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Swedish Vallhund Dog

The Swedish Vallhund dog is low to the ground (the top to size of the body is 2:3). They are longer-legged, shorter body, and less stocky in comparison with Corgis, giving them barely more velocity and agility.

Swedish Vallhund Dog profile

Their teeth could be massive for his or her cranium. Their medium-length coat is double, with coarse guard hairs and an insulating undercoat. Their tails range in size.


The Swedish Vallhund dog, generally known as “the little Viking dog,” is a dwarf spitz breed that has been used as a farm dog for hundreds of years, presumably since Viking instances, after they had been referred to as the Vikingarnas Dog. They herded cattle, protected the house and farm from rodents, and acted as a watchdog.

Very little is thought of this breed’s early history. By 1942, they had been virtually extinct. Count Bjorn Von Rosen and Karl Gustav Zettersten, started an effort to avoid wasting the breed, finding one male (named Mopsen) and three females (named Vivi, Lessi, and Topsy), which they hoped would revive the breed.

They had been acknowledged by the Swedish Kennel Club because of the Svensk Vallhund, which interprets to Swedish herder.

The name was modified in 1964 to Västgötaspets, named after the Swedish province Vastergotland the place this breed was revived. The first Vallhunds got here to England in 1974, then to the United States from England in 1983.

They entered the AKC Herding Group in 2007, however have remained principally unknown to most of the people. The breed is commonly identified for his or her hardiness and well being.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Description

The Swedish Vallhund dog bears a passing resemblance to the Welsh Corgi and breeders dispute the connection, if any, between the breeds.

Whilst some Corgi breeders declare that Viking raiders took a few of their Welsh heelers back to Scandinavia, devotees of the Vallhund declare the reverse:

Vikings took dogs of the Vallhund kind with them on their raids and a few of these dogs had been left behind and performed an element within the origins of the Corgi.

What is just not debated is the truth that the breed was virtually extinct by the 1930s, however, was rescued by the Swedish Count Bjorn von Rosen.

Traveling across the district of Vastergotland, and particularly close to the city of Vara, he recognized inhabitants of dogs of very related look, used primarily for herding cattle.

With his colleague Karl Gustaf Zettersten, he established a breeding program to retain each sort and the herding intuition. The Count is credited for the official recognition of the breed by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1948.

Size and Weight

These are small herding dogs with quick legs, pointed ears, and a thick coat of medium-length fur. Males and females are often about the identical size; they will develop to be 12-14 inches tall on the shoulder, and so they are likely to weigh between 20 and 30 kilos when they’re absolutely grown.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Temperament

The Swedish Vallhund dog is a confident dog that doesn’t let its quick stature maintain them back.

They are sometimes energetic and playful when circumstances enable, however calm and mellow after they need be. They can study shortly and could be desperate to please, however have a streak of independence.

They typically take pleasure in psychological challenges and could be generally too inquisitive. They are candy however not fawning. They often get alongside effectively with different dogs and animals.

They are typically good with thoughtful kids, however can nip heels in play. They could also be cautious of strangers. They are likely to bark enthusiastically and can detect strangers or visitors and alert their family.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Behavior

Swedish Vallhund dogs are extraordinarily athletic canines. They excel at dog sports activities reminiscent of agility, fly ball, and herding, and positively are a breed that wants a “job” to do.

They are a super alternative pet for a family that lives on a farm however prefer to maintain a smaller dog in the home.

If you don’t have sheep on your Swedish Vallhund dog herd, it could be good to enroll them in some type of dog sport to maintain their agile minds and maintain their energy ranges down.

They will shortly get bored if not given one thing to do, which can solely exacerbate their hyperactivity and can make them tougher to stay with.

They thrive with correct coaching and a ton of training, and can then be completely satisfied to twist up at your facet at the finish of the day.

They could make good house dogs if given sufficient training, however, are actually higher suited to the suburbs or the countryside.

They do effectively with kids and different dogs and could be educated to simply accept cats and different pets (although they might attempt to herd them!).

While nonetheless comparatively uncommon outside of their native Sweden, Swedish Vallhund dogs are starting to achieve recognition everywhere in the world.

If you have got your coronary heart set on one, you’re doubtless to have the ability to discover a breeder within the United States (although maybe not a breeder near the place you reside).

Once you discover one, although, the Swedish Vallhund dog will deliver a ton of short-legged pleasure into your family.

Food and Diet

Like different dogs, Swedish Vallhund dogs need to eat a balanced diet with loads of protein and wholesome fat. Vallhunds are naturally energetic, and the number of meals that they need to eat shall be straight associated with how a lot of energy they burn all through the day.

Vallhunds which can be anticipated to be house dogs shall be more comfortable if they aren’t overfed, however, Vallhunds that work as cow canines will need additional parts to assist them to handle whole herds.

Swedish Vallhund dog Maintenance and Grooming

Swedish Vallhund dogs are double-coated. They have a softer undercoat that retains the heat and a rough overcoat that retains them dry. This is extremely handy for colder climates, nevertheless, it additionally signifies that Vallhunds are likely to shed rather a lot more than different dogs.

Plan to brush your Vallhund regularly to keep up the situation of their coat. Make positive to not get a brush that snags on their fur; as an alternative, search for one thing that pulls by means of easily, particularly on the thickest components of the coat.

If you reside in an average or heat local weather, make it possible for your Vallhund to go to the groomer within the summertime to get their undercoat trimmed.

You also need to ensure that too frequently trim your Vallhund’s nails and examine the situation of their eyes, ears, and nostrils.

Swedish Vallhund Dog

Swedish Vallhund dog Training

Swedish Vallhund dogs are extremely clever and have great coaching potential. They haven’t any issues studying tips and easy duties. They even have a powerful herding potential that solely must be frivolously bolstered.

Vallhunds have the potential to be jumpy and cautious of strangers so that they do higher when they’re socialized appropriately as puppies.

Expect your Vallhund to wish to greet and work together with the company, and train them with wholesome methods to specify their basic pleasure and engagement.

Swedish Vallhund dog Exercise

Swedish Vallhund dogs are high-energy canines and need as much training as they will get. Expect to take your Vallhund on no less than two walks a day.

Vallhunds prefer to play, and so they’re happiest in homes with room for transferring rounds. A Swedish Vallhund dog can simply be an apartment dog if they’re taken exterior frequently and given loads of consideration by their house owners.

Vallhunds are herding dogs so that they thrive underneath an extremely energetic way of life if they’re given the chance. These dogs are significantly standard on farms and in different environments the place they will safely be introduced with their house owners.


Swedish Vallhund dogs need a medium to a high level of exercise. A long stroll or quick jog, together with a mentally difficult sport, will often fulfill their train wants.

They additionally take pleasure in agility. Their coat care consists of weekly brushing. They could take pleasure in cooler climates, however, they can take pleasure in hotter climates as effectively.

Swedish Vallhund Dogs and Children

These are pleasant dogs that do effectively in group environments. Well-trained Vallhunds get alongside effectively with kids and do effectively as members of home households.

However, it’s not a good suggestion to let a baby practice a Vallhund pet on their very own, particularly in the event that they’ve by no means had a dog before.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Health

Whether you’re considering shopping for a pet or breeding out of your dog, it’s important that you realize what health points could also be present in your breed.

To deal with these points we advise that breeders use DNA checks, screening schemes, and inbreeding coefficient calculators to assist breed the healthiest dogs possible.

Major issues: none
Minor issues: CHD
Occasionally seen: retinopathy, patellar luxation
Suggested checks: hips, DNA for retinopathy
Life span: 13–15 years

Swedish Vallhund dog Puppies

Swedish Vallhund dog puppies are desperate to get transferred in life. Be conscious that the majority of Vallhund puppies undergo a nipping part, which means they are going to need steering as they study to socialize with different canines and people. In addition to nipping, you can even count on seeing chewing and different immature however interactive behaviors.

Otherwise, Swedish Vallhund dog puppies are simple to boost and adapt effectively to most environments. Make positive to feed them a balanced diet with loads of protein to encourage their long-term health.


Fun and playful! Swedish Vallhund dogs like to run, leap and play. These dogs are a great alternative for energetic households that spend quite a lot of time exterior.

Expert watchdogs! Vallhunds are extremely delicate and alert dogs that may hear the whole lot inside their rapid radius. These canines are great watchdogs that love to speak with their house owners.

Family-oriented! Swedish Vallhund dogs are herding dogs so that they love the thought of protecting the family collectively. These pups love to hang around for family occasions like film nights.


Nipping intuition. Vallhund puppies have a powerful herding intuition that must be managed by an experienced coach.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible you’ll find yourself with a dog that likes to chew ankles. Luckily, this may be counteracted with simple steering and positive consideration.

Social nervousness. Swedish Vallhund dogs are social dogs, but they’re additionally very cautious of hazards. Vallhunds need to be socialized early to ensure they really feel snug around different people and their pets.

Extra shedding. Vallhunds have thick winter coats that maintain their heat whereas they herd cattle within the early mornings.

However, those same coats additionally are likely to shed rather a lot; to take excellent care of your dog, you’ll need to brush them regularly and maintain the world vacuumed.

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