very muscular with canines having robust, well-muscled back legs with properly developed first and second thighs. Feet are an oval form with properly knit, arched toes, and good agency pads.

Their tails are reasonably long and properly coated in hair being thicker on the root before tapering to the tip. Dogs carry their tails level to their backs and when on the transfer, they swish them backward and forward.

When it involves their coat, the white English Pointer boasts having a brief, high-quality, onerous, straight coat that is evenly distributed throughout their bodies. Their coats have a lovely natural and marked sheen. The accepted breed colors for Kennel Club registration are as follows:

Black & White
Lemon & White
Liver & White
Orange & White

It is price noting that each one of the above colors can have just a little “ticking” whether or not heavy or light speckles on the white areas of a dog’s coat.

More about conformation points

The good conformation of a white English Pointer is crucial for the breed’s wellbeing more particularly as a result of like many different deep-chested canines, white English Pointers are vulnerable to being affected by bloat (gastric torsion) which could be a life-threatening situation that requires quick veterinary consideration.


When a white English Pointer strikes, they cover lots of ground with a clean and flowing motion having an amazing quantity of drive from behind. Their elbows don’t flip inwards nor do they flip outwards and canines don’t present any form of hackney motion after they transfer.


The Kennel Club frowns on any exaggerations or departures from the breed normal and would choose the faults on how a lot they have an effect on a dog’s total well being and wellbeing in addition to their means to carry out.

Males ought to have each testicle absolutely descended into their scrotums and its price noting {that a} dog could be a little lighter or heavier in addition to barely taller or shorter than set out within the Kennel Club breed normally which is given as a suggestion solely.

White English Pointer Temperament

White English Pointers are identified to be well-balanced, social, and placid canines by nature which is why they’ve persistently remained a well-liked alternative as family pets.

They are loyal, light, and very tolerant more particularly when they’re around youngsters. They are the proper alternative for households who dwell within the nation or who’ve giant back gardens as a result of white English Pointers thriving after they can spend as much time as possible within the great open-air within the firm of their house owners.

With this mentioned, when a white English Pointer has been given sufficient day by day train and many psychological stimulations, they’re fairly glad to get dwelling and relax with their households loving nothing more than to twist up on a comfortable sofa or chair.

They are a sensible choice for first-time house owners offering the people the time to dedicate to their canine companions and ideally in households the place one individual normally stays at dwelling when everybody else is out.

When puppies, white English Pointers could be a little “accident-prone” which implies they have an inclination to stumble upon issues quite a bit.

This usually contains toddlers and youthful youngsters. As such care must be taken when they’re enjoying collectively simply in case a toddler will get knocked over albeit unintentionally.

Because they type such robust, unbreakable bonds with their house owners and households, white English Pointers don’t prefer it after they discover themselves on their very own for longer durations of time, and in the event that they do, they will usually endure from separation anxiousness more particularly if they don’t seem to be given sufficient train and psychological stimulation day by day.

This may lead to canines creating undesirable and harmful behaviors across the dwelling which is white English Pointer’s method of relieving any stress they might be feeling and never essentially as a result of them being naughty. white English Pointers thrive on the human firm and may even turn out to be depressed when left on their very own for too long.

It’s necessary for these canines to be properly socialized from a younger age so that they develop as much as to be assured, outgoing mature dogs.

Their socialization should embrace introducing them to a lot of new conditions, noises, people, different animals, and canines as soon as they’ve been absolutely vaccinated. It’s additionally essential for his or her coaching to begin early too and it has to be constant all through a dog’s life.

A white English Pointer isn’t happier than after they know their place within the pack and who they will look to for path and steering. If they do not know who’s the alpha dog in a family they might shortly tackle the position of a dominant dog which may make them more durable to dwell with and deal with.

As beforehand talked about, white English Pointers love the ability to roam around the exterior however gardens have to be very properly fenced off to forestall them escaping, taking into account that the majority of white English Pointers have completely no highway sense. In quick succession, if a dog did handle to get out of a backyard, they ran the chance of being injured in the event that they bought onto a highway.

What about playfulness?

White English Pointers are identified to have a playful aspect to their natures and totally get pleasure from enjoying interactive video games every time possible.

They are significantly good when enjoying with youngsters though puppies as beforehand talked about are usually slightly accident susceptible which implies they might knock a youthful little one over by mistake when playtime will get a bit boisterous and why grownup supervision is all the time really useful.

What about adaptability?

White English Pointers are higher suited to people who dwell within the nation or households with giant, safe back gardens.

They don’t adapt properly to apartment residing as a result of they thrive on being within the great open-air as much as possible. With this mentioned, as soon as a dog will get dwelling they’re glad to calm down and calm down.

What about separation anxiousness?

White English Pointers type robust ties with their households and canines are by no means very glad after they discover themselves left on their very own for longer durations of time.

They are higher suited to people who both do business from home or in households, the place one individual stays at dwelling when everybody else is out so they’re by no means alone for any size of time which may see a dog affected by separation anxiety.

This can result in them being harmful across the dwelling which is a dog’s method of relieving any stress they’re feeling and a method to hold themselves entertained.

What about extreme barking?

Most white English Pointers should not be identified to be “barkers” having been bred to hunt, level, and retrieve traits that are deeply embedded in their psyche and that are usually carried out with stealth.

However, any white English Pointer that is left on their very own for too long might begin barking as a method of exhibiting how sad they’re on the state of affairs and to get consideration.

Do white English Pointers like water?

white English Pointers get pleasure from swimming and can take to the water every time they will. However, if anybody who owns a dog that doesn’t like water ought to by no means power them to go in as a result of it might simply find yourself scaring them.

With this mentioned, care ought to all the time be taken when strolling a white English Pointer off the lead anyplace close to more harmful watercourses and through marshlands simply in case they get into bother and need rescuing.

Are white English Pointers good watchdogs?

white English Pointers should not be natural watchdogs though this isn’t to say a dog wouldn’t be fast off the mark to let an owner know when there are strangers about though they might not often do that aggressively, preferring to maintain their distance whereas alerting their house owners to what they understand as being threatening.

White English Pointer Intelligence / Trainability

The white English Pointer is a really good dog and a fast learner. The drawback to that is they’re simply as fast to select up dangerous habits as they’re good.

They need to be properly socialized from a younger age and their coaching should start early, taking into account these delicate canines don’t like being dominated.

Their coaching has to be very constant and all the time truthful so {that a} dog understands what their proprietor expects of them. white English Pointers are by no means happier than when they’re given one thing to do which is why they’re so amenable to studying new issues.

The key to efficiently coaching a white English Pointer is to make their coaching as fascinating as possible and to keep away from an excessive amount of repetition.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain coaching classes that are a lot shorter which helps hold a dog more targeted on what’s being requested of them.

Being so delicate, they don’t reply properly to any form of harsh correction or heavier handed coaching strategies. They do reply very properly to positive reinforcement and high worth meals rewards which all the time brings the very best out of those clever and wanting to please canines.

white English Pointers thrive on being to work alongside their house owners and it actually strengthens the bond that forms between an individual and their dog.

They excel at obedience and totally benefit from the one-to-one consideration they’re given when being educated in addition to after they compete in trials.

white English Pointer puppies like all puppies are very cute and it’s all too simple to spoil them.

However, new house owners should begin out as they imply to go on which implies educating a pet right from the phrase go. This should contain setting out boundaries and educating a pet about what is appropriate behavior and what’s not.

It can also be essential to “crate train” a white English Pointer pet after they are around 7 weeks old as a result of they prefer to know they have a “safe” place to be when their house owners should not be around. The first instructions a white English Pointer pet ought to be taught as early as possible are as follows:

Leave it

Children and Other Pets

White English Pointers are tremendously properly behaved around youngsters; they usually make fantastic family pets due to their light, placid, and sort natures.

They appear to have an actual affinity with youngsters which briefly means they’re extraordinarily tolerant around them.

However, as with all breeds, any interplay between toddlers and a dog ought to all the time be properly supervised by an adult to be on the secure aspect. One factor they do not like is an excessive amount of noise due to their delicate natures.

Being so placid and laid-back, white English Pointers usually get on with different canines they meet and more particularly after they have been properly socialized from a younger sufficient age.

With this mentioned, they could be a little shy around canines they’ve by no means met before which is simply a part of their make-up, however not often would a white English Pointer instigate a fight preferring to simply back away. They additionally get on with different pets in a household if they’ve grown up collectively which incorporates family cats.

For additional advice please learn our article on Keeping Children Safe around Dogs.

White English Pointer

White English Pointer Health

The average life expectancy of a white English Pointer is between 12 and 14 years when correctly cared for and fed an acceptable good quality diet to go well with their ages.

The white English Pointer is thought to endure from just a few hereditary health points that are price realizing about in case you are planning to share your private home with certainly one of these good-looking canines. The circumstances that appear to have an effect on the breed essentially the most embrace the next:

Cancer – more particularly seen in older white English Pointers
Aortic stenosis
Hip dysplasia – canines ought to be hip scored
Skin allergy symptoms
Hereditary epilepsy – white English Pointers recognized with the situation ought to be spayed or neutered and never used for breeding functions
Wobbler syndrome
Osteochondritis of the shoulders
Entropion of the eyes
Hereditary cataracts – canines ought to be eye examined by way of the Animal Health Trust

What about vaccinations?

White English Pointer puppies would have been given their preliminary vaccinations before being bought, however, it’s as much as their new house owners to ensure they’ve their follow-up pictures in a timely method with the vaccination schedule for puppies being as follows:

10 -12 weeks old, taking into account {that a} pet wouldn’t have full safety immediately, however, could be absolutely protected 2 weeks after they’ve had their second vaccination

There has been lots of dialogue concerning the need for canines to have boosters. As such, it is best to speak to a vet before making a remaining decision on whether or not a dog ought to proceed to have annual vaccinations that are generally known as boosters.

White English Pointer Exercise

The white English Pointer is a high energy, intelligent dog and as such, they need to be given the right quantity of day by day training and psychological stimulation for them to be really glad, well-rounded canines. They need no less than 2 hour’s training a day with as much of the lead time as possible.

If they don’t seem to be given the right quantity of psychological stimulation and training day by day, a white English Pointer would shortly get bored and will even start to indicate some harmful behaviors across the dwelling which is their method of relieving any stress they might be experiencing.

However, as soon as a white English Pointer will get dwelling, they are going to, fortunately, flip into sofa potatoes and anybody who doesn’t let their pets on the furnishings might need to alter their minds and put money into a lot of dog throws.

A shorter stroll within the morning could be high-quality, however, an extended more fascinating one within the afternoon is a shoulder with as much of the lead time as possible.

These canines additionally like to have the ability to roam around a back backyard as usually as possible to allow them to actually let off steam.

However, the fencing has to be extraordinarily safe to maintain these energetic, inquisitive canines in as a result of in the event that they discover a weak spot within the fence, they are going to quickly escape and will get into all types of bother taking into account that white English Pointers can leap very high fences with the best of ease after they need to.

With this mentioned, white English Pointer puppies shouldn’t be over-exercised as a result of their joints and bones nonetheless rising.

This contains not letting a dog leap up and down from furnishings or going up or down the steps. Too much strain positioned on their joints and spines at an early age may lead to a dog creating critical issues later in their lives.

White English Pointer Feeding

If you get a white English Pointer pet from a breeder, they might offer you a feeding schedule and it is necessary to stay to the identical routine, feeding the identical pet meals to keep away from any tummy upsets.

You can change a pet’s diet, however, this must be accomplished very steadily all the time ensuring they do not develop any digestive upsets and in the event that they do, it is best to place them back on their authentic diet and to debate issues with the vet before trying to alter it once more.

Older canines should not be identified to be fussy eaters, however, this doesn’t imply they are often given a decreased quality diet. It’s best to feed a mature dog twice a day, as soon as within the morning after which once more within the night, ensuring it is good quality meals that meet all their dietary necessities.

It’s additionally necessary that canines be given the right quantity of train so that they burn off any extra energy or they could achieve an excessive amount of weight which may result in all types of health points. Obesity can shorten a dog’s life by a number of years so it is necessary to control their waistline from the phrase go.

Caring for a white English Pointer

As with other breeds, white English Pointers need to be groomed frequently to ensure their coats and pores and skin are saved in top situations.

They additionally need to be given common day by day train to make sure they continue to be match and wholesome. On top of this, canines need to be fed good quality meals that meet all their dietary wants all through their lives.

Caring for a white English Pointer pet

White English Pointer puppies are boisterous and energetic and fairly accident susceptible which implies it is important for properties and gardens to be puppy-proofed properly upfront of their arrival.

A responsible breeder would have properly socialized their puppies which all the time results in more outgoing, assured, and pleasant canines right from the phrase go.

With this mentioned, any pet goes to really feel weak after they go away their mom and littermates which have to be taken under consideration. The longer a pet can stay with their mom, the higher though it ought to by no means be for too long both.

It’s finest to select a pet up when people are going to be round for the first week or so which is the time wanted for a pet to settle in. Puppy-proofing the house and backyard mean placing away any instruments and different implements {that a} boisterous pet may injure themselves on.

Electric wires and cables have to be put out of their attain as a result of puppies’ love chewing on issues. Toxic vegetation ought to be far away from flower beds and the house too.

Puppies need to sleep quite a bit to develop and develop as they need to which implies establishing a quiet space that is not too out of the way in which means they will retreat to it after they need to nap and it is necessary to not disturb them when they’re sleeping. It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain “playtime” good and calm inside the home and to have a more energetic “playtime” exterior within the backyard which implies puppies shortly be taught to be much less boisterous when they’re inside.

The documentation a breeder supplies for a pet will need to have all the main points of their worming date and the product used in addition to the information referring to their microchip. It is crucial for puppies to be wormed once more retaining to a schedule which is as follows:

Puppies ought to be wormed at 6 months old
They need to be wormed once more when they’re eight months old
Puppies ought to be wormed when they’re 10 months old
They need to be wormed when they’re 12 months old

Things you may need on your pet

There are sure objects that new house owners need to have already got within the dwelling previous to bringing a brand new pet dwelling.

It’s usually a good suggestion to limit how a lot area a pet performs in more particularly when you’ll be able to control what they rise up to taking into account that puppies are sometimes fairly boisterous which implies investing in pet gates or a big sufficient playpen that enables a white

English Pointer pets the room to precise themselves whereas retaining them secure too. The objects wanted are subsequently, as follows:

Good quality pet or child gates to suit doorways
A very good well-made playpen that is giant sufficient for a pet to play in to allow them to actually categorical themselves as puppies love to do
Lots of well-made toys which should embrace good high quality chews appropriate for puppies to gnaw on, taking into account {that a} pet will begin teething something from when they’re three to eight months old
Good quality feed and water bowls which ideally ought to be ceramic slightly than plastic or metal
A grooming glove
A slicker brush or comfortable bristle brush
Dog particular toothpaste and a toothbrush
Scissors with rounded ends
Nail clippers
Puppy shampoo and conditioner have to be particularly formulated to be used on canines
A well-made dog collar or harness
A few robust dog leads
A well-made dog bed that is not too small or too huge
A well-made dog crate to be used within the automotive and within the dwelling, that is giant sufficient for a pet to maneuver around in
Baby blankets to place in your pet’s crate and of their beds for after they need to nap or fall asleep at night

Keeping the noise down

All puppies are delicate to noise together with white English Pointer puppies. It’s necessary to maintain the noise ranges down when a brand new pet arrives within the dwelling. TVs and music shouldn’t be performed too loud which may find you stressing a small pet out.


The white English Pointer is low upkeep within the grooming division due to their clean, quick coats. A weekly brush and wipe over with a chamois leather-based will take away any lifeless and free hair whereas at the identical time retaining a pleasant gloss on their coats.

They shed quite a bit all year round, solely more so in the course of the Spring after which once more within the Autumn when more frequent grooming is normally necessary to remain on top of issues and to take away lifeless and shed hair from a dog’s coat.

It’s additionally necessary to examine a dog’s ears frequently and to scrub them when necessary. If an excessive amount of wax builds up in a dog’s ears, it could result in a painful infection which may be onerous to clear up. In quick, prevention is commonly simpler than remedy in relation to ear infections. Learn more about Weimaraner-dog-breed-weim-puppies-buying-tips.


White English Pointers are loyal and dedicated to their house owners
They have low upkeep coats
They are a sensible choice for first-time house owners who have the time to dedicate to their canines
They are good round youngsters and different canines
They have comparatively low shedding coats


White English Pointers thrive on being within the great open air
They need lots of vigorous trains and psychological stimulation
They should not natural watchdogs
They are higher suited to people who lead energetic, outside lives
They don’t adapt properly to condo residing

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