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Swedish Vallhund Puppies

The long and low Swedish Vallhund puppies, Viking Dog of historic legend, is a brilliant and sociable herder of dense coat and boundless energy. These rugged cattle canines are recognized for his or her zest for all times, distinctive vocalizations, and cheerful demeanor.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies profile

With their thick sable coat, sturdy development, and total no-frills look, Vallhunds are a timeless breed, as comfy in a suburban yard as they have been on the prow of Viking longships 1,200 years ago.

These full of life herders are constructed long and low to the ground—in not fairly as exaggerated a vogue as their distant cousins the corgis, however, the concept is similar: Their construct makes it simpler to nip on the heels of cattle and keep away from kicks to the top. Balance, energy, and easy motion are breed hallmarks.


Between the eighth and 11th centuries, seaborn Vikings from Scandinavia raided, conquered, and settled huge areas of Britain. Traces of Viking influence can nonetheless be seen within the Scandinavian place names across the British Isles.

Another reminder of Britain’s Viking previous is the Vallhund, considered a cross of Scandinavian spitz canines with Welsh corgis. Exactly when and the place the breed was developed is unknown, however, we do know that for hundreds of years Vallhunds have been rugged cattle canines and all-purpose farmhands in western Sweden.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies Appearance

The Swedish Vallhund puppies is a small, highly effective, fearless, sturdily constructed Spitz herding dog. The appropriate relationship of top to size of the body is 2:3.

The SV has a wedge-shaped head, prick ears, and a close-fitting arduous coat of medium size and sable coloring. The double coat and the attribute “harness markings” are important options of this breed.

The tail could also be natural (long, stub, or bob) or docked. The look of the Swedish Vallhund puppies conveys intelligence, alertness, and energy. Balance, define, temperament, and motion are of overriding significance.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies Nutrition

The Swedish Vallhund puppies ought to do effectively on high-quality dog meals, whether or not commercially manufactured or home-prepared along with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval.

Any diet must be applicable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior). Most Vallhunds are “easy keepers” and need much fewer meals than one would suppose, even when they’re very lively.

Swedish Vallhund puppies are likely to change into chubby simply, even when they get loads of trains. Owners mustn’t free-feed Vallhunds (or any dog)—it’s not regular for dogs to graze, and it makes it troublesome to know shortly if the dog isn’t consuming effectively.

Learn about which human meals are protected for dogs, and which aren’t. Check along with your vet you probably have any issues about your dog’s weight or diet. Clean, recent water must be obtainable always.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies

Swedish Vallhund Puppies Grooming

Swedish Vallhund puppies need a superb, down-to-the-skin brushing often and a shower after they get soiled. Swedish Vallhund puppies shed their undercoat twice a year, which is able to make you wonder simply what number of dogs you have got, going by the snowdrifts of hair.

Vallhunds are very straightforward dogs to handle in relation to grooming. When they’re shedding, a heat tub and good therapeutic massage when shampooing, adopted by drying with a dryer and an intensive brushing, can do away with the worst of it.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies Training

Most Vallhunds ought to need to work with you; that’s one of many hallmarks of the breed. Swedish Vallhund puppies do greatest with positive, reward-based training since most simply need to grasp what you need.

Keep in mind that this can be a cattle-herding breed. They’re sturdy willed (as they need to be to do their job), and your goal must be to get the dog to work fortunately with you. Most do extraordinarily effectively with clicker coaching, and most are very biddable.


Responsible breeders display their inventory for health circumstances resembling hip dysplasia. A genetic take look at for an eye fixed concern referred to as Swedish Vallhund puppies retinopathy was developed in 2017; breeders can now establish carriers and breed them accordingly to make sure they don’t produce affected offspring.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

Hip Evaluation
Ophthalmologist Evaluation
SV Retinopathy DNA Test


There is kind of a little bit of particular person variability when it comes to exercise wants within the breed. Some Swedish Vallhund puppies have more energy than others. Keep in mind that whereas this isn’t a breed meant to run all day, the Vallhund is a working farm dog and desires regular exercise.

One respectable stroll day by day while enjoying a fetch or performing a sport or different exercise is probably going ample for many Vallhunds, however some need more.

They additionally need psychological training along with their bodily train. Puzzle video games, clicker coaching, and taking part in a sport can all contribute to their psychological and physical health.

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