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At first look, the Vallhund Corgi may appear smaller with its quick legs, nevertheless, it has the body of a bigger dog that is sturdy, muscular, and substantial. Swedish Vallhunds have one among three kinds of tails: a natural bobtail (no tail), a stub tail, or a long, full tail.

The sable coat consists of two kinds of hair, a medium-length, harsh-textured outer coat, and a softer, dense undercoat. The hair on the top and on the decreased legs is shorter; the coat is barely longer on the neck, chest, and back of the thighs.

Vallhund Corgi profile

Vallhund Corgis are pleasant, fearless, partaking companions with energy to spare. They are happiest once they have a job to do, whether or not that’s herding or engaged on a farm, competing in a performance sport, or accompanying you in all places you go. Swedish Vallhunds typically get alongside properly with people, together with mild and respectful children, in addition to most different pets.

Many Vallhund Corgis generally tend to “herd” family pets and children with nips and nudges, so coaching to discourage this behavior is really useful. Swedish Vallhunds have identified barkers, which makes them wonderful watchdogs, however, the excessive barking may be problematic in city settings.

A medium-sized, quick, sturdy dog with a body that’s longer than he’s tall, the grownup male Vallhund Corgistands at 33-35cm and the grownup feminine at 31-33cm, and the burden range is 11.5-16kg. The quick, weather-resistant coat is available in steel-grey, grey-brown, grey-yellow, red-yellow, and red-brown. For full particulars of coat color and patterns, see the breed customary.


Also often called the Swedish Cattle Dog, the Vallhund Corgidog breed is considered nearly 1,000 years old. It is believed that he’s associated with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, one other historical dog that was used for driving cattle.

In his homeland, the Vallhund is named Vastgotaspets, meaning ‘spitz of the West Goths’. Despite being such a long-established dog kind, the Vallhund dog nearly died out within the 1940s, however, the devoted efforts of two breeders had been profitable in saving the breed.

Vallhund Corgi Personality

An alert, vigorous dog, the Vallhund Corgiis a natural watchdog. Friendly and amenable, he’s a pleasure to coach and spend quality family time with and is a loyal companion to his family members. Left for too long, or not given the train and a spotlight he wants, he’ll bark and turn out to be damaging, as many dogs would.

Vallhund Corgi Diet and Nutrition

The Vallhund Corgi Has a comparatively giant body in proportion to its quick legs. It’s essential to maintain their lean-to keep away from inserting an excessive amount of stress on the joints.

Feed your Vallhund Corgi Measured meals at scheduled occasions (morning and night). Leaving meals out all day (known as “free feeding”) can result in an overweight dog, which might contribute to health points like hip dysplasia and diabetes.

If you’re unsure how much to try feeding your Swedish Vallhund, work along with your veterinarian to find out your dog’s very best weight and the way a lot of meals are fed day by day.

Vallhund Corgi Care

Like most herding breeds, the Vallhund Corgihas a ton of energy. After all, they had been bred to work on farms all day herding cattle. Providing sufficient day by day train and psychological stimulation is vital to conserving a Vallhund Corgi Joyful and well-behaved.

Some good activities for Swedish Vallhunds embrace strolling, climbing, agility, fetch, obedience, monitoring, herding, and trieball, a simulated herding exercise utilizing inflatable balls. The old adage, “a tired dog is a good dog,” holds true for the Swedish Vallhund.


The Vallhund Corgi Wants not less than an hour’s day by day train and is able to do a lot more! He is a flexible breed that’s conscious of new challenges – from herding sheep to agility.

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Swedish Vallhunds wish to please their human companions. They are extraordinarily clever and extremely trainable. A Vallhund Corgi Will eagerly be taught as many tips and instructions as you want to educate it.

They reply finest to positive-based coaching strategies like clicker training, which makes use of treats, play, or reward as rewards, however, punishment-based strategies won’t get you far.

After all, a breed that was developed to herd cattle won’t be bullied into doing one thing it does not wish to do. The small however mighty Vallhund Corgimay be strong-willed, so hold coaching enjoyable and upbeat for the perfect outcomes.


Your dog’s diet must have the right stability of all the primary nutrient teams together with a relentless provide of fresh water.

It’s additionally essential to conduct common body situation scores to make sure you hold your dog in the very best form and bear in mind to feed him not less than twice day by day and in accordance with the feeding tips of his explicit meals.

Vallhund Corgi Grooming

The low-maintenance coat consists of a dense, delicate undercoat and a harsh-textured, shut topcoat. A weekly brush by means of is really useful. When it involves grooming, Swedish Vallhunds are washed and put on. brush-out as soon as per week and the occasional tub will hold the coat trying, smelling, and feeling great.

Trim the nails each different week, examine the ears and clear as wanted, brush their enamel day by day, and your Vallhund Corgi Will sparkle. Swedish Vallhunds shed reasonably more often than not, with a twice-annual heavier shed of the undercoat (known as “blowing the coat”).

During the bi-annual heavy shed, brush and bathe more ceaselessly to assist take away the shedding undercoat.

Health Problems

Swedish Vallhunds are typically wholesome. Like all purebred dogs, they are often liable to certain genetic issues, together with hip dysplasia and Vallhund Corgiretinopathy (a degenerative eye illness that leads to vision loss and even blindness). Responsible breeders display their dogs for these points to keep away from breeding affected dogs.

The Vallhund Corgiis usually a wholesome breed. As with many breeds, eye issues and hip dysplasia (a situation that may result in mobility issues) can come up and so eye testing and hip scoring of canine previous to breeding are really useful. Learn more about the Catahoula Bulldog.


An intelligent dog that is simple to coach

Overall, typically wholesome with no main breed-specific issues

Protective of its family without being aggressive


Sheds considerably twice a year and reasonably the rest of the year

Needs a very good quantity of normal train

Prone to plenty of barking

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