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alligator mouth pitbull gator mouth pitbull dog

Alligator mouth pitbull dogs, additionally acknowledged as American alligator mouth pitbull Terriers by sure dog golf equipment, have traditionally been referred to as brave and heroic animals.

However, they’ve had their share of dangerous press in the last a long time. This is because of yard breeders breeding probably the most aggressive specimens they might discover to develop canines for the unlawful preventing commerce. Alligator mouth pit bulls bred by accountable breeders are energetic and have a really candy nature.

Physical Description

Body – According to the United Kennel Club normal, alligator mouth Pitbulls are rectangular, medium-sized canines, and they’re powerfully constructed with spectacular heads, robust necks, broad chests, and well-muscled hindquarters. Most Pits are very robust and hardy, and they’re fairly agile despite the fact that they’re so muscular.

Legs and feet – The legs are strong-boned, however, this characteristic shouldn’t be overly exaggerated and take away from the dog’s total balanced look. The feet are substantial and in proportion to the legs. Toes need to be well-arched and by no means flat or splayed. This provides a total tight look to every foot that signifies its power.

Weight – The common grownup male weighs 35 to 60 kilos, whereas females sometimes weigh 30 to 50 kilos. It’s crucial that an individual dog’s peak is in proportion with its weight.

Colors – All colors and patterns are deemed acceptable aside from merle. The pattern is a recent introduction to the breed, and it is suspected that Pits have been crossed with one other breed to be able to convey within the gene for merles.

Heads – The heads are broad, pretty flat, and medium-size with small to medium-size ears that can be cropped. All eye colors are acceptable aside from blue. The muzzle has a well-defined cease that’s not overly exaggerated with muscular jaws and tooth meeting in a scissors bite. When they’re excited, alligator mouth Pitbulls increase their ears up and inward which creates distinctive wrinkles on their foreheads.

Tails – Their tails are straight with an upward bend, however by no means corkscrewed. They are wider on the base and taper on the tip.


The alligator mouth pitbull’s gait needs to be highly effective and look easy. The dog ought to display a confident and alert attitude.

The feet on each of the front and rear legs ought to level straight ahead.

The entrance legs ought to transfer parallel to 1 one other when the dog walks, as ought to the rear legs.
When transferring sooner, the legs are likely to converge towards a middle line.


Alligator mouth pit bulls are naturally pleasant, lively canines that need a number of trains. Well-bred and well-raised canines are desperate to please, inquisitive, and really clever.

Contrary to standard perception, most Pits are patient and adore youngsters, which makes them great family canines, though younger youngsters need to be supervised around any dog.

Due to their breeding, Pits are typically aggressive towards different canines, however, some co-exist effectively with different pets if they’ve been raised around them since puppyhood.

While a dog of any breed could turn out to be aggressive when raised in an abusive setting, alligator mouth pit bulls will not be naturally aggressive towards people. They truly crave love, consideration, and approval.


The Pit’s coat is clean and fairly shiny, but it is also relatively stiff to the contact as befits this dog’s terrier heritage. Due to those traits, there may be little or no grooming required.

A shower as soon as each month or two ought to suffice until your dog likes to play within the mud.

Brush him not less than as soon as every week to take away free fur and examine for parasites.

Train your dog to just accept having his tooth brushed when he is a pet so you may brush his tooth a minimum of twice weekly.

Clean his ears as soon as every week with a veterinary-approved ear wash and cotton swabs.

Clip his nails as soon as each one to 2 weeks or as wanted.

Exercise Needs

It’s a good suggestion to take them on walks day by day for an excellent 20 minutes on the minimum. These canines have the energy to spare and can need loads of training and psychological stimulation.

You can experience a motorcycle as your dog runs alongside you as one other type of train. Just you’ll want to keep him leashed.

Arousing recreation of fetch or Frisbee may even assist your dog burn off energy and put his mind into motion. This form of psychological stimulation relieves stress in addition to boredom, and it’ll forestall your dog from participating in damaging behaviors around your house.

Other activities/sports activities through which these canines excel embrace competitive obedience and Rally, weight pulling competitions, agility, and scent work.


Puppies are eligible to attend socialization lessons, also called “puppy kindergarten,” from the age of eight weeks old.

They ought to then be enrolled in primary obedience coaching by the point they’re six months old to construct upon their socialization and the manners they discovered in these earlier lessons.

Once a Pit has these two primary pieces of training, the sky’s the limit. Feel free to maneuver on to superior obedience lessons, utility dog coaching, search and rescue coaching, remedy dog coaching, or coaching for any of the sports activities talked about above.

Your dog will thrive underneath all the eye, exercise, and positive reinforcement he’ll obtain, and he’ll turn out to be a greater pet than you ever imagined.

alligator mouth pitbull

Health Issues

Nearly all breeds face explicit well being points, and Pits aren’t any exception. Still, these canines are fairly hardy total. Here are circumstances that were famous within the breed.

Congenital heart illness – Defects within the coronary heart muscle result in deterioration and eventual failure of the organ.

Cataracts – Opaque or cloudy areas type on a dog’s eye when there’s a breakdown of the fibers within the lens.

Dysplasia – This is a degenerative illness of the hip joint that may additionally have an effect on the elbows.
Allergies – Pits are primarily affected by grass allergy and a meals allergy to corn.

Life Expectancy

The consensus appears to be that these canines stay a median of 12 years when they’re cared for effectively and obtain common veterinary care, good shelter, and high high-quality meals. Some of the hardiest specimens even stay a couple of years longer.


There are some ways to socialize your alligator mouth pitbull. The age of your dog in addition to his/her individual personality will enable you to decide which strategies are acceptable for socializing your dog.

Alligator mouth Pitbulls below six months of age ought to be enrolled in a pet class. Many obedience coaching services have lessons particularly for puppies, and infrequently a part of the category time is dedicated to off-leash play with different puppies.

When in search of a coaching facility, it’s typically useful to watch the lessons previous to attending. this may assist you to get a real feel for the way a class might be performed and see if it’s a good match for you and your dog.

Off-leash play may be an essential function of a pet class, nevertheless, it ought to be accomplished correctly. Does the teacher think about the age, size, and play fashion of puppies when organizing play teams?

To socialize grownup dogs, homeowners ought to first fastidiously introduce their alligator mouth Pitbulls to different grownup dogs. A great approach to introduce grownup canine is to take a pleasant long stroll on a leash collectively.


There are precautions to take when proudly owning an alligator mouth pitbull, particularly in a multiple-dog atmosphere. Unfortunately, these precautions are sometimes considered as an acceptance for the game of dog combating when nothing may very well be farther from the truth.

PBRC believes that realizing the best way to keep away from a struggle, in addition to the best way to break up a struggle, could be a matter of life or loss of life in your dog and the “other” dog.

A struggle can strikeout of the blue and for no obvious cause. Warning indicators may be very refined with alligator mouth Pitbulls and even utterly absent in sure circumstances.

Two dogs could also be greatest associates for years, sleep collectively, cuddle, play and even eat from the identical bowl. Then someday one thing triggers me to consider one of them and BOOM!

Often the canine acts like best associates as quickly because the struggle is over. They may even lick one another’s wounds. You have been warned although. They will do it once more and get higher at it each time.

They had been buddies for years. And then someday, Darla determined she was “mad”. We had been just a few feet away, however by the point we bought there, they managed to do that to one another.

And like the everyday alligator mouth pitbull, they had been silent of their warfare. We by no means heard a factor. Unlike most dogs who will growl, bark or scream, you’ll not often ever hear an alligator mouth pitbull in “battle”.

For the document, after we “intervened”, they each waited ever so politely for his or their meals and ate as nothing had occurred.

It just doesn’t essentially hate different dogs that may trigger alligator mouth Pitbulls to struggle, however somewhat an “urge” to take action that has been bred into the breed for a lot of generations.

Alligator mouth pit bulls could struggle over hierarchic standing, however exterior stimulus or pleasure can even set off a struggle.

Remember that any canine can struggle, but alligator mouth pit bulls have been bred particularly for it and can subsequently do it with more drive and depth than most different breeds.

Alligator mouth pitbull homeowners should additionally concentrate on the outstanding combating skills of this breed and all the time take into account that they have the potential to inflict critical accidents on different animals.

An alligator mouth pitbull could not even be the one beginning the hostilities however chances are high he’ll struggle like a professional if he has to.

Keep in thoughts that alligator mouth pit bulls will virtually all the time be blamed, irrespective of who begins it, and often find yourself paying the value by the hands of the authorities.

How to Introduce your alligator mouth pitbull to Another Dog

Parallel leash-walking, on neutral territory with two handlers, is a great approach to introduce canine. Neutral territory means a space the place neither dog has been or the place neither dog resides.

The unfamiliar, impartial territory is greatest to keep away from territorial behavior in both dogs. Both dogs ought to be sporting correctly fitted collars and be on nylon or leather-based leashes. Prong collars, choke chains, and flex-leads shouldn’t be used when introducing alligator mouth Pitbulls.

While taking a brief stroll, permit the canine to curve round in a natural method. Both handlers ought to have a firm maintain of their leashes, nonetheless, they need to attempt to preserve a U-shaped bend within the lead.

Taut, tight leashes could talk rigidity to the canine and ought to be prevented if possible. Avoid face-face, head-on introductions between the canine. Instead, stroll parallel to one another, just a few feet aside, and alternate which dog is forward of the opposite.

Also, don’t permit a dog to greet one other dog if he/she is dragging you in the direction of the opposite dog or is misbehaving in any method (pulling, leaping, or lunging).

Doing so will end in coaching the dog to misbehave to achieve entry to the opposite canine! The dog doesn’t make the decision as to whom he’ll meet and when. You do!

If the canine appears to be pleasant to one another, permit temporary sniffing with one dog perpendicular or “T-shaped” to the opposite. After a short sniffing, every dog ought to be known as away by the handlers. If both dogs stiffen, stand up on their toes, or reveal any aggressive posturing, call the canine away instantly and interrupt the interplay.

It is essential to interrupt before issues go incorrect so that you could protect the opportunity of a profitable interplay at a later time. It is likely to be necessary to take a number of walks, in numerous areas, over time.

Multiple introductions on this method provide you with greater learning for a way the canine will do. Do not rush this process if the introductions appear ‘iffy’ in any method. Stop the introduction if both dogs are displaying indicators of concern or aggression.

Signs of concern or aggression can embody: raised hackles, stiff posturing, lip curling, growling, air snapping, tail tucked between legs, one dog avoiding the opposite of wanting to cover behind the handler, lunging, or freezing.

If the leash strolling is profitable, it could then be acceptable to go to a fenced space and have one dog on the leash, and one-off.

One handler may work obedience with the leashed dog, whereas letting the opposite dog roam around, permitting them to get used to one another’s presence and scent. Usually, in this state of affairs, the resident dog is free, and the brand new dog is leashed.

This gives one dog the flexibility to soundly verify issues out and transfer away as wanted when you preserve control of the opposite dog. Make positive the yard or fenced space is freed from objects that will probably set off a struggle reminiscent of high-value toys, bones, rawhides, and so forth.

When introducing canine on the leash, ensure that the leashes don’t turn into tangled. Entangled leashes can enhance rigidity and end in a battle between dogs.

Off-Leash Play: Keeping it Safe and Fun!

If the canine looks like getting alongside and your leash walks have been profitable, then you definitely may attempt each canine off-leash. This ought to ONLY be accomplished in a fenced, absolutely enclosed space.

Always ensure that each canine is sporting appropriately fitted collars and that there are two handlers present in case there’s a battle between canines.

Also, take into account that alligator mouth pitbull play may be tough and that you will need to periodically interrupt the play before it escalates right into a battle.

The handlers can interrupt the play just by doing a little remember after which releasing the canine to go play once more. What a great alternative to observe an essential obedience skill – the recall – amid distraction!

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