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Yakutian Laika puppy is used for herding, pulling sleds, and looking. It has been developed in historical occasions for natives of Yakutia as indispensable assistants. This versatile dog will probably be completely happy by your aspect or taking part in agility, coursing capacity, herding, or sledding.

Yakutian Laika Puppy Overview

For centuries the Yakutian Laika puppy was an irreplaceable and trustworthy assistant of a person within the situations in the place the slightest demonstration of weakness was punished with the loss of life.

It at all times obtained a respectful attitude from its human family, which handled it as its member slightly than a simple home animal. This implies that it developed into a wonderful companion dog, devoted, vigorous, and biddable.

The breed is extraordinarily light and thoughtful with kids to whom it generally establishes particularly tight bonds. Nevertheless, its pleasant nature doesn’t exclude the need for a certain quantity of socialization, ideally at an early age.

The Yakutian Laika puppy is barely reserved with unknown people however normally it’s exciting to amass a brand new playmate. Human aggressiveness was thought about by canine’ breeders as a serious fault and was meticulously eradicated from its traits.

The breed is endowed with a really delicate nostril and ears, which make it a slightly successful watchdog. However, its barking is not any more than a method to indicate its anticipation of the attitude of constructing a brand new acquaintance.

This dog will more than likely fail within the position of a guardian as a result of its pleasant nature.

Yakutian Laika puppies used to drag a narta (sled) in shut collaboration with dozens of different dogs so that they’re fairly accepting of different dogs.

The breed absolutely prefers to have one or a number of fixed canine companions and may be launched with few points to the family with a pre-existing dog, though it ought to be carried out with a necessary warning. The second major obligation of this breed was looking and it preserves a lot of its prey drive.

That’s why its communication with different small and average-sized animals ought to by no means go unsupervised. The Yakutian Laika puppy will more than likely get on with a house cat if they’ve been reared collectively.


The Yakutian Laika puppy is a newly-developed dog breed with an ancient history. This working breed originated within the Yakutia area of Russian Siberia and, on historical occasions, the dogs were employed by the native Yakute people as common animals.

They have been used for looking, reindeer herding, and as draft animals, in addition to the family pet.

Often, their pelts have been utilized in spiritual ceremonies. Their most vital position was in transportation. The Yakutes grew to become the first recognized people to make use of dogs to drag sleds.

In the mid-1800s, the breed was thriving. But within the 1900s, progress started to decrease the need for the canine and their numbers plummeted.

In 1998, a gaggle of fans labored to reclaim the breed and in 2004, the Yakutian Laika puppy was acknowledged by the Russian Kynological Federation. Since the daybreak of the Internet, these great canines have slowly been discovering their approach to different nations.

Yakutian Laika Puppy Temperament

These dogs have a flexible nature as on the one hand they emerge as an ideal companion, being devoted and bonding nicely with the members of their family, whereas on the opposite aspect they’re fierce guardians in relation to encountering predators.

They need to be attended to regularly and should get bored when left by themselves for extended intervals.

They would initially be reserved with unknown people however go on to share a very good rapport the moment they get to know them nicely.

Their delicate ears and nostril qualify them to be a helpful watchdog, whereas their pleasant nature hinders their possibilities of rising as a very good guard dog.

The Yakutian Laika puppy bond amicably with children of the family, particularly when introduced up to them. These dogs would even affiliate nicely with different canines because the breed had a history of pulling sleds together with a number of others up to now.

However, since they have an inherent chasing intuition, their interplay with smaller pets need full supervision.


These sled dogs with high energy ranges need to be exercised regularly. They need to be taken out on common walks coupled with adequate playtime. They would do nicely in an open space than an apartment to assist them to roam around freely.


Training these obedient dogs wouldn’t be difficult provided they have a tactful coach who can introduce positive reinforcement methods of their coaching.

Socialize the Yakutian Laika puppy puppies by acquainting them with totally different people in addition to exposing them to numerous experiences in order that they might be capable of distinguishing between a buddy and an enemy.

Leash practice your Yakutian Laika puppy to maintain its chasing intuition in control.

Yakutian Laika Puppy

Yakutian Laika Puppy Nutrition

High-quality dry dog meals together with a nutritious self-made diet rich in vitamin, protein, and minerals are necessary for this high energy breed. Since they might undergo hip dysplasia, keep away from overfeeding them.

The Yakutian Laika puppy ought to do nicely on high-quality dog meals, whether or not commercially manufactured or home-prepared together with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval.

Any diet ought to be acceptable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior). Some dogs are liable to getting obese, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level.

Treats may be an important support in coaching, however, giving too many could cause weight problems. Give desk scraps sparingly, if in any respect, particularly avoiding cooked bones and meals with high fats content.

Learn about which human meals are secure for canine, and which aren’t. Check together with your vet when you’ve got any issues about your dog’s weight or diet. Clean, recent water ought to be accessible always.

Yakutian Laika Puppy Grooming

The Yakutian Laika puppy experiences seasonal shedding that may get out of control if he’s not brushed commonly. Generally, he ought to be brushed weekly to forestall matting and tangles.

When shedding closely, it’s a good suggestion to brush him day-after-day to maintain the hair from getting onto everything. Use a pin brush and metal comb when grooming.

A deshedder or detangler may additionally make your job just a little simpler. Since the Yakutian Laika puppy is a working dog, extreme trimming of his coat just isn’t necessary.

Trim between his foot pads to maintain snow, ice, and different particles from accumulating and inflicting his irritation. His coat naturally repels filth and he doesn’t have an odor, so bathing ought to solely be executed two to a few occasions a year. Trim his nails when wanted, normally each two to a few weeks. Clean his ears every week as a part of his grooming routine.


The Yakutian Laika puppy is a sled dog with a well-defined prey drive. The breed thrives on the regular train and adequate coaching.

With a medium-high energy level, they like to run alongside a motorbike, do sled or rig operating, or play fetch within the yard. They play nicely with different canines they’re conversant in, however, are cautious of unusual dogs and people.

Usually, they heat up rapidly, however, supervision is a good suggestion in new conditions. Yakutian Laika puppies will not be appropriate for people who can not spend time with their canine.

Yakutian Laika Puppy Training

Training the Yakutian Laika puppy is a slightly nice and straightforward job because of his biddable nature and eager intelligence.

This dog has a powerful inclination to unbiased pondering so he won’t observe the handler’s orders except he absolutely trusts him. Pulling a sled is the inborn expertise of this breed, and it doesn’t need a lot of training in this respect.

The Yakutian Laika puppy seeks human leadership and steering, but he doesn’t reply nicely to corrective coaching methods. He works more eagerly if the educational process relies on positive reinforcement and engaging treats.

As with some other dogs, the Yakutian Laika puppy ought to study sure guidelines and norms of respectable behavior in human society, so elementary obedience coaching is crucial.

The Yakutian Laika puppy is a hardy breed, and to maintain that approach, accountable breeders verify for health issues resembling hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and sure eye anomalies. Learn more about the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog.

Recommended Health Tests

OFA Hip X-ray (or PennHip)
OFA Elbow X-ray
OFA Eye Exam
Routine Health Exam

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