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teddy roosevelt rat terrier

The Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier is just like the American Rat Terrier, besides it’s a bit bigger and more muscular. These canines have been bred to serve on farms, they usually can do some little bit of every little thing, together with get rid of pests, watch over the property, and hunt recreation.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  profile

Despite their comparatively diminutive size, these canines are completely fearless, similar to their namesake. However, they’re not fairly as well-known, so if you’d wish to be taught more about these rugged animals, the information under will fill you in on every little thing you need to know.

The Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier is a small to medium-sized American searching terrier named in honor of America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.

Although Roosevelt was by no means instrumental in growing the Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier, whereas serving as President of the United States he popularized the lower-set, shorter-legged, more muscular, and heavier boned model of the Rat Terrier by owning a small black and tan blended terrier of this construct named Skip; a dog he had acquired from one in all his searching guides.

The breed as it’s in the present day shares the overwhelming majority of its ancestry and early history with the American Rat Terrier, Fox Paulistinha, and Tenterfield Terrier.

As of this writing (March 2012), the breed is barely acknowledged by the United Kennel Club (UKC), the American Kennel Club (AKC) and different main registries refuse to acknowledge the breed.


Throughout the 20th Century, dozens of Rat Terrier registries have been based to maintain pedigrees of those canines, and plenty of distinctive varieties have been developed, particularly of Feist.

Many of those varieties have been often interbred, though some have been saved pure. Short-legged Rat Terriers ultimately grew to become referred to as Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers, in honor of the President who popularized them.

In 1999, the United Kennel Club (UKC) acknowledged two distinct styles of Rat Terrier as separate breeds, the Rat Terrier and the Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier.

Other than the UKC and American Kennel Club (AKC), most Rat Terrier registries confer with the Rat Terrier because the Type A Rat Terrier and the Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier because the Type B Rat Terrier.

Both the Rat Terrier Club of America (RTCA), shaped in 1993, and the AKC do not take into account Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers/Type B Rat Terriers to be Rat Terriers and don’t acknowledge them.

The RTCA/AKC won’t even register canines whose parents are identified to be Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers. The RTCA and AKC additionally don’t acknowledge Toy Rat Terriers or Decker Rat Terriers, though their place on the descendants of those canines is much less clear.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  Temperament & Intelligence

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers are fun-loving and affectionate, and they’re all the time up for a game. They completely like to be around their people and can usually shadow them in every single place they go.

Despite their amiable and welcoming nature, they’re natural guard canines. They’ll sound the alarm if anybody breaks in, they usually won’t back down from an intruder. This is a dog that may give its life to guard you and not use a second thought.

They’re good and single-minded. If they resolve to trace or hunt one thing, it’s practically unattainable to get them to surrender. As a consequence, you will have points coaching them if you happen to can’t absolutely have interaction with them.

These canines are additionally liable to entering into mischief. They like to dig, and they’ll make their very own enjoyable, even when meaning taking aside your furnishings. It’s important to maintain them exhausted and occupied.

The excellent news is that they’ll hold your yard free of just about any vermin you possibly can consider. Rats, gophers, squirrels, and different small animals don’t stand an opportunity in opposition to these decided hunters.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  Characteristics

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers are great at discovering truffles. Their unbelievable sense of odor permits them to dig up black truffles with ease, even once they’re buried a number of feet underground.

Of course, this additionally means they’re great at discovering absolutely anything that hides underground, so don’t be stunned in case your pup brings house a rat or a gopher every so often.


Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers are enjoyable and lovely canines, however, they’re not for everybody. It’s vital to not forget that they have been bred to be used on farms, in order that they are probably not the only option for cramped residences.

They are usually a little bit of a handful, however, they’re more than worth it, as they’re goofy and lovable. That doesn’t imply it’s best to deliver one house without doing all your analysis, although. If you’re not ready for the calls for these canines to make in your way of life, the partnership won’t work out for both of you.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  Grooming

Their quick, bristly coats require little upkeep, so proudly owning one in all these canines isn’t a lot of a hassle in that regard. At most, you’ll need to brush them each week or so. A tender brush must be adequate for knocking off the top layer of fur.

Their enamel must be brushed and their nails trimmed often, though the latter is probably not necessary, as they usually file them down in the middle of their common day. You’ll need to scrub out their ears with a moist cotton ball as soon as per week or so to stop infections.

These canines aren’t liable to odors essentially, but their curious nature usually causes them to seek out messy conditions — which they then roll round in. As a consequence, you could need to wash them more usually than different canines, however, provided that necessary.

teddy roosevelt rat terrier


These canines aren’t thought of fully mature till they attain two or three years of age. As a consequence, they maintain their playful pet spirit longer than many different breeds.

The drawback to that is that coaching is usually a pain. They’d moderately play than do anything, however with sufficient time and dedication, these pups will be taught to do absolutely anything.

With Other Pets

These pups often tolerate different canines nicely, particularly in the event that they’ve been raised with them. Any aggression issues will be mitigated by spaying or neutering them once they’re nonetheless younger.

Their territorial nature means they are probably not pleasant towards unusual canines, nonetheless. It’s finest to maintain them securely fenced-in, and all the time hold them on a leash in public. They might not do nicely in dog parks both, as they’ll seemingly spend more time guarding their people than enjoying themselves with buddies.

If you practice and socialize them extensively, they are able to coexist with cats, gerbils, and different small critters. However, remember that they have been bred to hunt little animals like these, and it’ll take fairly a little bit of effort to beat their natural programming. It’s most likely finest to not danger it.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  Food & Diet Requirements

These canines aren’t terribly large, in order that they shouldn’t eat you out of home and residential. A cup or two of high-quality dog meals day by day ought to do the trick.

Given their extraordinarily high energy ranges, it’s finest to feed these canines a high-protein kibble. Look for one crammed with lean meat, as that may give your dog the slow-burning energy they need to remain lively all day long. Avoid any kind of animal by-products, as these are made with meat that ought to have been thrown away.

Watch out for elements like corn, wheat, and soy, as these are crammed with empty energy. Small canines like Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers will be particularly prone to weight problems, so it’s vital to make each calorie dependent.

You may give these canines a number of treats, particularly whereas coaching, but watch out to not go overboard. They are usually worth praise simply as much as a cookie, anyway.

If you reside in a rural space, you ought to be cautious that your Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier doesn’t complement their diet with animals they’ve caught. While it may be tough to cease them from capturing prey, it’s vital to take action, as many wild animals carry quite a lot of illnesses.


Exercise isn’t a query with these canines — they’re going to get loads of it. The query is whether or not it will likely be directed by you or one thing they supply themselves.

An hour of vigorous exercise per day is absolutely the minimum. These pooches have been meant to place in a full day’s work on the farm, so there’s little likelihood that you’ll push them past their capabilities.

If you don’t give all of them the exercise they need, they’ll burn their energy off any approach they will. This often entails digging holes in your yard or tearing up your most respected possessions, so it’s vital to ensure your dog is tuckered out day by day.

Their muscular, compact bodies make them natural athletes, they usually excel in agility coaching and different canine sports activities. These canines can leap and catch Frisbees, swim all day, or accompany you on a long jog. They won’t complain they usually won’t stop before you do.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier  Training

It’s vital to coach your Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier early and infrequently, and correct socialization can be a should. If not well-trained, these canines can grow to be menacing, destroying tons of property and chasing something that strikes.

Luckily, they’re pretty straightforward to train; they usually are likely to take pleasure in it. Anything that challenges them each bodily and mentally is usually welcomed by these canines, in order that they’ll take all of the obedience work you may give them.

One of the most important instructions you possibly can teach them is “leave it.” This is available in particularly useful in the event that they see a squirrel or other animal that wants chasing, as they’ll pursue it to the ends of the Earth if left to their very own gadgets.

They reply best to positive reinforcement, as punishment usually causes them to dig off their heels. You’ll save each of you time and frustration by encouraging positive behavior and ignoring the unfavorable.

If you’re not assured of your coaching talents, then, by all means, rent a professional coach. These canines additionally do nicely in group classes but provided that they’ve been socialized to be tolerant of different pups.

Good for Families?

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers love people of all ages. They get along famously with kids, as they have a really bottomless urge for food for play. Their boundless energy ranges permit them to maintain up with little ones all day long as nicely.

They are likely to shadow their people in every single place they go, to allow them to make wonderful chaperones for little ones.

These terriers are sufficiently small that toddlers can pet them simply, they usually know how one can mood their play model to the suitable level for his or her companions.

It’s best in the event that they’re raised with kids moderately than introduced as mature adults, nonetheless. They will be territorial and protecting their main proprietor, which can trigger issues as they regulate their new environment.

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers is probably not splendid for older or single homeowners, nonetheless, as giving them the stimulation they need can generally be an infinite process. They thrive once they have a number of people to play with or a demanding job to do.

Health Conditions

Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers are usually wholesome canines, particularly if you happen to hold their weight below control.

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